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March 2015

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Military Service Card: Benefit for Members on Duty

For more than 100 years, IBEW members have answered the call and served their nations in war and in peacetime — a tradition that carries on today.

For members on duty, an IBEW-issued military service card will maintain membership and boost pension benefits.

Whether it is for a first-time enlistment or a deployment, the IBEW will cover dues for members on active duty.

But to get a military service card, members must follow these procedures:

A member must be in good standing. In other words, they have to be current on their dues up through the month of entrance.

The military service must last longer than 90 days.

A member must present a copy of an official enlistment or call to duty order to their local's financial secretary that indicates the active duty date.

Within 60 days of being released or discharged from military service, the member must deposit the card with the financial secretary of the issuing local and resume payment of dues.

A member must provide their local's financial secretary with discharge papers (DD-214) indicating the date of discharge.

Service in all military branches in both the United States and Canada are covered. First-time enlistees are eligible, as are members of the National Guard and military reserves.

Members who re-enroll in the active service after their initial commitment expires without being required to do so are ineligible for a military withdrawal card.

For more information, contact the Per Capita Department at the International Office at or (202) 728-6225.


The IBEW's military service card allows members serving in uniform the opportunity to stay current with their dues.