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December 2014

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I'm an electrician in Detroit and I work with women electricians all the time and have no problem with that. My problem is that whoever took the photo (See " Union Program Opens Up Opportunities for Women in the Trades," October 2014) didn't tell the woman that her harness was on backwards and that whoever checked the story didn't catch it.

We have enough fights to keep our jobs. Don't give them more ammo.

Michael Olszewski, Local 58 member

[Editor's Note: We spoke with Safety Director David Mullen regarding Brother Olszewski's concerns. "Some harnesses are manufactured specifically with a front 'D' ring," he said. "The sister in question is wearing her harness correctly."]


Grief and Gratitude

The following is a letter from the parents of Syracuse, N.Y., member Aaron Huggins, 31, who was killed following an assault after work hours. Huggins, a six-year member, left behind a wife and two-year-old son.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are for all the support and generosity bestowed by all of Aaron's union brothers and sisters. As parents, you never really know how your child is going to touch other people's lives but we can attest to that now just from the cards we have received and the number of people who attended his celebration and shared their stories about Aaron.

Not long before he passed, Aaron shared with us how he learned the importance of working in a union because he came from parents who worked in a union, remembering even as a small child his father's union (Teamsters Local 294) went on strike standing up for their rights — all about unity.

Aaron also was all about family, and the generosity of your donations will go to help his son, Aidan, and his brother, Shane, who has fallen on hard times. Aaron's sister-in-law's mother lost her fight with cancer a few days after Aaron passed and she was fired from her job for putting family first. You have truly shown how important and strong unity between family and brothers and sisters is.

Please feel free to stop by anytime you are in the neighborhood, we would love to meet you.

Reg and Andrea Huggins, parents of Local 1249 member
Aaron Huggins
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.


Local 1249 member Aaron Huggins

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On the IBEW Television Spot

Money well spent. It's time for us to put our name out there and let the public know when they see that bug ... that the job will be done. Damn proud to be a part of this organization.

Israel Moya, Local 229 member
York, Pa.

It's great to see the IBEW commercials. So many people take electricity for granted and don't realize what it takes.

David Millard, Local 150 member
Waukegan, Ill.