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May 2018

Letters to the Editor

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Thank a Union Vet

Thanks to all our veterans, and a special thanks to all our union vets.

I was too young to go to Korea, too old for Vietnam, but over my years with the IBEW, I worked alongside a lot of veterans, and they gave so much to their country and to this union.

A young person can go far with the IBEW. I'm proof of that. I was lucky enough to serve as a foreman and then general foreman for a lot of my career, but I always tried to give back. I spent 20 years on the apprenticeship committee, 10 years on the executive board, five years as treasurer and another six as recording secretary.

I was proud to receive my 65-year pin this year. The IBEW has been good to me.

Lonnie Kreger, Local 460 retiree (amalgamated into Amarillo Local 602)
Midland, Texas

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Wise Up in Kentucky

[Responding to 'In Kentucky, IBEW Members Thwart Attack on State's Unemployment Benefits,' of this issue]:

When Republicans took control of the state's government, right-to-work was implemented, prevailing wage repealed, and then they tried to gut unemployment benefits. What will it take for union members to stop voting those in who continue to destroy the working class? Maybe when everything is gone they may be able to put two and two together!

Karen Reichert, Local 129 member
Lorain, Ohio

Books in Boston

[Responding to April's 'Who We Are: Boston Local Delivers Books, Smiles to Aspiring Electricians]:

I'm a 1972 graduate of the Lynn Vocational Tech electrical program and a 1976 graduate of Local 103's apprenticeship. I retired from Local 332, and I'm a 3rd generation member. IBEW Local 103 is helping keep America strong. Keep it up.

Robert Seaberg, Local 332 retiree
San Jose, Calif.

Unions Give Back

Thank you IBEW for helping this animal rescue [see: 'Indiana RENEW Members Help Local Animal Rescue' from April's Electrical Worker]. My husband is a retired member of Local 22 in Omaha, Neb., and we are proud of the volunteer work of all the union trades. He did volunteer work in Omaha for Creighton University and the Ronald McDonald House. You don't see nonunion workers getting together and doing volunteer work like our union members do. You all are the best!

Cheri Pilant, Local 22 spouse
Omaha, Neb.

Gratitude from Puerto Rico

Thank you for bringing light to our home after 6 months without it after Hurricane Maria. My Sector Bachiche León in Caguas, Puerto Rico has light thanks to the good people of the IBEW. May God bless you and your family members. We will never forget them.

Olinda León Caguas, Puerto Rico