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December 2014

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Longtime Instructor Retires

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Bro. Bob Bourdet started his apprenticeship in 1961. He began teaching apprenticeship classes in 1968 and has elected to retire 46 years later. In his years as an instructor, Bob has taught 1,229 apprentices. Beginning in 1980, Bob also taught estimating for SFECA (San Francisco Electrical Contractors Assoc.), for 110 contractors and 762 students. Bottom line: Bob has taught our industry.

We can look around every day and see examples of members giving back to the union. Whether it is working on a committee, volunteering to help promote issues important to the union, or passing on the knowledge necessary for our younger members to remain competitive in a tough industry, all of these efforts are greatly appreciated. We as a union need to get better at saying "thank you" and recognizing the work of all of our members.

That said, Bro. Bourdet's impact cannot be overstated. His longtime commitment to the San Francisco JATC and the local industry has set a standard that few will match — but one that we all should emulate. His service will be sorely missed, and will not be forgotten. We wish Bro. Bob Bourdet a long, healthy and happy retirement. He has earned it.

[Editor's Note: The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) has rebranded this year and transitioned into the Electrical Training Alliance. See " NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance," The Electrical Worker (Sept. 2014), and at]

John J. Doherty, B.M./F.S.


Local 6 instructor Bob Bourdet (right) receives Service Award presented by SFJATC Dir. Steve Powers. [See Editor's Note in article.]

Work Picture Improves

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — Greetings, sisters and brothers. The work situation continues to improve and the number on the book is slowly waning. The Toledo Refinery turnaround project is underway and continues to hire; Davis-Besse, Dundee Engine and Oregon Clean Energy, among others, are manning up. And there is work in neighboring locals for those who seek it.

At the annual Labor Day parade, Local 8 was well-represented with a turnout of marchers unmatched by any of the building trades. Bro. Rick Jackson and crew did a bang-up job at the picnic after the parade. In Monroe, Bro. Jason Matthews had the tall task of organizing and carrying out that city's first parade in 50 years. Plans are already underway to make next year's Labor Day even better. A big thank-you goes to all who volunteered for these events.

Several Christmas parties are planned for Local 8 members in December. Unit meetings are scheduled as well as the Member's Christmas Party and the Children's Party. Check our website for details.

Happy holidays to all!

Mike Brubaker, P.S.

Career of Union Service

L.U. 10 (u), JOHNSON CITY, NY — Bro. Dan Baschmann recently retired. He previously served as an officer to the members of IBEW Local 10, former Locals 1126 and 83, and former System Council U-7. Thank you for all your work, Dan, and enjoy your retirement.

With regret we report the passing of Sister Susan Ann Bruemmer following a courageous battle with illness. She will be especially missed by her friends and co-workers in the Brewster Division.

Local union officers recently attended safety conferences and organizing conferences. Safety and organizing are two of the most important things we can strive to be better at.

Please always pay attention to political races where you live. The very important 2014 midterm election season was underway at this writing. We hope everyone registered to vote and then went out to vote their wallet and help elect friends of working people.

Know when your local union meetings are in your area and attend whenever possible.

Don S. Tuttel, P.S.

Spirit of Brotherhood

L.U. 12 (i,o&se), PUEBLO, CO — Last summer, Local 12 Bro. Tony Patti suffered a debilitating illness, which left him unable to work. Fellow Bros. Tom Kelley and Jason Olds organized a benefit dinner and raffle to help with expenses.

Local 12 thanks all those who made donations to help make the benefit dinner possible. Raffle items were also donated, making the benefit a great success. This is what a local union is all about. A big thank-you goes out to all who participated and to everyone who came out to support a brother in need.

Susan J. Johnson, P.S.

128th Annual Labor Day Fest

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — Electricians were well-represented at the 128th Annual Labor Day Celebration, one of the oldest events of its kind in the country. It is sponsored by the Labor Day Association, which has consistently honored working men and women since before Labor Day became a national holiday. U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana attended the celebration and extended greetings to union members. Other highlights included the parade and family activities. Local 16 also hosted this year's catered meal for all the IBEW locals in the area.

The union's family picnic was Sept. 21. Despite a rough start weather-wise, over 450 guests enjoyed good food, games, door prizes, and a great opportunity to catch up on old friendships. Once again, many volunteers stepped up to make the day a blessing to all who attended.

IBEW Local 16 congratulates Southern Indiana Chapter NECA Exec. Dir. Tom Millay on his upcoming retirement. Tom has consistently represented the union electrical industry with fairness and integrity. Furthermore, he has always been one of the most dependable volunteers for Fantasy of Lights and other civic projects that promote the NECA-IBEW image. Best wishes to Tom in all his future endeavors.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.


Local 16 retired Bro. William Diehl (right) greets U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly at 2014 Labor Day parade.

Family Picnic Well-Attended

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD — On Aug. 10, we held our 15th Annual Family Picnic. With approximately 1,500 people in attendance, it took everyone working together to pull this off. Thank you again to all the volunteers — without you, it would not have been the success it was. Everyone I spoke with, young and old, raved about the wonderful time they had. The children enjoyed games and activities while adults visited with many families and friends. The food was plentiful and the beverages cold. All had a good time.

Work is slowly improving in our area. I thank the fellow local unions that have employed our members during these slow times.

I also thank our traveling members. It's not easy being away from your family. Your traveling not only helps your family but also helps maintain the funds here at home. Remember, you are representing Local 24 as well as yourself while out there. Please try and make us proud.

Hopefully by the time this reaches your door Baltimore will have a World Series team. Go O's!

Gary R. Griffin, B.M.


Local 24 Bus. Mgr. Gary Griffin (left) talks with retired member Jack Boglitsch at union picnic.

Holiday Parties/Meetings

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — We hope you plan to attend one of our Local 26 Christmas parties/meetings: the D.C. area event is Friday, Dec. 5 at 8 p.m.; Front Royal, Friday, Dec. 12, 7 p.m.; and Roanoke, Saturday, Dec. 13, 5 p.m. We will also host a Christmas Party for unemployed members and their families at the hall in Lanham, MD, on Saturday, Dec. 20.

The Retired Members' Club is very active. They held their annual crab feast in October at Mike's Crab House & Restaurant in Riva, MD. Their annual raffle ticket sale/drawing was in November. In May 2015, they will set sail on a Hawaiian Islands cruise! If you wish to join them, please contact Bro. Rick Warner ASAP!

We mourn the recent passing of: Bros. James M. Ashley, Neal G. Bowles, Arthur M. McKnew Jr., Donald L. Overfelt, James F. Reiber and Michael D. Baldwin.

Best wishes to recently retired members: Jimmy L. Beard, Michael T. King, Barry E. Parker, Luis A. Pereira, Terry M. Shugars, Percelle V. Robbins Jr., Randall L. Kemp, Willie L. Britt Jr., Richard T. North, Clarence A. March, Bruce E. Bell, Robert G. Krueger, Stefan D. Alexander, Dennis E. Burke, Gilbert Dunbar Jr., James E. Frank, Sean T. Herrity, Paul T. Hoffman, Tyrone E. McKoy, David M. Peed, Myron Sandoval, George E. Siegrist, Leslie L. Spicer, Clyde V. Burkhart Jr., Darrell R. Harris and Gary S. Rutledge.

Officers and staff wish everyone happy holidays.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Annual Awards Banquet

L.U. 34 (em,i,mt,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — This year's annual awards banquet was held Nov. 15 at the Itoo Building in Peoria. Approximately 500 people attended. The food, drink and fellowship were abundant.

Congratulations to 65-year service pin recipients Walter Eisele and Bernard Lange. The awards start with 10 year pins; subsequent awards recognize each additional five years served. Over 300 members received service awards. Thank you to the entire staff for the event planning and set-up.

The banquet serves not only as an awards ceremony, but also as a holiday party. The event grows each year and might have to be moved next year because the room was packed for this year's banquet. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who came out and made the event one to remember.

At this writing, the November midterm election was up in the air. The Local 34 conference room has been a beehive of activity. Phone banking and member-to-member walks have been underway nonstop for three months. We have worked hard to get out the union vote. Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time. You are the backbone, the heart and soul, of this union. I hope and pray that when I read these words in The Electrical Worker, Illinois will have re-elected Gov. Pat Quinn. [Editor's Note: On Nov. 4, Gov. Quinn lost his bid for re-election.]

Paul Flynn, B.M.

Work Picture Gains

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — Picketing will continue at the Strongsville Middle School, since Hammond Construction decided to award the electrical contract to an out-of-area, non-IBEW contractor. We will continue to inform the taxpayers and voters that workers are being shuttled in from the south to take jobs away from local area residents. We have attended school board meetings to let elected officials know how we will vote next time they are up for re-election and how we will vote for the next school levy.

Work will pick up for local members, as the 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland. Several hotel projects have started construction, including the 600-room Hilton being wired by Lake Erie Electric, and the Kimpton Hotel being wired by Gateway Electric. Others such as the Le Meridia and Drury hotels are working to complete their financing.

Work has started at the Crocker Park Complex, which includes the American Greetings company. Several electrical contractors are on-site including Lake Erie, Zenith, Ullman and Contemporary Electric. Herbst Electric and Lake Erie recently were awarded sizable sewer district projects.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Local 38 members picket at the Strongsville Middle School.

Calif. Film & TV Job Retention & Promotion Act of 2014

L.U. 40 (em,i&mps), HOLLYWOOD, CA — Thanks to the hard work of so many within the motion picture and television industry, as well as support from the public and business owners throughout the state, the California Film and Television Job Retention & Promotion Act of 2014 was enacted and will help bring back production to the Los Angeles area and many other parts of the state. The bill was introduced by state Assembly Members Mike Gatto and Raul J. Bocanegra.

One week after an Aug. 20 rally at the State Capitol, where hundreds of workers from within the industry — including actors, producers, crew, business owners, vendors and public supporters — converged to support Assembly Bill 1839, an announcement was made.

On Aug. 27, Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. and state legislators announced a deal to expand, extend and improve California's Film & Television Tax Program, providing substantial tax credits for five years and a major boost for the industry and California jobs.

With amazing support from our IBEW Local 40 members in signing petitions and spreading the word about how important AB 1839 is to our communities and this industry, we acted in solidarity with the basic crafts unions of Hollywood and all the guilds and crafts to make our voices heard as one.

Unity and communication are strength! Thank you to all involved! Now is the time to prove once again that we are the best at what we do! Production should come home where it belongs so we can evolve into the industry of tomorrow, together as one!

Don Easy, B.R./Organizer


California Assemblyman Mike Gatto (at podium) addresses rally at State Capitol.

Activities & Events

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT — On Saturday, Aug. 23, Local 42 held its Annual Family Picnic at the High Meadow Resort. Members and their families enjoyed a fun-filled day with a wide variety of activities for all ages, music, and all the delicious food you could eat. We thank the Retirees Club for doing the 50/50 raffle. Thanks also to all those who donated raffle prizes. The picnic could not have been so successful without such great participation.

On Saturday, Sept. 27, we held our annual deep-sea chartered fishing trip on the Francis Fleet. The boat departed at 7 a.m. from Point Judith, RI, and returned at 4 p.m. Members had a fun-filled day of fishing. Congratulations to Mark Larson for catching the biggest fish.

At press time, plans were underway for a second trap shoot on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014, (weather permitting) at the Fin Fur Feather Club. Members were looking forward to a day of shooting clay pigeons and a BBQ buffet at the end of the day.

On Thursday, Dec. 11, we will hold our annual Christmas Smoker at our monthly union meeting. After the meeting members will enjoy the buffet and the fellowship. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.

'A Great Turnout'

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Things are still extremely busy here at the local. We're still putting people to work off Book II, and organizing efforts continue.

At press time, we were still pushing to make our voices heard on the political scene for the November 2014 midterm elections. By the time you read this, we will know if our efforts were in truth adequate.

Aug. 16 saw a great turnout at our Local 68 Summer Picnic. Approximately 570 adults and 125 kids were at the Westminster Elks for food, drinks and games for all. This year's horseshoe tournament was won by Nick Shelton. Think Wayne Shelton is trying to keep it in the family (he won last year). Ha!

The 2014 Labor Day parade in Louisville was Sept. 1. Local 68 had a good turnout in one of the Denver area's remaining few true Labor Day celebrations.

Sept. 16 was the most recent date for the local's Code of Excellence class, with 55 recent grads. Thank you to Eighth District Int. Rep. Benjamin "Benny" Antunas for helping with the training.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of recently deceased members: Edward J. Gates IV, Karl Schuessler, Gene A. Franck, Kevin D. Stagg and Jack W. Busey.

Stay safe out there and take care of your union brothers and sisters.

Jack Cox, Pres.

New Leadership

L.U. 70 (lctt&o), WASHINGTON, DC — Local 70 has a new staff in the office. Leading the way is our new Bus. Mgr. William "Tip" Tipton Jr.; and our new president is Paul Carter.

The local also held a picnic get-together on Aug. 30 at Mayo Beach Park for members, their families and friends. We thank everyone who attended that special occasion.

Additionally, we thank all the members for their hard work throughout the year.

Jimmy Horton, B.R.


Attendees enjoy Local 70 picnic get-together.

Solar Projects; Strong Work Picture

L.U. 100 (c,em,i,rts&st), FRESNO, CA — Bus. Mgr. Kevin Cole reported earlier this year that approximately 900 men were working on four solar projects. Members were working with D&R at the Adams site; with Klondyke at the Kansas and Kent south sites; and with CSI at the Corcoran site. At press time, these four solar projects were expected to be completed by late October 2014.

Three more solar projects were expected to begin in late 2014 — two 20 megawatt projects in Corcoran, and one 60 megawatt project in Mendota. One 200 megawatt project in Tranquility is scheduled for May 2015.

Collins Electric announced three projects: Kings County Court House; Kings County Jail; and the University of California-Davis Animal Science Lab in Tulare, reportedly one of the largest in the world.

Local 100 anticipates full employment through 2016.

At press time, November midterm elections were approaching. Issues on the ballot locally included: Prop 1, regarding a $7 billion water bond to fund more water storage (at Temperance Flats), a possible 10-year build out; and Prop 48, for a local casino in Madera. Our local supported the campaign of Amanda Renteria, candidate for U.S. Congress from California's 21st Congressional District.

Bro. Rory McCarthy reported a large first-year apprentice class of 39 students. Also, as of July 1, 2014, a new state lighting code is in effect. New projects will be state certified. Advanced lighting control classes are offered at the JATC; check the schedule for upgrade classes offered. [Editor's Note: The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) has rebranded this year and transitioned into the Electrical Training Alliance. See " NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance," The Electrical Worker (Sept. 2014), and at]

Attend local union meetings the second Tuesday of each month.

M.A. Caglia, P.S.

Pan Mass Challenge Benefit —
L.U. Officers Raise $26,000

L.U. 104 (lctt,o&u), BOSTON, MA — In January 2014, local union Pres. Ryan Demeritt approached Asst. Bus. Mgr./Treas Hugh Boyd with a motivational challenge. Not just any challenge, the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). This is a 162-mile bike ride to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The event would take place Aug. 2-3.

Former business manager Charles "Mickey" Rooney, now retired, has been doing the PMC for 30 years and, at 76 years young, he was looking to do one last ride and pass the baton to someone a little younger to continue the legacy of IBEW Local 104's participation in this event. Our three "bicycle brothers" trained for months. Bros. Rooney, Demeritt and Boyd raised a combined total of over $26,000. Bro. Rooney has raised over $100,000 during his years participating in PMC. For the last eight years, Bro. Rooney was riding especially in memory of his beloved wife, Dorsey, who lost her battle eight years ago.

We hope to have an even larger Local 104 team ride next year. If you are interested in participating in next year's PMC, please contact Pres. Ryan Demeritt for details.

Hugh Boyd, A.B.M.


Local 104 Pan Mass Challenge participants: Ryan Demeritt (left), Mickey Rooney and Hugh Boyd.

Responsible Contracting Law

L.U. 110 (em,i,rts,spa&u), ST. PAUL, MN — The Minnesota state legislature recently passed an important statewide "Responsible Contractor" bill, which was signed into law May 23.

The new law requires all contractors bidding on public jobs to comply with workplace laws and regulations, including workers' compensation, wage and hour and overtime pay. If contractors fail to pay prevailing wage on a state project, they cannot work on any publicly funded project for three years! We could not have gotten this bill passed if we had not elected labor-friendly candidates. [For more information, see article "Minn. Passes Responsible Contracting Law," posted on the IBEW website at] Don't forget: "We only support those who support us!"

Our annual volunteer appreciation dinner was a great success. A baseball game, dinner and prizes were enjoyed by members who volunteered within the past year. Remember: Our local is only as strong as the members make it. Volunteer your time to build our union.

On Sept. 24, Local 110 had its third blood drive for 2014. We collected 50 units, for a total of 147 units this year. Thanks to all our donors who made the drive a success. Bro. Jack Buchal, the organizer and recruiter, appreciates the electricians, spouses, daughters, retirees and apprentices who donate. Our next drive will be Jan. 21, 2015.

The local's work picture remains strong. Our refineries are the largest work sites. A new 3M research building project will employ up to 30 electricians and continue until next September. A new St. Paul Saints stadium will wrap up next spring. Thank you to all the Book 2 brothers and sisters who filled our calls last summer.

Brian Winkelaar, P.S.


Over 50 apprentices, joined by their families, attended the Local 110 Young Union Members Day and enjoyed a St. Paul Saints game.

Full Employment & Activism

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se,spa&t), KANSAS CITY, MO — Our members have enjoyed full employment for the last 18 months. Work at the LaCygne plant, along with the Ford and GM assembly plant projects, also provided a few traveling brothers and sisters with job opportunities. Thanks to all for the help.

Work should continue through next year with the expansion of Truman Medical Center, Jackson County Courthouse, Cerner, Burns & McDonald, and Nearman Creek Power Plant projects.

On the political front, we hope all members voted in November. Most of the projects mentioned are related to the political involvement of our local union. We cannot be assured of these opportunities if we allow the right-wing extremists to serve in our legislative chambers. Look at what Republican Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas did to PLAs (project labor agreements) — he banned them. Our best chance for survival is for our members to consider public service, and get elected. The success of IBEW's next generation depends on it!

We remember recently deceased members: Adis Branstietter, Ricky A. Crites, James Flowers, Kenton D. Inman, Ralph G. Matzdorff, Boyd Owens, Robert "Rex" Rogers, George "Mike" Rushton and Robert O. Wilson Jr.

Congratulations to recently retired members: Larry J. Banks, David L. Baldridge, Mark W. Norris and F. Michael Swanson.

Steve Morales, P.S.

District Progress Meeting

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — The recent Sixth District Progress Meeting was held in the labor friendly suburb of Rosemont, IL. An active duty military color guard, the Shannon Rover Bagpipe Band, and the national anthem sung by the Chicago Blackhawk's own Jim Cornelison started off the meeting.Chicago Building Trades chaplain the Rev. Gavin Quinn gave the invocation.

Speakers included: IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Int. Sec.-Treas. Salvatore J. Chilia, and Sixth District Int. Vice Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson, as well as Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Illinois Senate Pres. John Cullerton. The message was to get out the vote and "We're All in For Quinn." As November elections approached, the governor faced a tough race. [Editor's Note: On Nov. 4, Gov. Quinn lost re-election.]

Mayor Emanuel spoke of his great relationship with the IBEW and Local 134. Later a reception was held at Toby Keith's restaurant; the restaurant is located near the newly opened Rosemont Outlet Mall, which houses over 160 stores and, with the help of Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens, was built completely union. Over 400 of our members and 43 signatory contractors performed the work on that mall project.

On behalf of all the officers and staff, Bus. Mgr. Terry Allen wishes the entire IBEW family a happy, prosperous and safe holiday season and new year.

Frank Cunningham, B.R.

Tribute to Members

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — Happy holidays from IBEW 146. May the upcoming year be prosperous and productive.

With the close of the year, we once again congratulate the following members who signed applications for pension benefits in 2014. They are: Dennis Katz, Michael Carrigan, Dirk Hyland, Chris Wrigley, Robert Bock, Rich Underwood, Dave Robison, Kelly Robison, Dan Weatherford, Mark Davis, Marvin Knox, Robert Simmons, Kelly Martin, Ken Waite, Noel Pierson, Dan Cook, Leonard Rippetoe, Dean Sullivan, Donald Wisner, Bill King, Joe Marley, Jeff Barr and Ryan Beck.

We also remember the members we lost in 2014: Claud Thompson, James S. Delany, Robert K. Finley, Jack W. Patrafka Sr., Carl V. Cripe, John S. Toth, Walter A. Bogusz, Elzie L. Garrett, David L. Chamness and Alfred B. Kaufman. May they never be forgotten for all their efforts for the IBEW.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

2014 a Great Year —
An Even Better Year Ahead

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ — 2014 has been an exciting year in Local 164, full of many positive changes including a major improvement in our work picture. As we end this year, grateful for all the hard work, professionalism and dedication of our membership, we look to 2015 with the hope and promise of an even better new year.

Bus Mgr. Dan Gumble, Pres. Tom Sullivan, the officers and staff of Local 164 thank everyone for all their hard work this year and wish everyone happy holidays and a happy and prosperous new year.

May this coming year find us all happy and healthy and may it bring with it a continued improvement in our work picture; may we have the courage and resolve to continue to face down our challenges; may we take the time to appreciate all of the good in our lives; and may we continue working to prove to all that the IBEW has the most talented, most productive workforce in the electrical industry.

Warren Becker, V.P.

Next-Gen Members Step Up

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL — Work remains very good in our area for outside construction and is expected to stay that way for quite a while.

I recently attended the IBEW Sixth District Progress Meeting, which also had a separate half-day meeting for the RENEW (Reach out and Engage Next-gen Electrical Workers) program, which made me think about the age demographics of Local 196. We are currently over 1,000 members strong and growing. Our four apprenticeship programs through ALBAT have grown to just over 80 participants, many of whom are younger workers just entering the trade.

As I scan the crowd at our monthly meetings I notice that many attendees are our "newer" members. After reviewing the sign-in book for our previous six meetings and checking each attendee's birthdate, it turns out that the average age at our monthly meeting is 35. Not bad and lower than I thought it would be. These "younger members" are the future of our union.

With many "baby boomers" approaching retirement, it is encouraging to see our younger members actively participating. One sometimes hears generalizations such as, "These younger kids [are only interested in] video games, Facebook, etc." I believe we should be hearing things like: "This kid works hard, can be counted on and has a real desire to become a great journeyman … and steps up when asked." I see younger members at the meetings. They are out there and they are our future.

Eric Patrick, B.M.

Annual Labor Day Bike Run

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL — The 2014 Labor Day Bike Run was a great success. Over $7,000 was raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

IBEW brothers and sisters from all across Florida came to celebrate Labor Day and support a worthy cause. I will forever cherish the friendships made and the camaraderie shared during this day filled with brotherhood, bikes and BBQ. The wheels of labor roared through miles of open road spanning Florida's beautiful terrain.

Special thanks go out to Locals 915 and 756. Local 915 kick-started the day by providing breakfast to all the riders. Local 756 greeted the riders at the end of the day with an exceptional BBQ. This event would not have been possible without the support of our generous contractor/sponsors, IBEW local unions and participating brothers and sisters. Thank you to all involved.

We look forward to next year and hope this event will continue to grow. Until then, God Bless the IBEW.

Special thanks to the following IBEW business managers for always raising the bar to the next level: Russell Harper, Local 177; Randall King, Local 915; Bill Riley, Local 349; Dan Hunt, Local 756; and Mike Bell, Local 222.

Willy Dezayas, Organizer


IBEW members and guests gather to ride in 2014 Labor Day Bike Run in Florida.

Nat'l. Training Institute 2014

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA — We are honored to congratulate and continue our support of the National Training Institute (NTI) on its 25th anniversary. NTI provides unparalleled worker training for the industry. The training improves at an ever-increasing pace. This new training has also meant developers have had to change their approaches to program delivery. Blended learning, which many apprentices are already familiar with, is an excellent example of alternative program delivery methods that include the latest in technical innovations.

Our JATC is pleased to have sent two instructors to NTI this year. Derek Webster, first-year instructor, and Stephen Slovacek, third-year instructor, learned how best to provide the most advanced industry training instruction. A beneficial part of their week in Michigan was the opening trade show — where industry's leading vendors sponsored booths and trainings, showcasing state-of-the-art technologies as well as glimpses of the future.

[Editor's Note: The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) has rebranded this year and transitioned into the Electrical Training Alliance. See " NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance," The Electrical Worker (Sept. 2014), and at]

Again, our gratitude goes out to NTI and we eagerly look forward to its next 25 years. Thank you, NTI.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

Marketing & Job Opportunities

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR — As winter arrives in the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon, work has been relatively steady. Our signatory contractors have been able to pick up significant projects in both the Valley and in Central Oregon that have kept our members working and our man-hours up. We see this trend continuing into 2015 and hope for a prosperous year ahead.

Marketing and branding of the IBEW and Local 280 have been a priority here within our jurisdiction. Jobsite signage, radio and prints ads, event sponsorships, as well as handed delivered fliers to local businesses, are all being used to promote our local and provide more work opportunities for our members. It takes time and resources, but pays dividends and is well worth the effort.

At this year's picnic in September, Local 280 participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated $5,000 to help with treatment and research for a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Apprentices poured ice water over executive members and representatives attending the picnic. Bus. Mgr. Tim Frew challenged the locals in the states of Oregon and Washington to do the same. The full video can be viewed at our website

Local 280 wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Nate Albertson, P.S.


Local 280 Executive Board members participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tom Baumann (left), Matt Forsberg, Tim Frew, Larry Fisher, Lynn McDonald, Rich Lofton and Nate Albertson.

Home for a Wounded Warrior

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — For two days in early September, IBEW Local 292 had nearly 40 volunteers working at the Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors volunteer build project in Minnetrista, MN, for veteran Sgt. Colin Faust. In 2010 while on foot patrol in the northern Helmand Province of Afghanistan, Sgt. Faust stepped on an improvised explosive device; he lost his left leg and severely injured his right leg and left arm. In cooperation with the Labor Management Committee, NECA Minneapolis Chapter, J. Becher Electric and the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus, IBEW members helped donate 100 percent of the electrical systems in the new, accessible residence for Sgt. Faust.

As of this writing, Local 292 has fewer than 400 members on the out-of-work book for the first time in over a decade. This is clear proof that there is a bright future for construction in the Twin Cities.

To continue its organizing drive, Local 292 will be stripping key members of nonunion electrical shops. Nonunion electricians are calling us and learning about the benefits of working union. We have an active organizing campaign throughout the Local 292 jurisdiction. Earlier this year, E2 Electrical Services with its 12 employees signed a letter of assent, and the contractor has placed calls to our hiring hall for additional help.

Carl Madsen, P.S./B.R.


IBEW Local 292 volunteers stand with veteran Sgt. Colin Faust in front of his new home in Minnetrista, MN.

Recognition of Achievements

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT — Local 300 celebrated the life and accomplishments of Bro. John Krupp, who passed away unexpectedly in October. John was a 27-year IBEW member and an employee of Green Mountain Power. He was a longtime advocate for the IBEW and a fellow steward. His personality, work ethic and love for his family will be missed forever.

Local 300 also celebrates the accomplishments of the members at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. Vermont Yankee, owned and operated by Entergy Nuclear, will start its decommissioning phase of the plant in January 2015, following 40+ years of operation. The battle to continue operation for another 20 years was lost. I wish the members at Vermont Yankee well in their future endeavors. Keep the faith.

Best wishes to all IBEW members for a happy holiday season and a great new year. We have a long way to go in our pursuit for equality for working-class people in our country. I continue to see hope at every corner; however, we must re-examine our own beliefs and attitudes and encourage more people to march to the IBEW drum. Reach deep to educate and better yourselves. Only through knowledge, caring and continuous drive can we accomplish our goals. Be safe and be well — cheers.

Jeffrey C. Wimette, B.M./F.S.


A view of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in 1969 shows construction of the drywell.

'Our Legacy of Success'

L.U. 302 (i,rts&spa), MARTINEZ, CA — Our Annual "Old Timer's" Dinner was, once again, a huge success. It is always good to see those who came before us — some known personally, and some only as legendary names, immortalized in jobsite stories. It's good to see their proud families look on as retired members are honored for their years of service.

I love the often-told tales and work stories. They tell us where we came from. The part I love the most is the simple act of shaking hands — grasping the hands that crafted and shaped our community. Strong, work-hardened hands, with a grip that can control heavy loads yet be supple enough for surgical-like precision. Good handshakes make good friends. But they also command respect, just in case you misjudge their resolve.

Some folks dream about buildings. Some folks put those dreams on paper. And some folks — who look just like you and me — actually get out there in the rain and the heat, the mud and the cold, and build those dreams. They live and work on the sharp, cutting edge of the future. It's good to check in with them from time to time.

Bob Lilley, A.B.M.

Pin Presentation Luncheon

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — In August we held a Pin Presentation luncheon for the local's 50-, 55-, 60-and 65-year members. Many of these brothers went through some real "lean times," just as our members have in the past few years — but they stuck with IBEW Local 340 and got through those times and now enjoy the good life of retirement they so richly deserve. Presenting the retirees with their certificates and pins is a great honor and pleasure for me as business manager. Special thanks to Int. Rep. Michael Meals, who gave up part of his weekend to talk to our retirees and help with the presentations.

These informal pin presentation/luncheons are also well-attended by rank-and-file members, who attend to honor the award recipients. It is always great talking and listening to these retirees while they reconnect with journeymen and former apprentices they mentored. The stories they share are so rich in history, as well as humor.

I am saddened to report Local 340's recent loss of several brothers: Tony Bates, John Buno, Jim Harris, Delmar Lindsay and Alan Vandebogart. Rest in peace, brothers.

Tom Okumura, B.M.


At Local 340 service award luncheon: Bus. Mgr. Tom Okumura (far left) and Vice Pres. Mark Steelman (far right, standing) congratulate service award honorees.

2014 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 380 (ei,es,i&it), NORRISTOWN, PA — Local 380 celebrated the accomplishments of this year's apprenticeship graduates at a JATC banquet for the class of 2014. The graduates' achievements would not have been possible without the support of their families, friends, journeymen, foremen and dedicated instructors. The Steve Malinowski Leadership Award recipient was Kellen T. Hartz. Perfect attendance awards for the fifth-year class went to Rusty Brink, Keith Hogan and Dale McKelvey. The award for perfect attendance for all five years went to Daniel Hockenbrock. The third-place overall achievement award went to James Pickens, and second place to Daniel Hockenbrock. The first-place James W. Mayall Award recipient was Rusty Brink.

[Editor's Note: The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) has rebranded this year and transitioned into the Electrical Training Alliance. See " NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance," The Electrical Worker (Sept. 2014), and at]

Local 380 also recently held our 33rd annual Journeymen vs. Apprentice Softball Game & Cookout. This event for members and their families is a great way to get together and see old friends and have some fun outside of work.

This year along with the softball game, an electrical trade show was added for members to see new products and tools and meet directly with product representatives. With the help of our local supply house, we had over 20 venders attend. The trade show was a great success and we hope to expand it next year.

Scott R. Sheldon, P.S.


Local 380 class of 2014 apprenticeship graduates: front row, Robert P. Becker (left), Joseph Aversa, Daniel J. McGettigan, Douglas B. Stanley, Stephanie R. Brady, Ryan L. Weintraub, James C. Console, Robert F. Taylor, Charles R. Perry Jr.; back row, James M. Pickens, Evi "Rusty" Brink, Dale E. McKelvey, Michael P. Toth, Beau C. Lanyon, Jordan S. Kane, Keith Hogan, Jesse J. Maloney, Jeremy Taylor, Daniel Hockenbrock and Kellen T. Hartz.

Candidate Thanks Members

L.U. 388 (em,i,rts&spa), STEVENS POINT, WI — Local 388 members recently held their annual picnic at Jordan Park. We had a great turnout, and a big thank-you goes to members Mike Jensen and Andrew Jensen for a great job on the roasted pig. Thanks also to all those members and their families who helped with setting up the picnic and the clean-up afterward. It is greatly appreciated.

Members at the picnic also welcomed a surprise visit from then-Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke, who stopped by to personally thank IBEW members for their support in her run against incumbent Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker has shown that he is no friend of labor. At this writing, as we approached the November midterm election, members were encouraged to help defeat Walker and the Republican plan to push through anti-worker, "right-to-work" legislation. Thank you to volunteers for phone calling, going door to door, putting up yard signs, etc. [Editor's Note: On Nov. 4, Walker won the mid-term election.]

Guy LePage, P.S.


Local 388 welcomed then-candidate for governor Mary Burke at annual picnic.

Mechanic Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 412 (u), KANSAS CITY, MO — On Sept. 5 this year, Local 412 honored six mechanic apprentices on their graduation.

The new journeyman mechanics are as follows: at Sibley Power Plant — Nicholas Wooster, Daniel Lindsey, Todd Smith and Jeff "C.J." Myers; at Hawthorn Power Plant — Tyler Allen; and at Lake Road Power Plant — Jeremy Blanchard.

Congratulations to you all!

Debi Kidwiler, P.S.


Local 412 mechanic apprenticeship graduates, with Mechanic Coordinator Terry McNabb (back row, center). From left: Nicholas Wooster, Daniel Lindsey, Todd Smith, (McNabb), Jeff "C.J." Myers, Tyler Allen and Jeremy Blanchard.

Milwaukee Labor Fest Parade

L.U. 494 (em,i,mt,rts,spa&t), MILWAUKEE, WI — On Labor Day the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and affiliated unions held the annual parade and festivities. Local 494 was honored to be the first unit to march, showcasing 300 members and their families.

A highlight of this year's Labor Fest celebration was a visit by Pres. Obama, who came to Milwaukee to celebrate our rich history of union labor successes and challenges over the years. It was Pres. Obama's third visit to the area since 2008. He brought enthusiasm and optimism for the future of labor, both in Milwaukee and across the nation. "I want an economy where your hard work pays off — with higher wages, and higher incomes, and fair pay for women, and workplace flexibility for parents, and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits," President Obama told the 6,000 attendees.

"It was nice to be leading the parade again and to be recognized with a visit from the president," Local 494 Bus. Mgr. John Bzdawka said.

It is important to remember the value of the work that we all do every day. This past Labor Day gave us a very memorable opportunity to do that.

Kurt Jante, B.R.


Local 494 members lead 2014 Labor Day parade in Milwaukee. (Photo courtesy of Jan Jante.)

Positive Work Picture

LU. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Local 530 is currently experiencing a temporary work high. A few small shutdowns and new construction jobs are keeping our members as well as some travellers employed. A thank-you goes out to our brother and sister locals for supplying us with workers during our need!

Local 530 also thanks Edmonton Local 424 for employing our members during our times of need, now and in the future.

Local 530 is saddened to report the recent loss of Bros. Paul Whitey Phillips, Reg Lamoureux and Roger Cataford. Our departed brothers are gone but not forgotten.

Al Byers, P.S.

New Signatory Contractor

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL — Work this year is at a rapid pace and has been very productive for our local, as well as many other locals, with some calls going to Book 2. We have several members at the Toyota Engine Plant project in Huntsville, AL, and several calls for projects at the Tennessee Valley Authority. We are excited to announce that American Electric has become a signatory contractor and we look forward to a productive partnership.

A recent benefit held in honor of our Bro. Chris Williamson raised over $25,000 to help less fortunate children in north Alabama. It is humbling to see the legacy of our dear brother resonating throughout our area. This is an example of how we should invest in our own community.

We are proud to congratulate Bus. Manager Ralph Mayes, who received the Labor Person of the Year award at the Shoals Central Labor Day festivities.

Congratulations to the class of 2014 apprenticeship lineman graduates. These new linemen graduated in May. Chuck Joiner was selected as Apprentice of the Year. Best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Tony Quillen, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 558 congratulates lineman graduates. From left: Instructor John Wayne Thompson; graduates Thomas Barnes, Chuck Joiner, Cory McVay and Wesley Todd; and Instructor Sam Moore.

'Closing Out the Year'

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ — Local 570 may have experienced a slow work picture this year, but we are staying busy with activities for members and the community.

We had over 55 members complete the Seventh District Forman Development Series Training, and at press time we have several more in the process of completing the series. Seventeen members from our units completed Industrial Steward Training last quarter, and the Tucson JATP has more classes scheduled for all classifications.

[Editor's Note: The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) has rebranded this year and transitioned into the Electrical Training Alliance. See " NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance," The Electrical Worker (Sept. 2014), and at]

Local 570's golf tournament raised over $6,700 for Reading Seed/Literacy Connects. The donation was presented to RS/LC Dir. Kelly Wiehe at the September membership meeting.

Asst. Bus. Mgr. Pete Sabin chaired the Pima Area Labor Federation's Labor Day event this year. Over 2,000 people from the community attended.

A special thank-you goes to Bro. Mark Watson III, a third-generation, 40-year participating member. Mark was a Code of Excellence instructor and an elected officer in Local 570 for 25 years. Congratulations on your retirement, Bro Watson.

Scott W. Toot, Pres.


Local 570's July 2014 graduates of the Seventh District Foreman Development Training.

Kudos to Class of 2014

L.U. 606 (em,es,i,rtb,spa&u), ORLANDO, FL — In August, Local 606 held a graduation banquet for the apprenticeship graduating class of 2014. There were 22 graduates from the Inside Construction program, and 14 graduates from the Disney Maintenance program. Outstanding Apprentice Award recipients of the year were: Brighton Hoyt and Sean Donnelly, for Inside Construction; and Randall Hammond Jr. and Suzanne Lochhead, for Disney Maintenance. Many thanks go to Local 606 signatory contractors and all other sponsors who made the banquet a huge success. We congratulate all the graduates and encourage them to become productive employees and active union members with the local.

With great sadness we announce the deaths of two members, Thomas C. Phillips Sr. and Robert A. White. They will both be sorely missed.

Fernando Rendon, R.S./P.S.



Local 606 congratulates graduating inside construction class (group at top) and graduating Disney maintenance class.

Graduation Class of 2014

L.U. 640 (em,govt,i,mo,mt,rts,spa&u), PHOENIX, AZ — This year's apprenticeship graduation ceremony was held at the Local 640 meeting hall on Sept 19.

We had 38 graduates: Kavon Alapour, Damon Biddix, Hubert Brown, Fabian Cahue, Sergio Castro, Luis Daubeterre, Jeremy Dirker, Adrian Embury, Ruben Galindo Jr., April Harris, James Hunt Jr., David Koepke, Shuangying Lu, George Mota, Joshua Mylo, Dan Rodarte, Philander Sells, Eloy Solano, Emanuel Vancea, Kyreece Wappner, Michael Begody, Jerome Black, Pablo Bustamante, David Cano, Jorge Chavez, Rick Engelhardt, Kirk Hamilton, Jonathon Hofelich, Kevin Jordan Jr., Michael Lemmon, Alejandro Molina, James Myers, Elaine Nez, David Santiago, Austin Shaw, Francisco Valadez, Jose Varela and Travis Yazzie. Congratulations to all the graduates. This year's outstanding apprentice award went to Kirk Hamilton. Perfect attendance awards went to Hamilton and Shuangying Lu.

Local 640 extends condolences to the families and friends of our members who recently passed away: Ovid G. Bennett, Clyde I. Ryall, John J. Hill, Sam K. Richardson, Louis Kalaf, Howard Simpson and Millen L. Scoblic. They will be missed.

We welcome our newest signatory contractor, D-2 Electric. We look forward to working with the contractor.

Remember to attend your local meeting, work union, buy union and stay safe.

Jeff Sears, P.S./Mbr. Dev.

Voter Turnout is Key

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA — As of this printing, 2014 midterm elections will have taken place. Two of the very important races in our area will already have been decided — the race for governor and the race for the Pennsylvania Senate 26th District seat, considered one of the most important in the state, because it likely will be among those that determine whether Democrats regain control of the state Senate.

Incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett has been a thorn in the side of union members in Pennsylvania, attacking us on every front — from attempts at so-called "right-to-work" legislation, privatization of liquor stores, and HB-1507 (known as the "paycheck deception act") to cutting school funding by a billion dollars, leading to massive teacher layoffs, and more. Although at this writing, Gov. Corbett was trailing by more than 20 points in the polls, we cannot ever assume an easy victory. We remember what the turnout was like for primary elections in May, when only one in five registered Democrats in Pennsylvania made it to the polls. Our future depends on our members getting out to vote! [Editor's Note: Democrat Tom Wolf defeated incumbent Republican governor Tom Corbett. For the 26th District State Senate seat, the incumbent beat the Democratic challenger in a close race.]

Members enjoyed a deep-sea fishing trip in September aboard the Cape May Lady. The fish were biting, the beverages were cold, and everyone went home happy and full. Upcoming events include our annual Crab Feast and the Christmas Party.

Remember to be involved, vote and buy American.

James E. Thompson Jr., P.S.

Service Awards & Graduates

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA — This year our local awarded over 100 service pins, ranging from 25-year pins to a 75-year pin. Bro. John N. "Nick" Ware received his 75-year pin, as reported in the August issue. Many of these members showed up for the annual awards dinner in September and had a great time seeing old friends and 20 new journeymen.

Special congratulations to David M. Rasnic and Brian K. Wright, the outstanding apprentices for their respective classes. We expect great things from all of our newest journeyman wiremen! They are: Derek Bradby, Michael Clark Jr., Serena Hamilton, Mitchell Lipscomb, Stephen Mills, Benjamin Southward, Thomas Webb III, Casey Bray, Mathew Dallmeyer, Daniel Houchens, William Lovelace, Johnathan Stovall, Brian Wright, David M. Rasnic, Thomas Carnahan, Robert Damiani, Gerald Jarrett II, Benjamin Mason, Gabriel Rod and Daniel Webb. Congratulations to all!

As of this writing, work in our jurisdiction is slow, but appears to be improving slightly. As of Oct. 1, Robert Humphries, our newest organizer, is in the field working to improve our market share!

Thanks to all of the locals that have worked our members this year. Locals 776 and 80 deserve special recognition for the numbers they put to work.

Charles Skelly, P.S.

Operation Green Flag & New Membership Growth

L.U. 684 (c,i,rts&st), MODESTO, CA — Local 684 experienced a very productive year for membership growth. Operation Green Flag kicked off earlier in the year and our local is proud to say we have experienced a 12 percent increase in new membership.

We have welcomed several new signatory contractors into the local and continue to reach out to both nonunion contractors and electricians alike.

We especially wish to thank the following individuals for their incredible dedication and long hours spent to advance the Green Flag drive and our organizing efforts: Bro. Hank Lewis, state organizing coordinator; Int. Rep./Organizer Greg Boyd; and Local 684 Organizers Bobby Stutzman and Marcos Salas. Thank you also to the many other participants from area locals who contributed to helping us launch this new campaign.

We are also very excited about two large solar projects, a 135 megawatt project in Santa Nella and a 20 megawatt project in Los Banos. At press time, both are just about to get underway.

Dave Jones, P.S.

'Holiday Greetings to All'

L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI — As of this writing, the 2014 midterm election season was peaking. Local 692 members have been walking door to door to support the campaigns of labor-friendly candidates at least three times a week. We are hopeful that the effort we've put in will have paid off with election wins for working people. We thank all the members and their families who volunteered their time. When it comes to elections, we all must stand and work together, or divided we will fall.

Our accompanying photo shows several Local 692 volunteers gathered at the dock site of the historic USS Edson naval ship. The Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum was formed as a nonprofit organization with the intent to bring a historic naval vessel to Bay City's riverfront. The Edson served in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, earning a reputation as a Top Gun ship and the nickname "The Destroyer." Her ship's crest included a skull copied from the shoulder patch worn by then-Col. Edson's First Marine Raider Battalion. Local 692 members are donating labor for the ship museum.

With no real big projects underway at press time, we have maintained employment with smaller projects. This is thanks to the hard work of Business & Membership Development.

We are sad to report the passing of Local 692 member Bro. Colin B. Schultz. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Tammy Gottleber, P.S.


Local 692 members volunteer for the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum project. From left: Jordan Mapes, Tanner Tacey, Charlie Glynn and Mike Anger.

IBEW Community Service

L.U. 702 (as,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o,p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se,
spa,st,t&u), WEST FRANKFORT, IL — Our Newton Unit members recently engaged in a local fundraising effort to support a young girl in the community who is battling cancer and has entered her fifth round of chemotherapy. Members at the Power Station took advantage of a one-year anniversary of no lost-time accidents to raise $2,450 for Emma and her family. Our hearts and prayers go out to her and others like her who face health issues.

On Sunday, Aug. 24, our Local 702 Tug-of-War team prevailed over other union teams for the second year in a row, becoming back-to-back champions at the annual SEMO Labor Picnic.

We have new agreements at Pemiscot Dunklin Electric Cooperative as well as the Lineworker's Group at SEMO Electric Cooperative.

A delicious pre-game tailgate was enjoyed by over 200 of our members on Oct. 4 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

Our Outside Construction and Line Clearance work continues to be strong, and as of this writing, our referral books are as follows: Inside Construction — 54, Outside Construction — 3, Line Clearance — 6.

To stay up on the latest Local 702 news and information, please visit us at

Mark Baker, B.R.


Local 702 Tug of War champs. At top, 2013 team: front row, David McKay (left), Jerad Spain; back row, Chad Brotherton, John Roberts, Andrew Eason and Justin Lowes, with Bus. Mgr. Steve Hughart. 2014 team: Chad Brotherton, Pres. James Sanchez, David McKay, Jerad Spain, Ryan Baker and Ryan Groves.

Daytona Speedway Project

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL — What do former Pres. Jimmy Carter, Starsky & Hutch and disco music have in common? They were all current events happening in the 1970s — the last time Local 756 worked on Daytona International Speedway property.

In early October 2014, signatory contractor Giles Electric rolled gang boxes and a crew of workers inside the home of the epic NASCAR track and began working on the massive renovation underway there. This is a very big project that will not be fully completed for a couple of years. Giles Electric was awarded a small scope of work, which we anticipate will grow over the course of the project.

The local's commercial work is holding steady and looks to continue through the new year. Industrial work at the NASA Space Center is not at the levels we previously enjoyed; however, space flight is not dead and signatory contractors continue to bid on projects there.

We seated a new class of first-year apprentices in August, and interviews for next year will begin in January.

The Local 756 Executive Board has held very well-attended cookout/fundraiser/yard workdays throughout the year. These events are days of brotherhood spent cleaning up our property, eating great food and raising funds for worthy causes. Thanks go to all who prepared food, worked and attended.

Also, a big thank-you goes to all the locals, many in the Fifth District, that have put our traveling members to work in 2014 as well. Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year for all in the IBEW.

Daniel P. Hunt, B.M.

Craftsmanship & Volunteerism

L.U. 934 (catv,i,o&u), KINGSPORT, TN — On July 11, members of our local and their families represented Local 934 at the Annual Fun Fest Parade. The Local 934 contingent walked in the parade and proudly displayed our banner with the theme, "Made in America with Pride and Tradition."

The new Bristol, TN, Bass Pro Shop held its grand opening Aug. 26. This BPS houses a bar and grill as well as a themed bowling alley. Come see the wonderful craftsmanship put in by our IBEW Local 934 brothers and sisters.

Our second-year apprentices continued the tradition of giving back to their community by volunteering to spend a day helping the Holston Habitat for Humanity with its mission to provide affordable housing for needy families.

Join me in thanking Bro. Bob Weber for his many years of dedicated service with the IBEW and Local 934. Our thoughts and prays are with you, brother, during this time of struggle.

We will be sponsoring the Salvation Army in its Angel Tree project. Anyone interested in participating may contact the PR committee; we have open meetings at 7 p.m. on regular meeting nights.

Jon Van Bremen, Treas.


Local 934 contingent marches in parade. From left: Terry Burgin, Shawn Bishop, Jon Van Bremem, Tamesa Rapp and Bob Weber Jr.

2014 Annual Picnic

L.U. 968 (catv,i,mt,o,rts,sap&t), PARKERSBURG, WV — IBEW Local 968's annual picnic was Sept. 6. Once again we had very good attendance. Boy Scout Troop 129 and troop leader Alan Lloyd (a Local 968 member) with his wife, Denise, did an excellent job conducting the kids games and cake walk. A special thank-you goes to this exceptional Boy Scout troop.

Shown in the accompanying photo are some of the Local 968 retired brothers in attendance for the picnic. It was a great turnout and it was good to see everyone there.

With regret we report the passing of Bros. Harold "Skip" Ballengee and Ira P. Wood Jr. We have great memories and stories of times shared with these brothers. They will be remembered.

Lynford C. Lovell, B.M.


Local 968 retired members at 2014 picnic. Back row, John Sarver (left), Hiram "Max" Rebholz, Greg Gore, Ted Weaver, Jess Blair, Charlie Arnold, Jerry Barnes, Jack Martin, Clayton "Tater" Griffin; front row, Jack Blue, Clervan Parsons, Bob Patton and Bruce Goodno. Attendee not pictured: Bob Lockhart.

IBEW Golf Tournament

L.U. 1106 (catv, rtb&t), MASON, MI — Our local's 13th Annual Unity Golf Tournament was Saturday, Sept. 6, at North Star Golf Course in Ithaca, MI. More than 50 active members and retirees enjoyed this four-person scrambles event. Congratulations to the winners: Glen Marks, Bill Marks, Jeremy Moogenberg and Rocky Studley. The day included golf, lunch, a 50/50 raffle and many door prizes. Thanks to Ed Brush for organizing another great golf outing.

Dave McCarthy, V.P.


Local 1106 Bus. Mgr. Mike Brousseau (far left) and Bro. Ed Brush (front row) congratulate the winning golf team: G. Marks, J. Moogenberg, R. Studley and B. Marks.

End of Year Review

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — What a year it's been for our local. We purchased and moved into our own building, negotiated new contracts for Trico Electric Co-op Inc. and Southwest Energy Solutions, and held our election of officers.

Thank you to all of our union stewards for the time and energy they give to address any challenges our workforces may come across.

We also thank those members who stepped up during the Labor Day picnic this year: Bros. Jon Aguirre, Richard Maldonado, Greg Carter and Sameer Mendez.

Journeyman linemen Lucas Cummings, Mike Halbur and Leander Johnson competed at the International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, KS, in October. Way to show your craftsman skills, brothers!

Welcome to new members: Robert Ballejos, Carl Bedord, Bartt Carter, Charles Hawthorne, Saul Gomez, Ricardo Ibarra, Norberto Martinez and Kenneth Williams.

Best wishes to recent retirees: John Pedrazza, Mike Kaiser, Tony Callaway and William Swartzer.

Working safely is not only a company goal, but also an IBEW Local 1116 goal. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Richard "R.C." Cavaletto, P.S.

IBEW Members Answer the Call

L.U. 1260 (catv,ees,mo,rtb,rts,spa&u), HONOLULU, HI — Hawaii's summer hurricane season was especially busy this year, as evidenced by a run back in August that saw two hurricanes threaten the state in the span of five days. Fortunately, the second of the two (Hurricane Julio) veered just north of the islands, but the other (Hurricane Iselle) made a direct hit on the Big Island of Hawaii causing extensive damage to the southwestern side of the island.

Thousands were left without power in the storm's aftermath and the members of IBEW Local 1260 answered the call to aid in disaster relief efforts. Members from across the state joined forces to clear debris, rebuild infrastructure and get the power back up and running — even with the threat of a second hurricane hurtling toward them.

Many union members left their own families to assist those more in need of assistance and the result was a deep sense of gratitude for the responding Local 1260 members. It prompted at least one affected family to put up a makeshift banner thanking members from the Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO).

Local 1260 Bus. Mgr. Brian Ahakuelo was on hand to deliver food to crews on the scene and noted that he was extremely proud of the efforts of the responding Local 1260 members.

Russell Yamanoha, A.B.M.


After hurricane hit Hawaii, an area family raised a banner to thank IBEW members from HELCO for disaster relief assistance.

AEP Contract Negotiations

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH — On Saturday, Sept. 27, Local 1466 held our Annual Fall Gathering at the union hall in Columbus. This event grows in popularity each year. Many members and families attended and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to spend the time together. We hope to see even more people next year!

As many of you know, we are currently in the midst of contract negotiations with American Electric Power. We are negotiating both our three-year master agreement and our local agreement. If everything goes right, we should be able to finish up and have a contract to vote on by early 2015. We will, of course, keep everyone updated as things progress.

We wish our members and their families a happy holiday season. Thank you for all your hard work over the past year!

Jimi Jette, P.S.

Fall Fundraiser

L.U. 2324 (t), SPRINGFIELD, MA — IBEW Local 2324's second annual Fall Fellowship & Fundraising Golf Tournament was Oct. 5. This event was to both raise money for the benevolent fund and to get members together to have a good time.

Five teams plus one participated in the event, held at The Donnybrook Country Club in beautiful Berkshire County in Massachusetts. The Local 2324 Benevolent Fund aids local charities and those in need. Some of our upcoming projects include collecting food for needy families during the holiday season, hanging wreaths on the graves of veterans, and conducting a winter clothing drive.

Christine Casino, Exec. Brd.


At Local 2324's Fundraiser Golf Tournament: Denise Vittone (left), Christine Casino, Joe O'Brien and Gina Thayer-Durant.


Greetings from St. Louis

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1, ST. LOUIS, MO — Holiday greetings from Local 1 retirees in St. Louis.

The annual Labor Day parade was a great success and the weather was beautiful. The IBEW barbecue after the parade gave us retirees a chance to reminisce with active and retired members. The atmosphere at the Labor Day parade festivities is always uplifting.

I hope all who wanted to attend made it to the Health Fair in October, which offered free medical tests and flu shots.

During this season of giving please remember our brothers and sisters who are unemployed, and donate to Local 1's Relief Committee.

Many thanks go to Bro. Donald Appelbaum for his informative retiree reports. The next Retirees Club meeting will be March 18, 2015.

I hope and pray everyone has a happy new year.

Neal McCormack, R.S.

An Eventful 2014 Summer

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NASSAU CHAPTER — As is now a tradition, our club's September meeting began with a reading of the names of the 17 IBEW Local 3 members who lost their lives on Sept. 11. "We will never forget."

We had many happy things happen over the summer, and some not so happy.

Our chapter enjoyed four great days at the Educational Center in July. The weather was perfect.

Our annual picnic was well-attended, and again the weather was great. The trip to "Sight and Sound" in Pennsylvania to see the production of "Moses" was enjoyable. That trip also included a dinner together.

Capping off a good summer, Local 3 Bus. Mgr. Christopher Erikson was grand marshal of the New York City Labor Day parade, a great honor indeed.

Again our chapter will be involved in the collection of toys and funds for the Michael Nigro Foundation to support cancer care for children at Winthrop Hospital. Our participation is in memory of our past vice chairman Joy Terino.

The sadness we have is the loss of members who have passed away. Especially notable is the passing of Thomas "Tommy" Doyle, who was chairman of the Queens Chapter retirees. All those who have passed will be remembered.

Bob Cooper, P.S.

Education Center Trip

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, NORTH NEW JERSEY CHAPTER — Our annual trip to the Educational Center in Cutchogue, NY, on July 28 was blessed with four beautiful days. Tom Gallagher gave the welcome address and provided information on what's happening at the union.

Tuesday's topic was "healthy meals," presented by Judy Blades. We discussed our progress since last year's meeting. Our cocktail hour that evening was delicious with all the good food people brought. Thank you to George Brendel, who manned the hot ovens. It was nice that we all enjoyed the evening festivities together. Thanks to the setup and pickup volunteers.

On Wednesday, Erica Vinas' talk was on "heart attack and stroke prevention." The demonstration focused on preparation of healthy snacks. We had our BBQ later, thanks to the guys who cooked hot dogs, hamburgers and desserts. Well done.

All who were unable to attend were missed. Be well, be happy and let's do it again.

Anthony LaBate, P.S.


Local 3, North New Jersey Chapter, Retirees Club gathers at Educational Center in July 2014.

2014 Labor Day Parade & Trip to Memorial Museum

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, SUFFOLK CHAPTER — We sat in the reviewing stand at the New York City Labor Day parade. Watching the parade, we took great pride as our Local 3 Bus. Mgr. Christopher Erickson let the procession down Fifth Avenue. He was the grand marshal, a well-deserved honor. Thanks to Allan Eimer for getting us the great seats and hats.

Our bus trip to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum was a moving experience. I think everybody took something away from the experience of walking through the museum. I know I did. The museum preserves the history of the events and shows how 9/11 continues to shape our world.

After the museum visit, we went to Little Italy for lunch, which was wonderful. Thanks to Olivia and Hank Schmidt for all their hard work to make this trip a success that it was. Olivia, what is the next trip?

The end-of-summer barbecue was a big hit. Attendees enjoyed plenty of food, drinks and games, as well as fellowship with good friends. Thanks to Jim Jost and his committee for making this a success.

Harvey Goldman, P.S.


A column in tribute to IBEW Local 3 members who lost their lives on 9/11 is part of permanent exhibit at Sept. 11 memorial museum.

NYC Labor Day Parade

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, WESTCHESTER / PUTNAM CHAPTER — On Saturday, Sept. 6, we all applauded with great pride as the grand marshal of the New York City Labor Day parade, IBEW Local 3 Bus. Mgr. Christopher Erikson, led the procession accompanied by Local 3's Sword of Light Pipe Band.

Following Bus. Mgr. Erikson in the parade was one of the largest contingents of Local 3 members, waving their flags and banners, to ever parade up Fifth Avenue. The marchers represented every division of Local 3.

To our amazement, after arriving at 64th Street, Bus. Mgr. Erikson walked back downtown to lead the rank-and-file Local 3 members in their march. The turnout was incredible! Local 3 officers and members sent a clear message that the union labor movement is alive and well in New York City. It was a proud day for all of us.

Marching with Bus. Mgr. Erikson were: IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill; Thomas Van Arsdale, former Local 3 business manager; Local 3 Pres. John Marchell; Mario Cilento, president, New York State AFL-CIO; Vincent Alvarez, president, New York City Central Labor Council; and Local 3 officers and staff members too numerous to mention individually.

Dick Mills, Sec. John Rich, P.S. Bob Cuneo, P.S.


Local 3, Westchester/Putnam Chapter, Retirees Club.

2015 Cruise to Hawaii

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 26, WASHINGTON, DC — Our 2015 cruise will be to Hawaii! We leave on May 5, so if you have any interest in joining the 40+ already signed up, best to contact our travel coordinator, Rick Warner, at (240) 472-0438.

On Oct. 11, 2014, instead of our regular meeting, we met in Annapolis for our Annual Crab Feast. We broke the 100 person mark by 22! One attendee, June Gebicke, widow of a former member, brought 12 of her family to share the day. What greater way to gather the family than to have them join your union family crab feast! So mark your calendars for the next crab feast on Oct. 10, 2015, and join us!

Also in October, the club traveled by bus to Pennsylvania to visit the Capitol and an automobile museum; we also took a train ride on a steam engine! If you have ever heard of the Tucker Automobile, they are now housed at the Antique Automobile Museum in Hershey, PA, in part thanks to a person named David Cammick, whom our club met while visiting his personal collection/museum in Alexandria, VA, before he met his maker. His three cars and much more are now available for viewing by generations of car enthusiasts.

Our Thanksgiving meeting was full of thanks, with special thanks to our military veterans, who were honored on Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) by all!

Susan Flashman, P.S.

Retirees Recognition Ceremony

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 35, HARTFORD, CT — On Sept. 20, Local 35 hosted a dinner in honor of those who retired from 2012 through 2014. The dinner was held at Chowder Pot IV in Hartford. IBEW watches, jackets and service pins were presented.

Honored were: Terry Anderson, John Benoit, Luis Calderon, Earl Calloway, Joseph Cantone, Lennie Chin, Patrick Coughlin, Carl DiFazio, Robert Ferrara, Brian Florin, Clive Freckleton, Robert Gorgone, Norman Higgins, Lloyd Hyman, Gregory Kinghorn, Richard Leonard Machol, David Martineau, Hector McIntosh, Raymond Mills, Roger Meunier, Todd Mountford, Robert Panciera, Roger Peckham, James Rietta, Lance Schors, Robert Senkbeil, James Szalkiewicz, Thomas Walter, Alcious Watson, Kenneth White, Craig Woodhouse and Richard Wowak.

It was nice to get together with old friends and reminisce about great times we had working together. It is a great honor to be part of the IBEW, experiencing brotherhood and pride in quality craftsmanship, and making lifelong friends. The IBEW gave us the chance to earn a good living, have excellent health and pension benefits, and provide for our families.

Attendees had a wonderful time at the dinner. We wish the best to the future membership and hope they will share our experience.

Kenneth R. White, P.S.


Local 35 hosts Retirees Recognition Ceremony.

Welcome Extended

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 42, HARTFORD, CT — The Retirees Club wishes to invite anyone who's a retired member of Local 42 to join them. If you would like to get out of the house or take some time out of your busy life for a couple of hours, come and join them.

Club meetings are bimonthly, on Tuesdays, at Local 42's hall. Annual dues are $12. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. sharp. Meetings begin with discussion of upcoming business and upcoming events. Afterward the attendees enjoy talking about old times and sharing funny stories while they sit back, relax and have coffee and doughnuts. The Retiree's Club would love to have you join them. If interested, please call us at (860) 646-7297.

The Retiree's Club thanks all of the ladies in Local 42's office for their hard work and for making everyone feel welcomed. They work very hard putting all the events together to make them enjoyable and successful occasions. The ladies of Local 42 always greet everyone with a warm smile and are glad to help you with whatever you need.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.

Labor Honors; Wounded Warrior Project

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — At the September meeting, we had a special guest, Ruben Silva, president of the Texas AFL-CIO Hank Brown Retirees Chapter. Silva thanked IBEW Local 60 Retirees Club Pres. Gene Chamberlain for his help in restructuring the AFL-CIO Hank Brown Retirees Chapter bylaws and presented him with a shirt in appreciation.

Pres. Chamberlain also received a plaque at the state AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast on Aug. 23, as the nominee from the AFL-CIO Hank Brown Retirees Chapter for the theme "Labor Honors Their Own."

The Local 60 Retirees Club meets the second Thursday of each month at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Bldg., 3630 Belgium Lane, at 12 noon. After a short business meeting, attendees enjoy lunch and bingo.

Upcoming events and activities promise to be exciting. The Wounded Warriors Holiday Project is our focus again this season. Collected items will be taken to the WW Headquarters after the December meeting.

At the February 2015 meeting, the club will hold a silent auction fundraiser. Items you no longer use and wish to donate will be put to good use.

April 2015 will be the annual golf tournament fundraiser (date to be determined).

The Retirees Club welcomed newly retired Bro. Tim James at the September meeting. The club is open to Local 60 retired persons. Please join us.

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

Recent Retirees Honored

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 90, NEW HAVEN, CT — On Oct. 9, our local honored 10 gentlemen who officially retired from IBEW Local 90. The dinner was held at the Groton Motor Inn where the following retirees were honored: Daniel LaCroix, Robert Mordecai, Edward Czapiga, James DeBridgita, Philip Gonzalez, John Johnson, Andrew Papacoda, Richard Pecoraro, Richard Siglinger and Michael Simon. We thank them for their service and wish them good fortune in the years ahead — and we invite them to join our Retirees Club.

On Dec. 2, we held our annual holiday luncheon at Fantasia, in North Haven, CT, and as usual all enjoyed the occasion. Many thanks go to Pres. Bob Mantovani, the officers and committee for a great time.

We wish all our brothers and sisters everywhere a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy new year.

Richard Launder, P.S.

Informative Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 103, BOSTON, MA — The July 2014 Retirees Luncheon was well-attended due to informative presentations by then-business manager Michael Monahan on the issues of health benefits and the Affordable Care Act and how it affects our retirees and members. Also discussed was the cost the plan is facing regarding prescription drugs. The presentation, including visual aids, really helped explain the current situation. As usual, these types of settings greatly inform us and show the work involved to keep our programs up-to-date. I know all those present appreciated the presentation and the information provided to the Retirees Club.

Rich Leary, P.S.

Retiree Get-Together

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 104, BOSTON, MA — The Local 104 Retiree Get-Together was held Oct. 1 at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain, MA. There were a lot of laughs and great moments shared at this gathering. We try to get our retirees together a couple times a year. The next get-together (after Christmas) will be scheduled in April at Angelica's in Middleton.

We congratulate this year's retirees: Robert Foss, George Froias, Byron Lohnes Jr., Donald McRae, Francis Miller, Richard O'Brien, John Pagliaro, Gordon Robinson, Robert Rudolph, Gerald Tower and Gerald Williams.

Congratulations also to the following retirees celebrating their longtime memberships: 50-year service award recipients — Robert Flanagan, Lewis Leslie, William Matthews, Edward Murray and Walter Randall; 55-year service award recipient Paul Boufford; and 60-year service award recipients — Charles Long and Franklin Place.

Hugh Boyd, P.S.


At Local 104 Retiree Get-Together: back row, Jack Riccio (left), Mickey Rooney, Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Brian Murphy, Hank Barry Sr., Ray Brady, Rich Hayes, Armand Cabral, Asst. Bus. Mgr./Treas. Hugh Boyd, Donald Coutinho; front row, Bob Salvati and Steve O'Donnell.

Guest Luncheon Speaker

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 124, KANSAS CITY, MO — The September Retirees Luncheon had over 50 retirees in attendance. It is always great to see longtime friends, swap stories of the past and hear what new and exciting things our brothers and sisters are doing.

Judith Parker, consultant for field mobilization for the Missouri Alliance for Retired Americans, was our guest speaker. She gave a brief history of the Alliance and its work to promote economic justice for all retired Americans. Judith stressed the importance of standing up for ourselves as retired Americans by voting for elected officials who are responsive to the needs of retired persons.

We wish to thank newly elected Local 124 officers — Bus. Mgr. Enrique "Rick" Rodriguez, Pres. Rudy Chavez and Fin. Sec. Bryant "B.Z." Parscale — for their presentations at the luncheon and their continued support of the Retirees Club.

Ken Starr, P.S.


Guest speaker Judith Parker, Missouri Alliance for Retired Americans, addresses Local 124 Retirees Club.

Quarterly Meeting Event

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 130, NEW ORLEANS, LA — On Sept. 25, we held our quarterly meeting, and it was also our club's 67th anniversary. As always we had the event catered (fried chicken) and plenty of refreshments. We had a crowd of 58 people to enjoy the good food and company. Let's give a big thanks to Duke Legendre along with Mike and Janet Dupuis for a job well-done! Duke made sure we had door prizes and 50/50.

A friendly reminder to all: Please remember the monthly casino trips. They are lots of fun.

At press time, our annual Christmas party was scheduled for Dec. 4. We hope everyone marked their calendars for that event.

With deep regret we report the loss of several brothers: Marlon D. Bennett, Stephen R. Gautier, Thomas C. Miller, Dave A. Nicholson, Thomas A. Ottaway, Andrew V. Petit and Numa L. Pedeaux Jr. May their souls rest in peace.

Until our next meeting, God bless America.

George Clesi, Pres.

2015 Events Planned

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — 2015 events for the Local 134 Retirees Club will include: Three $1 catered luncheons (March 11, June 10 and Sept. 9). Also at the June meeting the local will honor 50-, 55-, 60- and 70-year members and feature live entertainment. Our annual Christmas party will be at the Irish American Heritage Hall on Dec. 9, 2015. An 18-hole golf outing will be offered in August or September. Also planned are Lake Michigan Shoreline Tours, Drury Lane Theatre outings, and tours of Chicago. Details will be listed in upcoming Retirees Newsletters and at website

Our Club has many terrific members, and I'd like to recognize some who are very active. To name just a few: Bob Mersch, who has passed theater events planning to Walter Felde; and Hugh O'Connor, who has passed the annual golf outing to Kevin Gibbons. We thank all of these guys for their work on behalf of the club. Also a big thank-you goes to Gerry White, longtime event planner and coordinator, and her spouse and helpmate, Al. Although space does not allow mention of all those who help make our club so great, please know that we appreciate each of you for keeping our club vital, successful and strong.

Next year, our club will try alternate sites for some club meetings. Watch upcoming newsletters for info.

Best wishes to all for a better 2015!

Louis Rodriguez, P. S.


At a Local 134 Retirees Club meeting are: Kevin Gibbons (left), Gerry White and Walter Felde.

Anniversary Celebration

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 197, BLOOMINGTON, IL — Local 197 retirees came out on Oct. 21 for coffee and cake to celebrate the local's 102nd birthday. It was a nice get-together for everyone and stories of yesteryear were exchanged. Thanks to the retirees for having the foresight to start our pension plans and insurance plans, and for shaping our local to become what it is today. We feel fortunate that they have helped lead the way through some tough times.

As the November midterm election approached, retirees were busy getting out the vote, providing information about early voting and absentee ballots.

At press time, retirees were taking part in several events. Every year retirees volunteer their time in November to light up the Festival of Trees, which benefits a local charity, The Baby Fold. Retirees set up the lighting displays for the event and then take it all down later. Another local charity looking for help is the Homes for Hope, which some of the retirees will be involved with. We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season!

Mike Raikes, Pres.


Celebrating Local 197's birthday are: Jayne Adams (left), Dick Thompson, Lance Reece, Dave Kraft, Mike Thoms, Rex Ammerman, Newt Mikesell, Bus. Mgr. Rich Veitengruber, Norm Philips, Don Armstrong, Dan Uhlir, Jack Roberts, Howard Cotton and Robin Roberts.

In Tribute & Remembrance

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 212, CINCINNATI, OH — As we age, it sometimes seems that we spend more time at doctors' offices, hospitals and paying our respects to the families of those we have lost. According to the latest Local 212 information, I count 12 members who have passed away during the most recent quarter — from 71-year member James Peters to eight-year member LeShan Mims.

Perhaps working on the Memorial Plaque for the last 1½ years has made me more aware of the pride that Local 212 members take in this Brotherhood. Personally, I've tried to attend the funerals of deceased members and speak to the spouse and family members. I continually hear about how proud the departed loved one was to be an IBEW Local 212 member. When we as fellow IBEW members make a special effort to join together for a final time to honor one of our own, the bereaved families greatly appreciate our effort.

We wish all IBEW members a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!

Bob Schaefer, P.S.

Service Award Recipients

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Retirees Club met Sept. 30 in Westphalia, MO, for our monthly luncheon/meeting. Local 257 had their annual picnic on Sept. 20 in Jefferson City, MO. It was a beautiful fall day. The food was great and everyone had a good time. A few of our retirees were recognized with service pins. They were: for 55 years of service — Gary James, Carl Nichols and George Rehagen; for 50 years — Joseph Gallatin Jr. and Kenneth Polly; 45 years — Charles Farris, Sam Hamacher and Thomas Oligschlaeger; 35 years — James Breid, Harry Haverich and Dan Schroeder; and for 20 years — Steve Klepel. Congratulations to everyone!

For our October meeting, we went to one of our favorite places, Claysville Store Restaurant in Claysville, MO. This restaurant is owned by Local 257 member Mark Hooibrink and his wife, Laura.

Numerous IBEW retirees volunteer each year to help judge and grade the competition at the Skills USA Competition at Linn State Technical College. At a recent luncheon/meeting, the volunteers in attendance received certificates from Linn Tech.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Delores Melloway, P.S.


Local 257 retiree volunteers receive certificates from Linn State Technical College: Emil Fischer (left), Bob Kauffman, Herb Bruemmer, Jerry Rehagen, Bill Jurgensmeyer, Herman Grothoff, Ron Holzhauser, Ken Schulte, Larry Jones and Jim Bride.

Sarnia Happenings

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 530, SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — I wish to write this month about a longtime member of our Retirees Club, Wally Cavan. Wally joined the Canadian Navy in 1949 and was posted to Cornwallis for new entry training. He was then sent to H.M.C.S. Stadacona for an Electrical Mates Course in 1950 and subsequently posted to H.M.C.S. Huron for patrol duty in Korea. In 1951, he was again posted to H.M.C.S. Stadacona to take Electrical Gunnery 3 training. In 1952, he was posted to H.M.C.S. Magnificent for Queen Elizabeth II coronation and fleet review. Additionally, Wally played football for Stadacona Navy for five seasons, in the Maritime College Football League. He concluded military service in 1955.

Wally joined the IBEW in Sudbury in 1957 and became a member of Local 530 in 1976. He has been retired 21 years.

In August 2013, J. Wallace "Wally" Cavan was presented with a Certificate of Recognition, which in part reads: "On behalf of a grateful nation … in recognition of your selfless acts of service and sacrifice," signed by the ministers of Veterans Affairs and National Defense.

On behalf of all our members we too thank you, Wally, for your service to our country.

Nancy Stinson Philbin, P.S.


Local 530 retiree J. Wallace Cavan (center) receives certificate presented by Canada's Minister of Veterans Affairs Julian Fanting (left) and Member of Parliament Pat Davidson.

Service Awards Presented

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 570, TUCSON, AZ — Retirees Club meetings started back up in October, with Local 570 providing a lunch and Bus. Mgr. Mike Verbout presenting service pins.

Service pin recipients included: Horace Bounds, for 65 years of service; Arthur Comolli and John Baumer, 60 years of service; Roy Iley and Walter Wyllie, 55 years; and William Turner, 50 years. Thank you to all for your longtime service and dedication to the IBEW.

Scott W. Toot, P.S.


Local 570 retirees receive service pins: Walter Wyllie (left), Arthur Comolli, William Turner, Roy Iley, Horace Bounds and John Baumer.

Recording Union History

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 611, ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Local 611's 100th anniversary celebration and 2014 are winding down, but collection of local union historical data must continue.

I am requesting that several members, especially younger retirees, volunteer to assist with continuing to record the history of our local and the IBEW. It's an easy task for two or three people to keep up with current events, attend union meetings and record data on a flash drive occasionally. Contact the local if you are interested in this worthwhile project, important for future generations. I'll continue to help as long as my health holds up. Note: Please contact the local for a free 100th anniversary book.

We cancelled the Christmas buffet this year because of a shortage of volunteers and funds. We hope to have a buffet and get-together for all the retirees next spring. If interested in volunteering, please call the hall.

I regret to announce that retired Bro. Joe Hill, who built and installed our new 100th anniversary showcase, passed away Sept. 27. Our condolences go out to his family and to the families of several other recently deceased retirees: Villani Torn Jr., Jake M. Perea, Chris Padilla, David M. Otero, Maxwell D. Simmons, Lawrence H. LaRue and John W. Stanhope. Our brothers will be missed.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Tracy Hall, Pres.


Local 611 Bus. Mgr. Carl Condit (left) is sworn into office by his brother, Brian Condit, director of special projects for the local.

Excellent Turnout

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 640, PHOENIX, AZ — On Oct. 17, the Golden Age Road Runners began our eight-month series of monthly meetings. The turnout was excellent, and we enjoyed another fine breakfast prepared and served by Maggie and her crew.

At the October meeting, our newly installed vice president, Dan Pollard, offered some recommendations as to political candidates running for office. Dan has been involved in the political arena since he became a journeyman wireman in 1974, as a way to give back in appreciation for the education he received as an apprentice. He has held many offices in the local, from board member to president, and since retiring has continued as a member of the Central Arizona Labor Council.

At the conclusion of the meeting, many attendees lingered to discuss their summer activities with their buddies. We hold our 9:30 a.m. meetings on the third Friday of the month at the union hall, and we always welcome new members.

Lastly, the Golden Age Road Runners wish all IBEW members a safe and happy holiday season, and the best start possible in the New Year!

Daryl Knupp, P.S.


At the Local 640 Retirees Club's October meeting.

Recent Club Meetings

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 702, WEST FRANKFORT, IL — The Local 702 Retirees Club met Aug. 7 at the Golden Corral in Carbondale, with 33 members (four new) and two guests present. Pres. Gary King called the meeting to order. The membership approved affiliating with the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans. A question was raised about interest in attending a meeting in Fairview Heights; Charlie May responded. Help was requested for the DuQuoin Fair pavilion. It was noted that a complimentary meal at Golden Corral would be included in the raffle at the October meeting.

The next meeting was Oct. 2 at the Golden Corral in Carbondale, with 14 members (three new) and six guests present. Pres. Gary King thanked everyone for attending. The Aug. 7 meeting minutes were read and approved, along with the financial report. Thanks were extended to members who staffed the booth at the DuQuoin Fair. It was decided that the Christmas Dinner would be at Bennie's Italian Restaurant in Marion, IL. Jr. Marlow won the 50/50 and Mrs. Mandrell won the complimentary Golden Corral meal. Business was completed and the meeting was adjourned.

Mark Baker, P.S.

Pin Ceremony

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 756, DAYTONA BEACH, FL — We had a great many service pins to present this year, and at a recent gathering three recipients were present to accept their awards in person. Congratulations to all on their longtime IBEW service.

We started off our year with a great crowd for our September Fish Fry and the October Barbecue. Everything was delicious as usual. We thank Greg and the guys for all their hard work and dedication outside, and thanks also to everyone who helps inside as well. At this writing our Thanksgiving meeting was fast approaching. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Christmas meeting as well.

With sadness, we report the recent passing of two members: Dominick "Rusty" Stellitano and Roy Norris. Bro. Stellitano was head of the apprenticeship program for many years, and Bro. Norris was a loyal member of Local 756. Both were active members of our Retirees Club and will be missed. We send our condolences to their families.

We invite any retired members and their spouses, as well as unemployed members, who are in the area to come and join us. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the Local 756 union hall, Port Orange, FL.

Diane Gibbs, P.S.


Local 756 retirees receive service pins. From left: 60-year members Pete Davies and Don Carter; and 55-year member Joe Gardner.

Dec. 13 Holiday Party

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 995, BATON ROUGE, LA — The Local 995 Retirees Club at its meeting in August decided to participate with regular members in their Annual Christmas Party. This will take place on Dec. 13, 2014. The meal will be from 6-8 p.m. with a dance to follow from 8-11 p.m. Everyone is to bring at least one of these items: a vegetable, a salad or a dessert. The meat will be furnished and the music will be furnished by our own in-house band, composed of local members. I hope to see you all there to wish each and every one a merry Christmas and happy New Year on behalf of the Retirees Club.

It is with regret that I report the recent loss of several of our dear retirees: Leslie Mitchell, Joseph Rispone, John Roshto and Clarence Zimmerle.

W. Roland Goetzman Sr., P.S.