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February 2019

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Saluting a Remarkable Career

Congratulations to Brother Norm Stentz on his well-deserved retirement. [" Nebraska Wireman Wraps Up an 89-Year Career," December 2018] was the best story I've ever read in the The Electrical Worker.

Barry Baker, Local 2228 member
Ottawa, Ontario

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Remembering My Hero

My many thanks go to the IBEW for all the training, work opportunities, benefits and for its bright past, present and future. Membership has provided all of these things to three generations of my family, from 1919 to present, and we have many fond memories.

I'm writing to say thanks also to my recently-departed dad and hero, Edward J. Vasoli, who was a great person and a successful electrical contractor with Philadelphia Local 98 from 1967 until his death. Vasoli Electric still remains a busy and successful company, and over the years, my dad put countless union electricians to work.

Richard J. Visoli, Local 98 retiree
Philadelphia, Pa.

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California Fires

IBEW locals throughout California have come together to support the locals in both northern and southern California in their efforts to assist members and their families affected by the wildfires. I'm a retired wireman with Sacramento, Calif., Local 340, which has inside jurisdiction in the area where the Camp Fire occurred. We are extremely grateful for the assistance those locals have provided.

Michael Dyba, Local 340 retiree
Sacramento, Calif.

Protecting Our Pensions

Responding to " IBEW Leaders Mobilize on Capitol Hill to Kill Pension Attack>, For Now," [updated version in this issue]:

I am very proud to have been a part of [the mobilization of business managers and pension trustees on Capitol Hill in November]. It is the best thing as an IBEW member I have been a part of. That's what Brotherhood is all about. I also appreciate Local 903 for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Kermie Ladner, Local 903 business manager
Gulfport, Miss.

I like this [lobbying effort] and the message it sent and what was proven. This goes to show that if we unite as one, we can get it done. Why aren't we doing more of this in our fight for our unions?

Malcum Salyers, Local 688 member
Mansfield, Ohio