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November 2017

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In Word and Deed?

I am an 88-year-old great-grandfather, but I do feel I look at things more realistically. I am also a retired full colonel from the U.S. Army and a 70-year IBEW member.

I was heartened by Pres. Stephenson's editorial "The Trump Record" in the July issue of the Electrical Worker, comparing President Trump's campaign promises to his actions as president.

Having been a New Yorker, I was well acquainted with the president's early history, having worked next door to his first construction venture on his own, remodeling the Commodore Hotel in New York City.

He had stated during the ensuing years that he only builds union. After he started projects outside of New York he built them nonunion. He is a con man.

The IBEW should be political. We need an organization that supports us as individuals and protects us from those who want to destroy organized labor. The IBEW should support politicians and political parties that support unions and not support the "right-to-work-for-less" states.

Dick Dickman, Local 3 retiree
New York

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First-Time Union Responders

In response to the online article about the IBEW's work to restore power following Hurricane Irma in Florida, for the first time ever we get to respond as brothers and sisters as Local 410 and I could not be any prouder. If you see a BGE truck make sure to welcome them to the Brotherhood! I wish I could join them but I'll be working on our first contract at home. Stay safe and may God watch over them all so that they return home without ANY injuries.

Eric Gomez, Local 410 business manager

About the IBEW's rebuilding effort following Hurricane Irma ["IBEW Aids Irma-Savaged Southeast" previously posted online and in this issue], as a Florida IBEW retiree, I can't tell you how much we appreciate you! Work safe and return safe to your homes.

Lonnie McKenzie, Local 199 retiree
Ft. Myers, Fla.

The Union Advantage

I'm am very proud to be a union member of the IBEW. It has given me the ability to support my wife and children and live relatively comfortably. I will fight to the death for all we have accomplished and for all that we stand for. Thank you to all who have fought and to all who are fighting to keep our unions strong! Enjoy your Labor Day brothers and sisters. We have earned it.

Frank Almeida, Local 490 retiree
Dover, N.H.

Standing up to Corporate Greed

I stand with the Local 3 members striking for a fair contract at Charter/Spectrum [Cover story, September Electrical Worker]. Joining Atlanta Local 613 was the best decision I ever made after getting screwed over by none other than Charter/Spectrum. Greed and corruption is how they operate. Great job, Local 3! Charter's union-busting won't work. Even 1,000 miles away, lives are affected.

Erik Schrum, Local 613 member

Helping in Houston

Responding to the IBEW's recovery efforts in Houston following Hurricane Harvey ["After Harvey's Destruction, IBEW Members Working OT," in the October issue of the Electrical Worker], This is awesome! Thanks to all the brothers and sisters for just being great people."

David Curl, Local 357 member
Las Vegas