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May 2019

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Hoover Memories

Thanks for a great story about North Canton, Ohio, Local 1985's history in the March edition ["Closed Local's Hall Gets a New Lease on Life"]. Kudos to Nick Tomey, former business manager, and brothers and sisters who worked the Hoover plant in North Canton all those years.

Another fact is these members also played a vital role in providing employment for other IBEW members across America. My grandfather, who worked in Ohio as a wireman from 1913 to 1956, told me that before Word War I and through the 1920s, Hoover from nearby North Canton and American Beauty Irons from Detroit ran sales campaigns where if you purchased a sweeper or iron for the price of $75, they would also get an electrical contractor to wire your house so you could use them.

At that time, a 30-amp, 120-volt service, 2-circuit fuse block, lights in every room and a few outlets went for $29. The convenience of electric lighting, a powered vacuum cleaner and a hand iron that did not involve firing up the cookstove to heat it proved very attractive to American consumers and was beneficial to the IBEW membership at large.

Bob Sallaz, Local 306 retiree
Akron, Ohio

Tribute to an IBEW Artist

Richard G. Somers was both an amazing electrician and a wonderful cartoonist. His cartoons were published in Local 494's "Relay" for many years back in the 80s. After his passing at age 86, the 494 Relay published one of his cartoons as a memorial. I think the Electrical Worker might be interested in publishing it as well. They are great!

Kathleen Slamka, Local 494 member


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Excited for RENEW/NextGen

[Editor's Note: The 2019 RENEW/NextGen conference for young members will be held Oct. 16-19 in St. Louis]

I'm looking forward to meeting all the emerging leaders, sharing experiences, learning, attending all the speeches and workshops. RENEW/NextGen goes back to the city where it all began. Can't wait!

Nathan Bail, Local 972 apprentice
Marietta, Ohio

Praise for Prevailing Wage

[Responding to "IBEW Activists Work to Bring Back Prevailing Wage to New Hampshire," also featured in this issue]:

You can spend my dues on this kind of [legislative] work all day long!

Edward Keefe Jr., Local 103