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May 2016

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Our Talented Membership

Who wrote the interview with Johnny Green ("New York Local 3 Member Writes a Hit for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra") in the March 2016 back inside page? Please give credit where credit is due. It is a very interesting story telling of the courage of one of the many talented people belonging to the IBEW to follow their dream.

David Judovin, Local 164 member
Jersey City, N.J.

[Editor's Note: We greatly appreciate when members take the time to let us know what they think of the stories in the Electrical Worker and on The names of the writers, editors and producers in the Media Department are on the masthead each month, but every day, it is our privilege to put the focus where it belongs: on the men and women of the IBEW.]

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A Florida Milestone

You never cease to amaze me, [Tampa, Fla., Local 915 recording secretary] Theresa King. Congratulations on being the first woman elected president of the Florida Building and Construction Trades Council. It's not a surprise at all. Anything you have ever set your mind to, you have accomplished.

Michael Ray VanSickler
Frostproof, Fla.

College Will Help With Apprenticeship

Best wishes to Cary James [IBEW apprentice who recently spoke at the Center for American Progress] in her career as an electrician after graduating from Boston University. Her continuing education bodes well for her future in the IBEW. The knowledge she acquired in college will help her persevere as an electrician. Good study habits, time management and critical thinking are all transferable skills that will help throughout the apprenticeship program.

Joan Love, Local 134 member

Right-to-Work Equals Surrender

When you support right-to-work legislation, you surrender your right to fair treatment by your employer — for you and your family. You might as well wave a white flag. Right-to-work may sound like some employment agency, but it's merely a wage-theft scheme.

Chuck Myers, Local 46 retiree

Kentucky Voters Fight Back

Regarding huge labor mobilization that resulted in Kentucky special election results that slowed efforts to pass a right-to-work law there: Keep up the good work. Sometimes, the grownups have to take over so the kids don't burn down the house.

Maureen Ripple

Fixing the D.C. Metro System

Regarding IBEW members repairing the Washington Metro system: You want the job done right the first time? Hire professional people. Hire union, we train our people to be the best.

Oscar Friedt, Local 105 member
Hamilton, Ontario

Support for Amtrak

Regarding IBEW calls to fully fund Amtrak: I am an Amtrak employee. All we hear from management is that things are going down the drain. Please everyone, when you vote, think about keeping Amtrak alive — not just for me, but for so many union brothers and sisters across the country. The railroads are part of America's history. Don't let them go away.

Caleb Wilsford, Local 946 member
Los Angeles