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November 2015

Important Time-Sensitive Information for
Workers Employed by Power Plants or by
Power Plant Contractors
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If you or a family member ever worked at a power plant, you may have been exposed to asbestos—and you may need to act quickly to preserve your legal rights

Energy Future Holdings Corp., Ebasco Services Inc., EECI, Inc., and a large number of affiliated companies ("EFH") owned, operated, built or maintained power plants throughout the U.S. and in other countries. Asbestos was present in a number of these plants, exposing workers and their family members to debilitating and potentially fatal diseases.

EFH has filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court has set 5:00 p.m. EST, December 14, 2015 as the deadline for filing all asbestos-related claims against EFH. This deadline applies to anyone who currently has an asbestos-related disease resulting from exposures at EFH-associated plants ("manifested claims") and anyone who may in the future develop an asbestos-related disease ("unmanifested claims"). This includes:

  • Employees of utilities operating EFH-owned power plants
  • Employees of construction companies that built those power plants
  • Employees of contractors that performed construction and maintenance services in these power plants, and
  • Members of the families or households of these employees, who may have been exposed to asbestos carried home from the plants

You can find a full list of EHF's plants at

Asbestos-related illnesses include mesothelioma, lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer, stomach cancer and asbestosis. Some of these diseases may not become evident for as long as 50 years after exposure.

Many companies that have gone into bankruptcy after exposing their workers to asbestos set up special trust funds to compensate individuals who later developed asbestos-related illnesses. Despite protests by worker advocates, EFH has refused to establish a separate fund. The bankruptcy court is instead requiring everyone with a potential claim to file now. It is important that you file a claim before the December 14, 2015 deadline if you have ever worked in an EFH facility, directly for the utility or for a contractor that performed construction or maintenance work in an EFH facility—even if you do not currently have an asbestos-related disease.

You can obtain specific information about which power plants are involved and how to file both "manifested" and "unmanifested" claims at or by calling 1-877-276-7311. If you believe this applies to you and/or a member of your family, it is important that you act quickly to review the directions on the website, collect the information you need to support your claim, and consult with an asbestos attorney, if necessary, so you do not miss the December 14, 2015, filing deadline. Failure to file could result in a loss of your right to recover for a current or future injury. Don't delay, act today!