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July 2017

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'We are a Family'

Brotherhood. Sometimes it is difficult to put into words, but when you see it, you know it. On June 2, at Terre Haute, Ind., Local 725, I saw it. Josh Hammond, a Local 725 brother, a husband and father of two, was given the worst news ever, a cancer diagnosis. When members found out, they organized a benefit and brought their friends, spouses, children, brothers and sisters there in support. As the night went on, announcements came in that donations were on the way from members states away. IBEW members who never met this brother, found out about his situation and knew that we take care of our own. We are a family. When one of us falls, we are all there to brush off the dust and face the challenge together.

This was not an isolated occurrence. The silent and unrecognized brothers who organize and support these benefits need our gratitude and appreciation. God bless the IBEW.

Jeff Westendorf, Local 146 member
Decatur, Ill.

NEC as History

In 2000, I became inspired to start a National Electrical Code collection. To complete it, I only need six code books (1899, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1909, 1920). These are extremely rare and some I have never seen for sale in my years of searching. I have proudly displayed my books and electricians are amazed to see the size and thickness (only 56 pages) of an original 1897 National Electrical Code book. As the years progressed, so did the thickness and size.

After the 1940 National Electrical Code came out, the next code cycle only came in supplements to save paper, since World War II had begun.

This hobby of mine has taught me so much about how the National Electrical Code book evolved. In my 17 years of pursuing a complete collection, I have not heard of one anywhere. I feel as though this type of electrical history is slowly being lost in time and needs to be preserved.

If anyone has any information concerning NEC book collection, please email me at I will be glad to share information as well.

Ray Morris, Sheffield, Ala.
Local 558 member


Morris with electrical code books

Dad's 'Lighting the Sky'

On March 9, William "Bill" or "The Yank" Crothers passed away at 78.

Each of you, whether you knew him or not, were special to him. For as long as I can remember the IBEW was a part of my life. I was raised to respect not just the IBEW but all unions and their members. My dad made sure everyone he came in contact with knew how important this was to him.

He became an IBEW member at a very young age. He LOVED being able to climb the poles to ensure that the quality of work exceeded expectations. When he came to visit me in Las Vegas we went to the Hoover Dam. I had been on the tour before but I had no idea what it was like from Dad's eyes. I have pictures of every pipe, wire, conduit, etc. What usually took about 30 minutes stretched over an hour. I'd give anything to take that tour again with him and lean on every word.

It's been an honor to meet people from all over the country who knew my dad. Whether he knew you 40+ years ago or you just met last week, he'd remember what you were doing, wearing, eating, drinking, etc. No detail went unnoticed and he enjoyed sharing his stories.

My dad loved life, he loved people and he loved making a difference. I will always have a special place in my heart for the IBEW — without you he would have been lost.

Dad had a favorite saying: "The devil doesn't want me and the good Lord isn't ready for me." I guess the Lord needed another electrician to light up the sky.

Amber Crothers, daughter of Local 479 member Bill Crothers
Nashville, Tenn.


Local 479 member Bill Crothers