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August 2015

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Recognizing Public Service

It was nice to see recognition of IBEW members serving in public office in the June 2015 edition of The Electrical Worker. I am a member of Local 357 in Las Vegas, Nev. I have served as assistant business manager and organizer in my local as well as PAC chairman and Unit 1 chair. I have served as a Las Vegas City councilman for the past 10 years and am currently mayor pro tem for the City of Las Vegas. I am grateful that the IBEW is recognizing our members who serve in public office as I feel it is extremely important for our members to be active in the community in whatever role and capacity they can serve. I believe we lead by example.

Great job, Electrical Worker!

Steven Ross, Local 357 member
Las Vegas

I have been a member of New York Local 3 since 1980. I am also an elected official in Plainsboro, N.J. I am a member of the township committee and the end of my current term, I will have served 19 years. I have won six consecutive elections. I also serve as liaison to planning and zoning. I also sit on the planning board.

Edmund Yates, Local 3 member
New York

Right or Wrong?

Let's keep our publication 100-percent professional please.

The picture of the journeyman wireman on page 15 of May 2015 issue needs help in the safety equipment area.

This isn't the "Saturday Night Live" TV show. Hard hats are not to be worn like that! We're not perfect but miles ahead of the competition. So let's act like it.

James Rothenberger, Local 143 retiree
Harrisburg, Pa.

[Editor's Note: IBEW Safety Director Dave Mullen says although it appears the member in the photo has his hard hat backwards, depending on the helmet design and company rules, it may still be a safe, effective way to wear it if the internal undercarriage is properly positioned.]


Women on the Front Lines

I've been a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1049 for 26½ years. Being one of few women who does a "man's job," I feel proud I survived these years and earned the respect of my co-workers.

As the only woman of color in my field and a single mother of four, it bothers me that women are afraid to apply, considering the benefits. Are there any programs to inspire women to try new avenues of work?

Viola Youngblood, Local 1049 member
Long Island, New York

[Editor's note: We asked Civic and Community Engagement Department Director Carolyn Williams, who told us about a few tradeswomen organizations and pre-apprenticeship groups across the country that focus on women's access to non-traditional occupations. While most of the pre-apprenticeship programs work with the building trades unions, their main goal is to assist women in entering high-paying, non-traditional occupations with good benefits such as those mentioned by Viola, Williams said. Non-Traditional Employment for Women, most commonly referred to as NEW, is an organization in New York that has been quite successful in this arena.]

IBEW_Facebook  From Facebook: Every month the IBEW Facebook page receives thousands of comments from our dynamic and engaged community of members and friends.

Best of luck, President Stephenson

Congratulations Lonnie! Little did I know when I first met you some 25+ years ago that I was in the presence of our future international president. Very proud of you and that your roots come from our home local, brother. Do good.

Steve Williams, Local 145 member
Rock Island, Ill.