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August 2015

IBEW Fisherman Lands a Billionaire
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New Haven, Conn., Local 90 member Greg Myerson was already world famous for catching the world record striped bass using a fishing lure of his own design.

Now Myerson has a new trophy to hang on his wall: a record financing deal scored off billionaire Mark Cuban.

"I went there looking to strike a deal with Cuban, so it turned out better than I could have possibly imagined," Myerson said of his May 1 appearance on the television show Shark Tank. "He's just the kind of guy who can make things happen for me."

Myerson appeared on the ABC television program where people with products to sell or ideas for businesses pitch them to a panel of five entrepreneurs who can choose to buy into the business.

His request was $75,000 for 20 percent of his baby, the World Record Striper Co., the exclusive manufacturer of the rattlesinker, a sinker that does more than hold the lure down near the bottom where striped bass like to hunt. It is filled with glass and steel beads, and as he jerks the lure through the water, the rattling sinker neatly mimics the sound of lobsters clicking against the rocky bottom.

A few of the sharks took test bites but it was Mark Cuban — founder of MicroSolutions,, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and No. 603 on the Forbes list of wealthiest people — who took the bait and made a counteroffer: $80,000 for 33 percent of the company.

But was it the best deal? Another shark circled. Kevin O'Leary, who made his fortune in the children's education business and made his reputation as a merciless cost-cutter. He now runs Stream Global, which O'Leary describes as "an international business outsourcing company."

O'Leary said he had an offer, but Cuban upped the ante. He told Myerson that if he even listened to the counter offer, simply heard it, Cuban's offer would disappear, like a fish that steals your bait.

"I wanted to hear the offers, but Mark put the pressure on me," Myerson said. "I could tell he wanted it most. If the other guy wanted a deal, he would have shouted it out."

So Myerson took Cuban's offer and left O'Leary swimming.

The show was filmed in September, and Myerson has been hard at work using the $80,000 to ramp up production. He has hired seven employees to make the rattlesinkers in Connecticut. He is also investing in improved packaging and distribution so every fisherman can have access to the lure that reeled in the largest striped bass in history, 81.8 pounds, and $80,000, which, in $1 bills, would weigh 176.2 pounds.

"I knew I wanted to run the business and with Cuban that was always the plan. Cuban also wanted to have another company that he owns, a fishing lure company, design new products, but after a few meetings with them it was decided that I would be designing products for them," he said.

As for balancing the burgeoning career as a fish-presario and life in the brotherhood, Myerson is taking it in stride.

"I'm still at work every day at the Connecticut Department of Transportation. I am still an electrician." Myerson said. "I have no plans to end either of these."

But he is in talks with a production company about a possible reality TV show. And then who knows.

"Like that show Duck Dynasty but Bass Dynasty," he said. "But no matter what, I will always be an IBEW member. Always."



New Haven, Conn., Local 90 member Greg Myerson seals a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban to back his Rattlesinker fishing lures.