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May 2018

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Membership Growth

L.U. 17 (catv,em,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MI — Local 17's membership has increased more than 25 percent over the last six years. We now stand at 3,300 members, up from 2,600 in 2012. We currently have north of 1,000 tree trimmers on the property and are looking for more. Fellow IBEW locals, if you are looking for a place to send your trimmers until a fair contract is ratified, contact Adam Kimbler at 313-790-1868 for details on how we can help you get that done.

Work is plentiful at Local 17. Most agreements are working six 10-hour days. We expect this condition to continue for the foreseeable future.

The Michigan state Republican legislators are working hard to repeal the prevailing wage law. We have about 200 members performing work under this law who would no doubt lose a substantial part of their wage and benefit package if those anti-worker legislators are successful.

Please continue to support your union stewards; they are an extension of this office and are fully supported by this local's leadership. Brothers and sisters, please continue to work safe; understand that gloves and sleeves in the primary must be worn — no exceptions.

We look forward to seeing you at the union hall. Come to a meeting and enjoy the brotherhood as you haven't seen it before!

Dean Bradley, B.M./F.S.

A Successful Rate Case Equals More Jobs

L.U. 19 (u), AURORA, IL — On Jan. 31, 2018, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved a Nicor Gas request to increase rates effective Feb. 8, 2018, for natural gas delivery. With the success of this rate case and approval for the Investing in Illinois project, we have been able to create numerous positions for operation mechanics, distribution technicians, operators, system operators and clerical workers — which in turn has created plenty of promotional opportunities for our existing members.

Remember to stay active and involved, and attend your monthly meetings! Visit us on Facebook at IBEW L.U. 19. In solidarity.

Natalia Guzman, Exec. Board

Volunteers Assist With Soldiers' Journey Home

L.U. 21 (catv,em,govt,mt,ptc&t), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Since May, Local 21 members have been helping soldiers come home. We've partnered with A Soldier's Journey Home. Every year that organization chooses one deserving disabled veteran, and volunteers build a mortgage-free home for that special veteran.

Last May, the first home we helped build was in Spring Grove, IL, for U.S. Army SPC Tony Chobanov, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tony has traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. His road to recovery has been difficult. He is now home.

In February, our local's volunteers decided to help bring another soldier home. However, it required our members to leave their homes and take vacation to head to New Braunfels, Texas. There they built a house for Marine Sgt. Eric Morante. He became a disabled veteran after a suicide bomber drove a truck with 3,000 pounds of explosives beneath the bridge he was guarding. Eric lost his right leg above the knee and shattered his wrist. He, too, is now home.

The amazing thing about these projects is that the houses are built in about 10 days. We thank our Bro. Jim Locke, Unit 3 Executive Board member and an Army veteran, for introducing us to A Soldiers Journey Home and for all his hard work coordinating these volunteer activities. He and fellow Local 21 members are making a difference in the communities where we live and work.

Bob Przybylinski, R.S.


Bus. Mgr./Pres. Paul Wright (third from right) and Local 21 volunteers with Marine Sgt. Eric Morante (holding sweat shirt), making his journey home in Texas.

Shop Steward Training

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — Local 37 is very fortunate to have an abundance of members always willing and able to help one another — many of them serving as shop stewards. Recently a new group of stewards attended Shop Steward Training in Fredericton presented by Jim Watson, an IBEW international representative from the Education Department, and Brian Matheson, an international representative supporting the Maritime provinces.

During the two-day training session, Jim and Brian shared experiences and information relevant to serving as an IBEW shop steward by facilitating great discussions, leading exercises centered around helping members in the workplace, and talking about ways to support and work with the business manager and Local 37 staff. The course also provided an opportunity for Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith to cover important background on Local 37, including our history, structure, policies and bylaws, and collective agreements.

All of our shop stewards are incredibly genuine and generous with their willingness to help others and strengthen our union. They are truly "front line" representatives of Local 37 and serve as a vital link between the members, the union, and management. Thank you to all for your hard work and dedication!

Ross Galbraith, B.M.


At a Shop Steward Training session, Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith (standing) discusses collective bargaining agreements.

Construction Season;
Spring & Summer Events

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY — Spring has sprung! We welcome the warmer weather in our area especially after the snowy winter. Spring usually means the beginning of the construction season for us and this year appears no different. Unfortunately, we will not have the large projects we have become accustomed to the last couple of years, but we do expect to have full employment.

This time of year is also the start of our events calendar. We already held our children's Easter Egg Hunt. On June 2, we have our annual Buffalo Bison's Star Wars game. June 22 brings the Miss Buffalo boat cruise on Lake Erie. Aug. 5 will be our Fantasy Island picnic, and Aug. 18 our annual members picnic. Other events are to be scheduled, so please keep an eye out for a mailing from Bus. Mgr. Michael Gaiser containing information detailing all these events and others. Please make time from your busy summer schedule to attend one or more of these events.

We are looking for members to play for our softball team. We play against other union trades, so come out and earn bragging rights on the job or come to meet new sisters and brothers. I have played with members that I have never worked with and it has created friendships that will last a life time. Please contact me if you are interested in playing for the team.

Gregory R. Inglut, A.B.M.

IBEW Lifesaving Awards

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — IBEW Local 47 Bus. Mgr. and IEC member Patrick Lavin along with IBEW Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke presented the IBEW Lifesaving Award to five members — journeyman linemen Mike Hesselton, Justin Burton, Collyn Berling and Jake Codemo, and field service representative Michael Robertson — for the action they took during the deadly shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017.

We continue to bargain for the new engineering group at Anaheim and for Southern California Pony mail drivers.

Local 47 attended a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint hearing for the tribal officials refusing to bargain union security during negotiations.

Regarding Irvine Ranch Water District, we have sent a demand to bargain and are putting proposals together.

Upcoming Local 47 events include: a Steward & Safety Conference on June 6, and the Local 47 Picnic on Aug. 11.

We are sad to report the death of: Local 47 Sr. Asst. Bus. Mgr. Hank Colt, Justin Kropp (who was a Local 266 member working as a traveler at Local 47), Joseph Ramirez, Jim Higgenbotham, Mario Arteaga, Dave Furry, Yvette Ibarra, Phil Davenport and Vince Leger. Local 47 extends condolences and prayers to their loved ones.

Live free and safe — work and buy union.

Mitch Smith, P.S.


At Lifesaving Awards presentation: IBEW Local 47 Bus. Mgr. and IEC member Patrick A. Lavin (far right), Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke (far left) and Int. Rep. Charles Randall (back row, left) with award recipients Mike Hesselton, Justin Burton, Collyn Berling and Michael Robertson and their families. Not pictured: award recipient Jake Codemo.

Members Active & Involved

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL — At the time of this writing, work was slow for our construction members; hopefully it will have picked up in March or April. At press time, we had approximately 16 construction linemen and 24 Ameren linemen working in the Caribbean islands to repair hurricane damage. Some of our construction apprentices have been working out-of-jurisdiction to get distribution time. We thank Locals 71, 245 and 1393 for putting them to work. Line clearance tree trimming is at full employment.

Members of the local staff, as well as many members employed by Dynegy, have been actively participating in ongoing hearings and workshops regarding legislation and rulemaking that could potentially have a positive impact for the membership. The main issue is a proposed change to emission standards, which will reduce emissions while also giving Dynegy more flexibility to manage its fleet. This issue is currently being heard by the Illinois Pollution Control Board. There are also several pieces of legislation as well as Illinois Commerce Commission workshops that look to address resource adequacy and potential fixes to the flawed capacity auction process in MISO zone 4. The local appreciates the membership's willingness to testify to the potential effects regarding any actions taken or not taken in these proceedings.

With early voting in Illinois, we encourage all IBEW members to vote for labor-friendly candidates! If you are not yet registered to vote, contact the local for help. Be safe, give eight hours work for eight hours pay, and attend your unit meetings.

Karlene Knisley, B.R.

30th Annual Crappie Tourney

L.U. 53 (lctt,o,rts&u), KANSAS CITY, MO — I'm happy to report that outside construction work has been steady. We have a one-year contract on our Tree Trimming Agreement. All of our tree trimmers are working at this writing.

The local will celebrate our 30th Annual Crappie Tournament June 9. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Local 53 congratulates Dexter Drerup for his 16 years as a business representative and 35 years as a Local 53 member. We wish him well in his retirement.

Every year the IBEW Local 53 riding group sponsors a member over the holidays. For the 2017 holiday season, they chose Bro. Mike Hackett. Bro. Hackett had an off-the-job accident and was very appreciative of their support.

Brett A. Stone, B.M./F.S.


Local 53 members, from left: Tim Anderson, Mike Hackett, Bruce VanCompernolle, Nick Simmons and Jacob Kurtz.

Tribute to a Brother

L.U. 57 (lctt,mo,o,t&u), SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — On April 28, Worker's Memorial Day, we remembered one of our own members who we lost last year, journeyman lineman Jesse Davis. Jesse Davis was a hard-working lineman, brother and friend who passed away in October as a result of an electrical contact. Jesse was also a veteran who served several tours of duty in the Middle East. As we take time and reflect on the past year, please keep Bro. Davis and other fallen brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers.

Our Outside Construction Unit ratified a three-year agreement, with gains in wages and benefits. The current work picture is steady and the outlook for the future looks good.

Stay safe and always remember to look out for each other.

Scott A. Long, P.S.


Memorial in tribute to the life of late Local 57 member Jesse Davis.

'Still Climbing' —
Membership Growing

L.U. 71 (lctt,o&rtb), COLUMBUS, OHIO — As we look back over 2017 and into 2018, it becomes clear that we have so much to be thankful for. Local 71 sends a big thank-you to all its members for their determined efforts in manning the abundance of work we have been blessed with. It is because of our members' commitment that we are "still climbing" in membership. Local 71 started 2017 off with 1,884 members — and, to date, we now have over 2,200 members! So again, we thank everyone for their dedication and may we all continue to be blessed in the year ahead.

Local 71 thanks Dave Sugerik for his hard work and dedication to the union for over 46 years of service. For the last 10 years, Dave has been on staff as the lead organizer and as an Executive Board member. At the time of this writing, Dave was planning to retire in April 2018. We wish him the very best in retirement.

The local officers and staff would like to thank Bus. Mgr. Bryan Stage for his commitment in moving this local forward in a positive direction into 2018.

Todd Kessler, V.P./A.B.M.


At Local 71's December 2017 union meeting, more than 170 members were in attendance.

Safety Summits a Success;
Anti-Worker Bill Defeated

L.U. 77 (lctt,mt,o,t&u), SEATTLE, WA — As we look forward to the months ahead in 2018, we reflect back on 2017, which was a busy year.

We started the year 2017 with proposed "right-to-work" legislation in Washington state. Several of our members, along with more than 2,000 members from numerous other labor unions, traveled to the state Capitol to oppose the RTW legislation. We were ultimately successful in fighting off the anti-worker bill here in Washington state.

We also held our 11th Annual Customer Service Summit in 2017. It has been a valuable asset for our membership in that segment of the electrical utility industry.

IBEW Locals 77, 125, 659, and the Northwest Line Chapter of NECA partnered last year to host two Safety Summits for top-level management. Employers from large and small utilities and contractors from the Pacific Northwest participated. The summit is intended to promote a stronger labor and management partnership and a commitment to safety; another summit is planned for 2018.

Our regional Central Labor Council picnics were well-attended in north Idaho as well as in central and western Washington.

Rick Luiten, P.S.


Local 77 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Mike Brown (left) and 60-year member Ray Kincheloe at the North Idaho Central Labor Council picnic.

Solidarity & Participation

L.U. 97 (u), SYRACUSE, NY — Our local union's strength relies on all of us seeing and treating each other not as mere co-workers, but as united in one union against the many forces that multibillion-dollar corporations can bring to bear. Local 97 Bus. Mgr. Ted Skerpon is placing an even greater focus on member engagement and will be reinvigorating both our Women's Caucus, "The Power and Light Society," and our Youth Caucus, "Ignite." "Ignite" will now be under the mentorship of Bus. Rep. Steve Givney. Look for opportunities to get involved. Remember: "United we bargain, divided we beg."

Our Benefits Committee, long a strength of the local, is now co-chaired by Bus. Rep. Dan Machold and Bus. Rep. Duane Richardson. For unresolved benefits issues, please contact your divisional union hall to speak to a member of the benefits committee.

Congratulations to Administrative Asst. Ann Dunham on her March 9 retirement. She worked for this local and predecessor former Local 79 for 29 years. Annie, thanks for all your hard work and patience. You will be missed!

As you are reading this, summer vacations are right around the corner. Continue to work safely every minute, every day. When you return home from work safely, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dan Machold, B.R./P.S.

Dedicated Career of Service

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — On Feb. 28, 47-year member Jim O'Connell retired as training director of the JATC. Jim started his remarkable career with Local 103 as an apprentice, graduated with his journeyman's license and went on to receive his master's license in 1976. Not long after, Jim attended Fitchburg State University to pursue a vocational teaching certification. Jim started teaching at the JATC in the mid-1990s and was elected as a Local 103 Executive Board member. During this time, he was working as a general foreman with Mass Electric Construction and was employed as an electrical inspector in the Town of Westwood. In 1993, Jim accepted a position with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and continued there until he was appointed a business agent for Local 103. In 2012, Jim was appointed to the position of training director for the JATC. Jim's leadership guided the JATC through the transition from evening school to the current day-school program.

On behalf of Local 103 officers, staff and membership, and the JATC staff, we wish Jim the best in his retirement and thank him for his dedication and service to this organization.

Jimmy Fleming, P.S.


Local 103 member Jim O'Connell retired as JATC training director.

Members Ratify Contracts

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER, CO — Following a year of contentious negotiations with Public Service Company of Colorado, an agreement worthy of presentation to the affected membership was attained, and the contract was successfully ratified. It had been almost a decade since the membership had the opportunity to vote on their contract, with some members voting for the very first time. Highlights of the three-year agreement include 2.8 percent wage increases for each year of the contract, and a Letter of Agreement protecting and freezing retiree medical benefits until 2030, when negotiations over this letter will resume. Our attorneys believe this letter of agreement is the biggest win for organized labor this century.

Other new agreements ratified include: a Tri-State Generation & Transmission, Craig Station, agreement (a three-year extension was reached); and a Construction Traffic Unit (1TS) three-year agreement, with the upcoming Interstate 70 project on the horizon. Congratulations!

The Local 111 Policy Committee will meet in Denver on Saturday, May 5, this year. And we will be celebrating the local union's 111th Year Anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Denver Zoo. More details to come soon — save the date!

Work safe and please attend your monthly unit meetings.

Patrick S. Quinn, P.S.

Work Picture Good;
Negotiations Ongoing

L.U. 113 (ees,em,i,mo&o), COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — As of this writing the work picture remains good with many of the recent layoffs catching calls at one of the two hospitals. We are hopeful that the work in town will remain strong at least through 2018. Input for our opening letter during the negotiation process was held at our recent general membership meeting. The current contract expires at the end of May. The local union also has statewide line, and service contract negotiations happening this year.

Concerning your journeyman wireman license, and as was stated in a previous article, HB 1073 changes the way we renew them. You will be required to have at least 24 hours of upgrade before renewal. Also, some additional recent training in code and safety will be required.

This brings us in line with many states already doing this. As you may know, it would be wise to complete your training sooner than later. Call Francis Vigil or John DeLuke for a complete list of requirements and to schedule classes.

You can also find useful information on the Local 113 website,, for future dates of classes. CPR, First Aid, and OSHA 30 are some of the classes already offered to keep your certifications current.

Please work safe!

Brian Putnam, P.S.

16th Annual Casino Night —
Fundraiser a Great Success

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR — The local hosted its 16th Annual Casino Night to benefit our Brotherhood Fund. More than 180 attendees joined for this event, which kicks off our yearly fundraising activities. Nearly five barrels of food were filled with donations for a local food bank along with the money raised. Outside of raising money for the Brotherhood Fund or the Oregon Burn Center, our events provide an opportunity to fellowship and serve as a reminder of our purpose as a labor union. We must not get so absorbed by the negativity associated with political, regulatory, or management actions which do not align with labor's needs that we forget to celebrate, honor and promote the importance, necessity and history of our union.

If you've never participated, attended or sponsored any of our activities, please consider doing so in 2018. Don't forget that the Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo and IBEW Local 125 Softball tournaments are family-friendly activities, which are terrific opportunities for our families to meet. Please join us!

As we transition into spring, don't lose focus on safety at home or work. Stay safe!

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.

'Advancing Our Union'

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA — We all enjoy the benefits of collectively bargained wages and benefits. However, we need to pause and think about how we got them and what we must do to preserve them.

Every member can have a role in promoting and expanding our local. Here are a few examples to remember:

being a good and productive craftsman welcoming unrepresented workers into the union participating in the various volunteer projects for the union bringing your family to our social events mentoring an apprentice becoming informed of the issues and voting for candidates who support labor going to a career day and promoting our industry We welcome your participation and hope to see you at one of our many social events this year, which include the following: June 16 – Walla Walla State Park – Eastside Picnic June 30–- Bellingham Picnic – Deming Log Show July 21 – Westside Golf Tournament – Avalon Aug. 4 – Snohomish Picnic – Willis Park Dec. 1 – Bellingham Christmas Party Dec. 8 – Everett Christmas Party

More events are being scheduled, so please check the local's website frequently.

Remember to work safely and make it home every day.

Bill Mirand, P.S.

Faster Internet for Rural Areas
Of Coastal British Columbia

L.U. 213 (c,catv,em,i&u), VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Through a combined investment of $45.4 million, the Government of Canada, in partnership with the Government of British Columbia, is bringing new and improved high-speed internet to 154 rural and remote communities, enabling residents to get online.

Local 213 signatory CityWest Cable and Telephone will receive a total of $12.4 million — $9.3 million from the federal government and $3.1 million from the Government of British Columbia — to improve high-speed internet service for 23 communities and 97 institutions.

"This is very exciting news for our employees and shows the faith that the provincial and federal governments have in us" said CityWest CEO Chris Marett.

"Projects like this secure the future for our highly skilled IBEW Local 213 members working for CityWest," said Robin Nedila, Local 213 assistant business manager representing members in cable and telecommunications. "Our telecommunications training department, NETCOM, offers the very best fiber optic training in the industry and we're confident that our members will succeed in northern B.C."

This investment will help residents of these communities connect with family and friends, do business online, participate in distance education and take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the digital age. It will also help connect schools, hospitals, libraries and businesses to networks that are essential to their services.

"High-speed internet service is a basic tool that all Canadians should have access to, regardless of their postal code, said Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. "Thanks to our Connect to Innovate program, more Canadians will be able to participate fully in the digital economy."

This investment includes new subsea fibre optic cable that will connect communities between Prince Rupert and Vancouver, as well as around Vancouver Island — a total of 3.5 million metres of cable. Thanks to this investment in high-capacity networks in remote and underserved communities, all British Columbians, including First Nations, will be able to fully participate in the digital economy.

Todd Nickel, P.S.


IBEW Local 213 members and signatory contractor City West Cable and Telephone will participate in Connect to Innovate program to bring faster, better internet service to rural and remote communities in coastal British Columbia.

Tours of Davis Besse Plant;
Annual Hockey Outing

L.U. 245 (govt,lctt,o,rtb&u), TOLEDO, OHIO — Local 245 is currently in negotiations, as of press time, with newly organized Nelson Tree and WNWO-Channel 24, our NBC affiliate.

On the outside, the work picture is good and should get better with the warmer weather coming.

We should know the long-awaited fate of the Bayshore Plant by the time this article gets published. Davis Besse's future is still in limbo at press time. Local 245 Bus. Mgr. Larry Tscherne and Local 1413 Bus. Mgr. Brad Goetz have been working tirelessly lobbying state representatives in Columbus and inviting them to take a tour of the plant with the hopes of putting a face to Davis Besse. Initially, these tours were slow to get underway with little interest shown, but as they progressed interest grew and many more got interested in seeing the plant. Those who toured the plant have all left impressed with what they saw.

On the social side of things, 200+ members and their families were treated to one heck of a hockey game at the local's annual hockey outing. Hats off to Lisa Tracy and Amanda Parker for their help in making the event a success. And. of course, the hometown team won.

The weather should be warming up by now. Take some time to enjoy it. Until next time, work safe and stay healthy.

Ray Zychowicz, P.S.


Assembled for group tour at Davis Besse plant, from left: IBEW Local 1413 Bus. Mgr./Pres. Brad Goetz; Ohio state Rep. Steve Arndt (89th District); Local 245 Pres. Ray Zychowicz; Ohio state Rep. Hearcel Craig (26th District); Local 245 chief steward Greg Walter; legislative aide Ellen Turk; and IBEW Local 245 Bus. Mgr. Larry Tscherne.

Union Pride on the March

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — Undaunted by the effects of a powerful nor'easter and chilly temperatures, the Bucks County St. Patrick's Day Parade in Levittown, PA, went on as planned.

Parade goers were treated to dance troupes, pipe bands and plenty of Irish cheer. Several civic organizations marched, not the least of which were the brothers and sisters of IBEW Local 269. Along with their family members they marched the parade route proudly wearing their union shirts and hats, tossing candy to young spectators along the route.

To some people the marchers are just a bunch of people wearing the same shirts. But to us members and others, it is a group of tradesmen and tradeswomen, dedicated to their craft and to their communities and to the quality of life that our livelihood affords. One cannot deny the unbridled joy on the faces of the young, the hugs and the handshakes between the members, and the overall sense amongst all involved that events like this are indeed a worthwhile endeavor. Our profession does not define us; however, our work ethic and community involvement does shape our view of the world and how the world views us. Stay strong, stay union.

Brian Jacoppo, P.S.


IBEW Local 269 members and their families gather to march in the 2018 Bucks County, PA, St. Patrick's Day parade.

Solidarity & Brotherhood

L. 313 (i&spa), WILMINGTON, DE — Spring is here and among other things this year that means negotiations. We encourage all to call, text or show up and have their voices heard. The more voices together, the stronger the message.

After-work socials are still happening at the hall. We encourage any member who works nearby to come join us. Talk of a dry social is being considered and we hope to provide this part of brotherhood sometime in the future.

Also, make sure to renew your Delaware Electrical License — now is the time.

With the nice weather, we encourage members to take in a ballgame and support our local's teams. Call the union hall for details on ball games, socials or anything else.

Bruce W. Esper, P.S.

'A Night Out' to Showcase IBEW Local's Training Center

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — The Local 343 union hall and training facility was the host site for a "Business After Hours" event held in March this year. The evening networking get-together with the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce as guests was an opportunity to meet in a relaxed setting. Most importantly, the event was an opportunity for our local to showcase its training center.

Local 343 Bus. Mgr. Chad Katzung and staff, along with Training Dir. Andy Toft and instructors Dan Goodew and Mike Bambrick, were present to answer questions from the curious visitors. Typically, many chamber members do not have much face-to-face contact with the building trades. Twenty-two IBEW apprentices (representing the first- through fifth-year apprenticeship classes) demonstrated their developing skills by working the transformer trainers, fire alarm, motor control, and DC electronics boards. They also demonstrated conduit bending techniques, residential and commercial wiring methods, and on-line blended learning. Many of the approximately 200 guests said they never knew that the local provided this training. They were even more surprised to learn that our training program is totally self-funded.

In exchange for volunteering, the apprentices received "Ohm's Law" T-shirts and credit toward the scholarship drawing. The apprentices enjoyed the various benefits of volunteering for union functions after hours. If you work for the union, the union will work for you.

Protect American jobs … buy "Made in USA."

Tom Small, P.S.

'We Must Vote' —
Stand for Those Who Labor

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IOWA — Iowa labor, in the private and public sectors, is experiencing a rollback in the basic protections previously afforded us.

In 2016 elections, the Republican Party won the governor's office, the House and the Senate. Since then labor, the environment, education and Medicaid recipients have been under attack by state government. Iowa is following the actions of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas to starve the government. In the last two years, the Iowa legislature and governor cut previously approved state budgets by nearly $500 million, claiming reduced tax receipts.

They issued tax credits and other incentives to large corporations of a similar amount. Now that government agencies and their employees are on their heels, the governor and the legislature are considering bills to reduce state income taxes by more than $1 billion per year. In households, this would equate to taking a pay cut if you can't currently pay your monthly bills. All this activity was designed by the right-wing American Legislation Exchange Council (ALEC), largely funded by the billionaire Koch brothers.

What does this have to do with labor? When tax dollars go to corporations rather than to a local workforce, the profits often leave the country. When the same money is paid to the local workforce, more than 90 percent of it is spent locally.

It is vital to labor and working people that we remember this when we vote in Iowa's June 5 primary. We must vote! Please give Nate Boulton due consideration in the Iowa gubernatorial race. As a state senator, he has been fighting for the working people of Iowa.

In other news, the local is currently involved in labor contract negotiations.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.

Strength & Solidarity

L.U. 363 (catv,em,govt,i,t,u&ws), NEW CITY, NY — Greetings from IBEW Local 363 in New York. Brothers and sisters, everybody knows we are under attack legislatively and there are a few important things that we all must do if we want the IBEW to grow, stay strong and become stronger.

We need to show the younger generations behind us that the union — the IBEW — is the lifeblood of us all. We need to let them know that the union, the IBEW, is something to be proud to be a part of.

In Local 363, we are constantly planning for our future and we demonstrate exactly what needs to be done for younger generations behind us to continue to have this strong union.

We must work together with strength and solidarity to build the union. Knowing the union is valuable and where it came from is the foundation to that strong union. Our members are proud to be IBEW Local 363.

Accompanying this article is a picture taken at a recent union meeting, which was packed by the way. Our latest tribute to our IBEW Founding Fathers, a large framed photo of the founders, is displayed in our monthly meeting room. We know where we come from and we are proud of it!

Sam Fratto, B.M.


Local 363 union meeting is well-attended. Displayed on the back wall of the meeting room is a large, framed photo of the founding fathers.

Fighting for Working People;
A 2018 Special Election Win

L.U. 369 (em,es,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), LOUISVILLE, KY — Eighteen months ago, Democrats became the minority party in Kentucky's House of Representatives. The state Senate was already being controlled by the Republican Party, with a record opposing the interests of workers. Riding the coattails of Donald Trump, a Republican was elected governor of the commonwealth.

So-called "right-to-work" and the demise of prevailing wage soon followed. This legislative session, the war on workers continued with bills concerning workers' compensation, unemployment insurance and many others being pushed through the legislature.

On Feb. 20 this year, the tide may have begun to turn. A special election was held in a district that Trump won by 49 points. The Democrat, Linda Belcher, won election for a Kentucky state House seat by 68 percent to 32 percent. That victory could well be the first snowball in a coming avalanche of Democratic wins that will turn the House blue again. Ms. Belcher is quoted as saying: "I could not have won that election without the help labor provided." We will continue fighting for the working men and women of our great commonwealth.

Gene Holthouser, B.R.

'Off to a Great Start'

L.U. 379 (i,lctt,o&rtb), CHARLOTTE, NC — We are off to a great start in 2018! Work is picking up, even as we are at full employment. We expect to be working a record number of people come summer. Contract negotiations will start in May and our negotiating team is already hard at work.

We closed out 2017 with our Annual Holiday Party, with over 150 members and their guests in attendance. It was a great party! Bro. Doug McDaniel was voted Brother of the Year by our members and presented with a plaque at the party. Bro. McDaniel is a journeyman wireman at Preferred Electric who topped out of our apprenticeship program in 2013. He is the Local 379 recording secretary, serves on the Apprenticeship Committee and is one of the founders and consistent leaders of BOLT 379, our Young Worker's Group. Doug is always happy to lend a hand and to remind his co-workers of the upcoming union meeting.

In February, we were proud and excited to bring a new way to communicate with our members into our arsenal: We started a podcast! The IBEW LU-379 480 Volts podcast is available on Sound Cloud and iTunes. Check it out and leave a comment!

Ashley Hawkins, Organizer


Local 379 Bro. Doug McDaniel (in foreground) at the 2017 Labor Day parade carrying the local's flag.

100th Anniversary Celebration

L.U. 413 (i&mo), SANTA BARBARA, CA — We marked our local's 100th anniversary year by celebrating last summer at the Chumash Casino. Master of ceremonies Bus. Mgr. Chuck Huddleston welcomed Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson as the keynote speaker along with guest speakers Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke, IEC member and Local 47 Bus. Mgr. Patrick Lavin, NECA Chapter Mgrs. Shari Brunner and Jerri Champlin, and Unity Shoppe Exec. Dir. Tom Reed.

The well-attended event included former Local 413 business managers Joseph Furino Jr., Steve Ray and Joseph Tighe. Many other business managers and officers from other local unions joined the great number of celebrating Local 413 members in attendance. We were pleased by the show of support by local contractors who attended our event. Elected public officials who honored Local 413 that night included California State Assemblywoman Monique Limon; Santa Barbara County Supervisors Das Williams, Joan Hartmann and Steve Lavagnino; and Santa Barbara City Council members Cathy Murrillo and Gregg Hart.

It was a night of great fun, speeches, dining and dancing. Our appreciation goes out to the 100th anniversary committee as well as the event sponsors who made our celebration possible. Most importantly, thank you to past and present Local 413 members for making it all possible.

Chuck Huddleston, B.M./F.S.


Ninth District Int. Vice Pres. John J. O'Rourke (left), Local 413 Bus. Mgr. Chuck Huddleston, Int. Pres. Lonnie R. Stephenson and IEC member Patrick Lavin.

Big Projects Underway;
New Heights for Membership

L.U. 441 (as,i&rts), SANTA ANA, CA — In a change from prior years, the area has seen a boom in construction this year. With high-profile jobs such as Star Wars at Disneyland, the Huntington Beach power plant, and JW Marriott and Westin hotels coming out of the ground, our members have enjoyed a stretch of good jobs that looks to continue well into 2019.

Overall membership continues to reach new heights in the ongoing push for market share in the county. With the increase in membership, more members are getting involved with our RENEW, EWMC, volunteer opportunities and sports teams.

Recently, our football team competed in the 6th Annual SoCal IBEW Flag Football Tournament held at the Army/Navy Academy Stadium in Carlsbad and came away with their fifth championship. Competition was very tough from the surrounding locals and we appreciate all the hard work put in by the team. Congratulations, brothers!

The future is bright here in Orange County with our member involvement, job forecast, and commitment to being proud union electricians representing the IBEW.

Neal Lauzon, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 441 flag football team wins 6th Annual SoCal IBEW Flag Football Tournament championship.

Successful Fundraiser
For Special Olympics CT

L.U. 457 (u), MERIDEN, CT — Members of Local 457 held their annual cigar dinner to benefit the Special Olympics Connecticut Penguin Plunge. It was an evening of fun that raised over $1,600. Some of those who participated in the fundraiser took part in the Penguin Plunge, diving into Long Island Sound in the first week of March.

John Fernandes, B.M./F.S.


Local 457 members hold fundraiser to benefit Special Olympics Connecticut Penguin Plunge.

Positive Work Outlook;
Volunteer Opportunities

L.U. 531 (i), LAPORTE, IN — Work has been abundant in the area recently and is looking good for the foreseeable future. We have been putting out travelers and will continue to have a need for them throughout 2018 and into 2019. Industrial work has been steady and there has been a boom in commercial work around the local. A major new hospital is being built in Michigan City with another in the planning stages in LaPorte. Several of the area school systems are either building new schools or renovating old ones. There has been a lot of retail development also, including smaller stores and some major anchor stores as well.

With everyone being busy, there has still been time for volunteer work and community activism. Many members are active with Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations in several of the area communities.

Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who give up their free time at night and on the weekends to help with these causes, and thank you in advance to the volunteers who will be needed for the local summertime activities.

Jeremy Woolever, P.S.


Local 531 members working for Circle R Electric are finishing a new Meijer store in Valparaiso, IN. It is one of the many commercial jobs in the jurisdiction.

Negotiating Strength

L.U. 557 (i,mt,rts&spa), SAGINAW, MI — Strong contracts and members sticking together have historically made the IBEW great. As Local 557 negotiates our contract this spring, we must remain strong and remain together. Bargaining strength comes from the membership and their ability to stick together on issues and conditions while producing efficiently throughout the workday. The future can only be as bright as we wish to make it and today's fights will be tomorrow's benefits.

Local 557 wishes to pay tribute to two great members who recently passed. Bros. William McMall and Daniel Alcock Sr. were longtime, dedicated members who will be extremely missed. Bro. McMall had received his 65-year IBEW pin in December and Bro. Alcock was one of the most respected and well-known members of 557. Both served on the Executive Board during their time in this local. Our heartfelt condolences go out to their family and friends.

Evan Allardyce, B.M.

Solar Surge for the Padres & Major League Baseball

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA — We congratulate IBEW Local 569/NECA contractor Sullivan Solar Power and our highly trained and skilled workforce for the construction of the largest solar power array in major league baseball.

According to Sullivan Solar, the 336,520-watt system at Petco Park — home of San Diego Padres — will generate more than $4,117,000 in utility savings. "This solar project is larger than the other seven major league baseball solar projects combined," Sullivan Solar reported.

We invite you to come see their work at our 4th Annual IBEW Padres Day on Saturday, July 14. The Padres will play against the Chicago Cubs. An IBEW 569 member will throw out the first pitch, and we'll host a great tailgate with plenty of refreshments. Discounted tickets are available at our union hall until sold out.

We also wish to congratulate our Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC) on their successful 3rd Annual San Diego Women in the Trades Conference. This event was attended by over 100 women and created much sisterhood and solidarity.

And congratulations to our IBEW 569 Flag Football Team. They took third place in the IBEW SoCal Flag Football Tournament and did us proud!

Finally, if you missed it, you can check out our IBEW 569 State of the Union here:

Gretchen K, Newsom, P.S./Organizer


IBEW Local 569 members working with Sullivan Solar on the San Diego Padres' Petco Park project. Photo credit: Sullivan Solar Power.

IBEW Railroad Members Install Advanced PTC System

L.U. 589 (rr), JAMAICA, NY — We would like to say thank-you to all our Long Island Rail Road members for their hard work and dedication on the installation of the Positive Train Control (PTC) system.

As you all know, PTC has been in the news and is a major topic in the railroad industry. Thankfully, we have some of the best electricians in the railroad industry to maintain the system for the next century.

The membership of IBEW Local 589 plays a vital role in the transportation system of the New York City area. Our members work in the Newark and JFK AirTrain systems, and the LIRR. We are very proud to be the largest railroad local in the country. We sincerely thank all our members for their work and dedication, and we hope everyone has a productive and healthy 2018.

Augie Maccarone, R.S.

2018 Election Year

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — This year's state legislative session ended in late January. We survived the last eight years with a Republican governor and were fortunate not to become a "right-to-work" state. This is an election year, so I encourage anyone who is not registered to vote to please contact the hall to find out how to register.

Our negotiations started in April; hopefully we can come out with a fair contract that will benefit everyone.

This year's Apprentice of the Year is Chris Baker. At this writing, Chris was scheduled to compete at the Seventh District competition on March 24 in Albuquerque this year. Good luck, Chris.

As of this writing Facebook and Alamo projects are still calling for workers.

Local 611 sends condolences to the families of members who recently passed away: Louis R. Jacobs, Andres O. Martinez, Juan B. A. Villareal, Tommy L. Soonts, Troy L. Canada, Richard W. Corman and Harrison N. Herder Jr.

Don't for get to attend your local union meetings and support COPE.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


Local 611 RENEW Committee members volunteered to help with yard work for a fellow brother who recently had surgery. Volunteers, from left: Alan Hammack, Ruben Romero, Jamie Trout and Bo Beebe.

Members Ratify Contract;
Grant for New Training Center

L.U. 625 (c,ees,em,i,it,mar&mt), HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — Congratulations to Bro. Jeff McBarron for completing his apprenticeship program and receiving his certificate of qualification.

Recently retired members include: Bros. Steve Fader and Brayne McGrath, in January; and Bros. Larry Shaw, Darrell Knickle, Jeff Durling, Dwayne Armsworthy and Charlie Franklin, in March.

We are saddened to have lost a member, Bro. Fred Whalen, in February. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Exciting news for our members on Prince Edward Island! There has been a Memorandum of Agreement reached and the membership voted in favour of the contract after being locked out for five years. We also reached a Memorandum of Agreement for the contract on mainland Nova Scotia and, at the time of this writing, we were scheduled to vote on this contract.

The four unions that jointly own our building — IBEW Local 625, Iron Workers Local 752, LIUNA Local 615, and Painters and Allied Workers Local 1439 — submitted a proposal for grant money from Canada's Union Training and Innovation Program, for a 26-foot scissor lift and a 40-foot boom style lift. We will receive 50 percent of the funding amount of $51,008. This equipment will be used for the building's new Training Centre.

Brad Wood, B.R./P.S.

'A Busy Spring for Local 697'

L.U. 697 (c,es,i,mt&se), GARY AND HAMMOND, IN — IBEW Local 697 had a very active spring season.

In March, we launched the "Sisters of 697" committee and the Local 697 Motorcycle Club. These two new additions will complement our established EWMC and RENEW groups as we are focused on strengthening our local union from within.

Keeping with our annual March traditions, Local 697 hosted our annual Spring Blood Drive, and the Local 697 EWMC hosted our annual 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament with all the proceeds going to a 697 family in need.

The Local 697 RENEW committee volunteered their time to set up and tear down the temporary electric power for the annual City of Crown Point St. Patrick's Day Parade.

In April, the Local 697 Golf League began play with another fun season of camaraderie on the course.

We will celebrate the 59th year of the Local 697 Credit Union at our annual Dinner/Dance Meeting on Saturday, May 5.

On Sunday, May 6, Local 697 will represent our organization in the community at the annual March of Dimes walk for babies in Highland, IN.

Ryan Reithel, B.M./F.S.

70-Year Service Award

L.U. 873 (em&i), KOKOMO, IN — Bro. Kenny Talbert recently received his IBEW 70-year service pin and certificate.

"What a distinguished honor to present to my friend and brother such a prestigious award," Local 873 Bus. Mgr. Mike Young said.

Kenny is one of only four members of Local 873 to receive an award for 70 years of service. Kenneth R. Talbert was initiated on Sept. 26, 1947. He retired in March of 1993. Of the millions of members who have been part of this great organization, Bro. Talbert is part of an elite group! Thank you, Bro. Kenny Talbert, for your honorable service to Local 873 and the IBEW!

Mike Young, B.M.


Local 873 retired member Kenny Talbert (left) receives 70-year service award presented by Bus. Mgr. Mike Young.

New Organizing Stewards;
Union Solidarity & Strength

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA — Local 1245 recently inducted 111 new organizing stewards, our largest class since the local launched this groundbreaking intergenerational, hands-on organizing program five years ago. This dynamic group of member-leaders kicked off the year with a powerful training on "right to work" and Janus v. AFSCME, led by renowned labor expert and activist Gordon Lafer.

The training is just one part of Local 1245's ongoing effort to build union power and capacity in anticipation of the Janus decision. For the past eight months, member-powered Volunteer Organizing Committees have been holding one-on-one, face-to-face conversations with their co-workers at Local 1245-represented public sector properties, sharing their stories about the concrete difference that the union makes in their lives, and inviting their fellow members to recommit to the union by signing voluntary membership cards. This approach has proved remarkably effective, and is now being emulated by other unions in California and beyond.

"While I'm not one to take any attack on labor lightly, I wholeheartedly believe that we can not only survive, but truly thrive in the face of this court ruling," said Local 1245 Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell.

In Outside Construction, the overall work picture looks very good, with a projected increase of about 30 percent in electric distribution work, and increases in other types of work as well.

Rebecca Band, P.S.


An enthusiastic group of IBEW Local 1245 members attended a powerful training on "right to work" and Janus vs AFSCME on Feb. 24. Photo by John Storey.

St. Patrick's Day Parade;
Puerto Rico Storm Restoration

L.U. 1347 (ees,em&u), CINCINNATI, OHIO — In January, IBEW Local 1347's linemen from Duke Energy traveled 1,798 miles to help restore power to Puerto Rico. Power restoration on the island has been a daunting task in the aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. This tiny island has struggled with disaster relief since three consecutive hurricanes hit the region.

We are pleased to share a photo taken in Puerto Rico during the restoration efforts put forth by IBEW members, who worked to restore not only electrical power, but also to assist the community by giving life back to the businesses there, and most importantly, to help the residents, one day at a time. Bus. Mgr. Andrew Kirk traveled to Puerto Rico on Feb. 20 to check on the men who were sent to help restore power and to acknowledge all the great work they have provided to assist with restoration in the wake of the devastating storms.

On March 10, the Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day parade occurred a week before the actual holiday to set the mood for the next weekend's celebration. The procession wound along the riverside and up through "The Banks" before a large sea-of-green crowd. The IBEW Local 1347 contingent marched alongside fellow local unions in support of union solidarity. We plan to increase the size and status of our float next year to further promote the IBEW.

Andrew Kirk, B.M./F.S.


Some of the Local 1347 members who helped restore power in Puerto Rico after 2017 hurricanes struck.

AFL-CIO Conference —
'Labor's Agenda for 2018'

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD — Local 1501 Bus. Mgr. Dion F. Guthrie attended an AFL-CIO regional conference held Jan. 24-26 in New Jersey on the topic of labor's agenda for 2018.

The conference provided an opportunity for the Maryland AFL-CIO and fellow labor union activists to exchange ideas, discuss regional issues, and address the 2018 agenda for labor.

Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO Pres. Jermaine Jones chaired this event for the first time and did an outstanding job for all his constituents. The theme of the conference was "Labor First." The event was well-attended and a great success.

The three-day conference provided much information for the AFL-CIO members in attendance and we all were able to take home a lot of valuable information to our fellow members regarding labor's agenda for 2018.

James Boyd, F.S./P.S.


Local 1501 Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie attends conference on labor's agenda for 2018.

Property Improvements

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA — Over the past few years, Local 1579 has made its place downtown a dominant and respected business. The main building that houses our business offices, welding lab, classroom space and the meeting hall received a much-needed facelift inside and out. Additional lots purchased on the corner of Reynolds and 13th Streets now make us the proud owner of the entire corner. Two of those lots had former businesses on them. One was in poor condition and had to be demolished; the other was historical and is now renovated and will be used for additional training space. This building was built the same year that the IBEW was chartered, in 1891 (NBEW at that time), so we felt we should renovate and keep it.

The Apprenticeship Committee is exploring the possibility of relocating their offices and training. Currently, the Apprenticeship leases from Local 1579 and partners with Augusta Technical College for additional training space. Our training programs have grown so much, we feel there is a need to explore this possibility.

Our work situation remains strong. These are historical times in Local 1579, as we have an abundance of work and stand to pick up much more. Much of this work will be in the downtown area. I stay in contact with the mayor and will make sure our contractors have the information needed to bid these projects.

Let's continue to remember the "B" in IBEW. Treat each other with respect, help each other when in need, and guide each other in a positive way. Until next time, be safe.

Will Salters, B.M./F.S.


A rendering of Local 1579 building renovations.

Spring & Summer Events

L.U. 1687 (i&o), SUDBURY, ONTARIO, CANADA — At this writing, winter in Local 1687 is almost over. We look forward to spring and summer. In the months of November and December, Brother Owen and his wife provided a grilled-cheese lunch every Wednesday. NextGen arranged a family swim at the Sudbury "Y" in January and at this writing has plans for one in the Sault. Turnout in Sudbury was a little low; hopefully it will be better in the Sault.

We are looking to summertime fun, although we do like our ice fishing. The May 24 run is a big event here. That weekend, most northerners abandon their homes for a trip to the lakes and rivers in search for pike and pickerel.

At the time of this writing, our hockey team was making plans to travel to London, Ontario, for the OPC Hockey Tournament on April 27 to defend our trophy as group "C" champions.

Our ball team will travel to Windsor for the OPC ball tourney on June 29. The ball tournament participants are from Ontario locals, while the hockey tournament has teams participating from locals in Ontario, Province of Quebec, Manitoba, and northern states.

Our golf tournament will be held Aug. 11 in the town of Blind River, Ontario. It is always a good time and an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

Bruce Palmer, B.M./F.S.

IBEW Members Score Win For Kentucky Working People

L.U. 1701 (catv,ees,i,o&u), OWENSBORO, KY — Once again, we must report on more attacks against our members by the Kentucky Legislature. As of this mid-winter writing, we are closely watching two bills in the state legislature. HB 252 would reduce the number of weeks individuals can draw unemployment by nearly half, and SB 78 is a bill designed to reduce the amount of experience needed to get a Kentucky state journeyman license to two years from the current four years. Even with the phone calls, emails and letters from our members to their representatives and senators, it is doubtful that these bills will have any problems passing with Kentucky's current administration.

[Editor's Note: For an update on a successful development regarding the unemployment bill, see news article "In Kentucky, IBEW Members Thwart Attack on State's Unemployment Benefits," of this issue and posted on the IBEW website at In a win for working people, as the article reports: "IBEW members in Kentucky joined with labor allies to put a stop to the state's attempt to roll back unemployment benefits."]

Negotiations for our Big Rivers Generation Division contract should begin soon with high hopes of a good outcome for our members.

The Local 1701 retirees extend an invitation to anyone who would like to attend their monthly lunch. It is held at the local union hall on the third Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. and is $5 for all you can eat.

In sadness, we report the passing of Sister Mary Helen Baker and Brother Robert "Jim" Bishop. May they rest in peace.

Nathan M. Knott, B.R.


Local 1701 second-year apprentice Hunter Henderson.

Tribute for Career of Service

L.U. 1837 (rtb&u), MANCHESTER, MAINE — IBEW Local 1837 member Pam Paquette retired in March from Eversource Energy/PSNH after 37 years at New Hampshire's largest electric utility. Sister Paquette was active in her union for more than 30 years. Originally hired as a nonunion customer service clerk, she helped organize her co-workers to join the union, winning their NLRB election in 1984. Pam not only served as recording secretary for the Local 1837 E-Board, she was also a steward, a unit officer, a contract negotiations committee member, and an elected delegate to six International Conventions.

"One of the most prominent things I'll take with me is all the brothers and sisters that I've met and talked with along the way," Sister Paquette said. "As union members, we all share the same dream — which is to protect what we have, have a say in where we are going, and make sure everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect."

Matthew Beck, Organizer/B.R.


IBEW Local 1837 Bus. Mgr. Dick Rogers (left) and Pres. Michelle Crocker (right) present retiring Sister Pam Paquette with a plaque commemorating her IBEW service.

Growth in Membership

L.U. 2001 (ptc), FREMONT, NE — Our members were pleased to hear that Local 2001 was recognized at the September 2017 IBEW Membership Development Conference for being among the locals with the largest percentage of growth in BA membership for the year of 2016. This came as a welcomed and much appreciated surprise to our local. This growth reflects the hard work of IBEW Local 2001 union members and the companies where they work.

To commemorate this achievement, Christy Piti, CEO of Sav-Rx Prescription Services, presented Local 2001 with a plaque. Many of Local 2001's members are employed by Sav-RX. Among those present for the presentation of the plaque were: IBEW Local 2001 Treas. Tonya Rawson, Bus. Mgr./Pres. Nicole Ranslem, Vice Pres. Amy Earnest, Rec. Sec. Ashley Lendos, E-Board Chmn. Troy Miller, and E-Board members Christopher Marsh and Michelle Kreikemeier.

From all of us at IBEW Local 2001, thank you to all involved!

Nicole Ranslem, B.M./Pres.


Local 2001 receives plaque presented by Sav-Rx Prescription Services CEO Christy Piti (fourth from left). From left are: IBEW Local 2001 E-Board member Christopher Marsh, Treas. Tonya Rawson, E-Board member Michelle Kreikemeier, [CEO C. Piti of Sav-Rx], Bus. Mgr./Pres. Nicole Ranslem, E-Board Chmn. Troy Miller, Vice Pres. Amy Earnest and Treas. Ashley Lendos.

IBEW Support for Community

L.U. 2067 (o&u), REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — IBEW Local 2067 has always promoted family and community. On Feb. 19, we had a chance to support both when Sister Nicole Stewart spearheaded a unique opportunity.

The Northern Saskatchewan community of Sandy Bay (population 1,200) hosts Family Day celebrations annually, encouraging the community to get outside for family fun.

Sister Stewart contacted the Local 2067 office and inquired about getting toques and mitts sent up to the remote community to allow the young people to enjoy the day while staying comfortable and warm.

Local 2067 procured $2,400 worth of toques and convinced the major employer in the community, SaskPower, to supply mittens and scarves to match. The clothing had quite the trip: It was chauffeured by car from Regina, SK, to Nipawin, SK, (360 kilometers), then sent by plane for a 270-km flight to Island Falls, where it finally met up with Sister Stewart, who took it the final 5 kilometers to the community of Sandy Bay.

Local 2067 Bus. Mgr. Jason Tibbs stated: "It was a great opportunity to show the community of Sandy Bay that the IBEW and SaskPower care about them, and their contributions to the utility and province. We hope they enjoy the Stat [statutory] Holiday."

Curtis Lizée, A.B.M.


Several Sandy Bay, SK, youngsters get Family Day festivities started, wearing warm winter caps donated by IBEW Local 2067.