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February 2018

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Gratitude for Hero Linemen

I'm writing to say thanks to a group of line persons (men and women) from [Hartford, Conn.] Local 42, who came to our Caribbean island, called Water Island, and did a fabulous job repairing our damaged power poles and equipment.

They returned our power in record time. They were efficient, professional, and courteous. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate their dedication and thank them for saving us after the destruction that [Hurricanes] Irma and Maria caused.

Thank you so much!

Mark Jennings

Ed. Note: Water Island is located just south of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Patchwork Lineman

Katie Weigsheild of Wadena, Minn., made this quilt for her lineman boyfriend, who goes to school at Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Wadena. Our linemen don't get enough praise and credit for what they do. Policemen and firemen get praise — let's include linemen. The quilt hangs in the Hometown Craft and Fabric in Wadena. Thank you.

Luetta Ganz ,wife of retired Local 160 member, William Ganz


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Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Responding to "IBEW Volunteers Begin Slow Work of Rebuilding Puerto Rico," found on Page 2 of this issue: When nature does her worst, we send our best!

DuJuan Broadus Sr., Local 369 member
Louisville, Ky.

Anti-union Attacks in the Wolverine State

As I read the story, "Attacks on Michigan's Construction Workers Continue," I thought, no matter if you make burger buns or build bridges, all unions need to stand together or we are all done.

Bruce Crisp, Local 53 member
Kansas City, Mo.

Partners: IBEW and the Electrical Industry

Thanks for the December report on the state of the electrical industry (Cover: "Everything About the Electrical Industry is Changing"). The nice thing about this story is that the IBEW has a workforce with a wide variety of skills and abilities. Also, it gathers new members from a wide variety of sources with even more skills and knowledge. Bring it on!

Victor Limbeek, Local 115 member
Kingston, Ontario