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October 2014

Following the Money

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Business Outspends Everyone

Money and influence have always gone together in politics, and business has always had more of it than labor. After several years of record profits, corporate America is sitting on unprecedented stockpiles of money. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned key laws that kept corporations from flooding elections with financial contributions. Now we're seeing that tidal wave of cash swamping everybody else.

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They Want You to Stay Home Nov. 4

Voter turnout rises for presidential elections and falls for off-year elections, like the one coming up in November. But for working families, the stakes are just as high in elections further down the ballot (see the Right to Work map).

The working men and women of this country cannot match their dollars, but we don't have to. Corporations still can't vote, and there are more working families than wealthy ones.

Your Vote Makes a Difference