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April 2015

December International Executive Council Meeting
Minutes and Report of The International Executive Council's Regular Meeting
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The regular meeting of the International Executive Council was called to order at 8 a.m., by Secretary Lavin, on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C. Other members of the council in attendance were Calabro, Calvey, Burgham, Riley, Walter, Smith and Galbraith.

International President Hill

International President Edwin D. Hill met with the members of the International Executive Council to discuss a variety of matters affecting all branches of the Brotherhood.

International Secretary-Treasurer Chilia

International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore (Sam) J. Chilia presented financial reports covering the IBEW Pension Fund and the Investment Portfolio of the Brotherhood — both in Canada and in the United States. Resolution of IEC regarding funding of the Pension Plan for International Officers, Representatives and Assistants and the Pension Plan for Office Employees of the IBEW was discussed.

Legal Defense

Payments for legal defense, made from the General Fund, were examined and approved in accordance with the requirements of Article X, Section 1, of the IBEW Constitution.

Financial Reports

The International Secretary-Treasurer's Reports for the various funds of the Brotherhood were presented to the members of the International Executive Council, examined, approved, and filed.

Resignation of IEC Officer and Confirmation

A letter of resignation was submitted by Joe Smith, Sixth District, IEC. The council accepted his letter of resignation and wished Brother Smith continued success in his appointment to International Representative to the Seventh District.

President Hill appointed Chris J. Wagner to fill the vacancy to the Sixth District of the IEC. The IEC voted unanimously to confirm International President Hill's appointment to be effective January 1.

Article XX and XXI Cases

In 2014, the IBEW was involved in two Article XX disputes, one dispute under the AFL-CIO Executive Council's "Dispute Resolution Procedure for Raids Involving Unions with Solidarity Charters", and no disputes under Article XXI.

IBEW charged the Iron Workers with violating Article XX, section 2, by interfering with Local Union 134's established collective bargaining relationship with Stanley Access. After mediation, the Iron Workers withdrew its election petition, and the IBEW withdrew its Article XX charges.

IBEW Local Union 47 and Local Union 440 and the Southern California District Council of Laborers all have collective bargaining agreements with International Line Builders (ILB).The Laborers have filed an election petition for a unit defined as all laborers preforming work for ILB under the Laborers' master multi-employer agreement; both Local Unions 47 and 440 have intervened in the election proceeding. The Laborers have filed Article XX charges against the IBEW. It is the position of the IBEW that ILB is engaged in construction, which is excluded from Article XX. Mediation is being scheduled.

The IBEW was involved in one dispute under the AFL-CIO Executive Council's "Dispute Resolution Procedure for Raids Involving Unions with Solidarity Clauses," which the AFL-CIO Executive Council adopted in February 2014.The dispute was filed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, charging the IBEW, LIUNA and IATSE with agreement to perform work the Teamsters had traditionally performed at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The Teamsters acknowledge that its main dispute is with LIUNA, the only union to which the Convention Center has assigned Teamsters' work. At the request of the Teamsters the complaint has been postponed by the AFL-CIO while the Teamsters and LIUNA attempt to resolve the problem.

Charges Filed with the International Executive Council
Against Anton N. Treis, Jr. of Local Union 1

On October 6, 2014, Brother Kenneth D. Landwehr, Jr., a member and business agent of IBEW Local Union 1 filed charges against Anton N. Treis, Jr., Card Number D386252.Brother Treis, a retired member of IBEW Local Union 1, presently receiving IBEW Pension Benefits, allegedly violating Article XI, Section 6 (d), of the IBEW Constitution. This case has been deferred until the first quarter IEC meeting.

Retirement of International Officers

Michael S. Mowrey, International Vice President,
Ninth District
Effective — November 1, 2014

Retirement of International Representatives

John C. Briston, International Representative,
IBEW Sixth District
Effective — October 1, 2014

C. James Spellane, International Representative,
Media Advisor
Effective — January 1, 2015

Clayton W. White, International Representative,
IBEW Seventh District
Effective — August 1, 2014

Retirement of International Office Employees

Diane M. Moore, Secretary 3, Grade 6,
Safety Department
Effective — October 11, 2014

Nancy L. Smith, Accountant II, Grade 6,
Political & Legislative Affairs Department
Effective — December 31, 2014

This regularly scheduled meeting was adjourned on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, at 4:16 p.m. The next regular meeting of the International Executive Council will commence at 8:30 a.m., on Monday, February 2, 2015, in Naples, Florida.

For the International Executive Council

Patrick Lavin, Secretary
December 2014

The IEC acted on numerous applications under the IBEW Pension Fund. For a complete listing,, clicking on the International Executive Council link on the "About Us" page.