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October 2017

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Time for Action?

I just got my copy of the July issue of The Electrical Worker. I was thankful for the [pageĀ 18 editorials President Stephenson urged members to compare President Trump's campaign promises to his record in office; Secretary-Treasurer Cooper lauded the success of the IBEW/NECA Family Medical Care Plan]. I am a third-generation IBEW member and have a journeyman nephew in Ft. Lauderdale 728. Every local union member should be going to their Republican members of Congress and Senate and filling their offices up every three months or so demanding the changes Mr. Stephenson mentioned on pageĀ 18. We should be fighting for Obamacare. We don't do anything anymore. We need to take the presidency, Senate and Congress. I would love to see information about where to go and protest. I am a disabled veteran and Henry Miller must be sick looking at what he and others like my grandfather truly fought for. Your articles are good. It's time for all members to take action.

Scott Halsey, Local 728 member
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

I would like to support Brother Joe Bauer's idea he presented in the August issue of The Electrical Worker [Letters to the Editor, "A National Strike?"]. Kudos to Brother Bauer for speaking up and I imagine there are others out there who feel the same. We have no George Meany or Tip O'Neill to voice their opposition to injustice. Where are labor's spokesmen?

Nobody is accountable in our country anymore. In some instances, we are no better than a developing country. Look at our infrastructure and transportation: no high-speed rail coast-to-coast. I'm just another troublemaker as the saying goes. So were our founders of this country that we are letting fall apart.

Richard Crook, Local 309 retiree
Collinsville, Ill.

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Proud of the Pope

About the pontiff's support of unions ["Pope Francis: 'There is No Good Society without Good Unions'" in the September issue of the Electrical Worker and previously posted on], I am a proud retired union member and a Catholic. Thank you, Pope Francis.

Kevin Cronin, Local 103 retiree