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August 2016

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Election 2016: The Debate

Donald Trump is a scab, plain and simple. He's for national right-to-work, he builds scab on his jobs, he hires undocumented workers, he outsources jobs to China and Mexico, he thinks we make too much money, he doesn't pay his contractors and obviously, he's a general [jerk.]

If you're union and you're for Trump, I'm sorry but you're [making a mistake]. There's no other way to put it: You need to either get your head [examined] or get out of our union. Because when you vote for him, you're saying that you don't give a damn about yourself or any of us. You are saying that our predecessors, who fought and DIED for the benefits we receive, did it all for nothing and their sacrifices were in vain.

You don't deserve the protections the union offers.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is the bland, boiled chicken next to the filet mignon that is Bernie Sanders but Donald Trump is [poison.]

You don't eat [poison] because you can't have the steak.

Eat the chicken.

Christopher J. Stermel Local 98 member


Here's a fact we as union brothers and sisters may want to consider:

Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or another anti-union Republican) is going to be president.

We need to put aside our hatred for Clinton or you'll be lovin' the Donald from the unemployment line (if he doesn't eliminate that).

Bernie has started something. Continue to support the revolution the best way you can.


Danny Cox, Local 648 member
Hamilton, Ohio


I'm proud and grateful to be an IBEW member. I would like to thank the countless locals that endorsed Sanders. These acts of solidarity gave me sincere hope.

I am, however, beyond dismayed and highly discouraged that our I.O. turned its back on a man who walked our picket lines and stood behind our podiums countless times.

With this endorsement we betrayed a candidate that voted against NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China, a candidate who was the most outspoken critic of the TPP, a man with a lifetime grade from the AFL-CIO of 98 percent!

For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to vote and campaign for someone who was not a lesser of two evils in any regard. And I did so proudly during the primary. The lesser of two evils has gotten us nowhere. Twenty-six right-to-work states and 11 percent national market share.

I agree with Sanders, "It's too late for establishment politics." I'm still with Sanders. If I'm robbed the opportunity to vote for him in the general election I will be voting for Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

I write these words with no intention of disrespect and with absolutely no joy. This is an instance where I truly don't want to be right but how can anyone truly examine Clinton's record and say I'm wrong? Our own internal scorecards say this was the wrong choice. I'm disillusioned here.

Brian Thomas Alden Parker, Local 332 member
San Jose, Calif.


Who do all you people complaining support? Because if it's not Bernie Sanders you might as well just tear your union card up and go be a scab. I hate Hillary as much as the next guy, but do you think that Trump is going to do anything for us? He already has over 240 lawsuits from subcontractors — our employers — for refusing to pay them and putting them out of business. He filed injunctions to stop HIS casino from organizing and he had a bunch of undocumented workers working on his last high-rise.

Is he going to help unions? I think not. He's already said that he supports national right-to-work so that pretty much sums up his thoughts on unions. If he had the chance, he would get rid of prevailing wage and project labor agreements so other rich guys like him could pay people whatever they want and get rid of us. Get your heads out of the sand!

Dan Brown, Local 1 member
St. Louis


Hillary Clinton is a strong, well-qualified candidate: She was the first lady of Arkansas and the United States of America, where she fought for universal health care. She was a popular twice-elected senator and, don't forget, secretary of state.

Hillary supports labor unions and working families and the Donald does not.

Karlene Knisley, Local 51 member
Springfield, Ill.