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November 2018

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A Message to Young Members

On September 28, I retired after 44 years as a line crew foreman in San Francisco. My union job enabled my wife to stay home with our children when they were young, provided good health care for my family and allowed us to afford nice vacations and college educations as our kids became young adults. The anxiety of retirement is allayed by a defined benefit package and health care.

Studying labor history and the evolution of the union movement has made me so grateful to the men and women who went before us, suffered the indignities of oppression and prevailed to enable the benefits we share today. Each and every day, I am fully aware of those who struggle without the benefits and job security that I am so fortunate to have. In retirement, I hope to work in supporting organized labor, and I implore my younger workers to study labor history, vote judiciously and be the bulwark of democracy.

Gene McCandless, Local 1245 retiree
Vacaville, Calif.

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Sticking Up for Federal Workers

[Responding to "Trump Axes Pay Raises for Federal Employees" on]:

Please tell me how the president is supporting workers and the middle class when workers have bargained-for, scheduled and expected pay raises taken away? How would you feel if your employer did that? What if it was your paycheck or your family?

Karen Lane, Local 827 vice president
East Windsor, N.J.

Thanks to Storm Responders

We got beat up pretty bad [by Hurricane Florence, which hit the Carolinas on Sept. 14,] here in Wilmington, N.C. Thanks for the help. A lot of people here need it.

Matthew Hargreaves, Local 495 member
Wilmington, N.C.

A Win for Workers

[Responding to "Hard Work Pays Off for New Jersey Altice Employees," featured in this issue]:

It's great to see workers unite. Congrats!

John Sager, Local 363 retiree
New City, N.Y.