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February 2015

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In my recent travels to other locals that provided employment I discovered that many members, newly organized as well as long term members including from my home local could benefit from continuing unionism education classes in many areas including: a more in-depth new member orientation; labor history as a whole just as it's taught in the annual Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School; a more extensive IBEW history than is in the first-year apprentice curriculum; IBEW Constitution; local union agreements; bylaws; Roberts Rule of Order; health and pension; unwritten respect and conduct when traveling, being a good host to travelers; being a brother to a new member and not a bully with an ego; mock-up negotiations proceedings; mock-up CIR proceedings; business manager and local officer conduct, etc.

I as well as others could benefit from these types of programs as it is imperative that we MUST strengthen what we have left, continue organizing as we continue in the fight of our lives to maintain our livelihood.

Mike Lee Miera, Local 449 member
Pocatello, Idaho

'Lineman' Still Our Song

I want to thank all the brothers and sisters who donated to the Davenport, Okla., senior center by ordering my CD after reading the interview with Jimmy Webb, songwriter of "Wichita Lineman" in the Electrical Worker (December 2014). It makes me even prouder to be an IBEW member and a lineman. Wichita Lineman is still our song. Check out Jimmy Webb and Billy Joel singing Wichita Lineman on Webb's CD "Across the River."

David Crary, Local 1002 member
Tulsa, Okla.


Tulsa Local 1002 member David Crary

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Union Safety Net

I recently had a major shoulder surgery. Being a member of Local 47 has helped tremendously. I'm afraid had I not been a union member, I would have slipped into the cracks.

Michael Phillips, Local 47
Diamond Bar, Calif.

Thanks, President Hill

Thank you, President Hill, for your support and generosity [toward striking FairPoint workers in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire]. You have touched many lives this Christmas season. One day longer, one day stronger.

Glenn Brackett, Local 2320 business manager
Manchester, N.H.