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February 2020

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Honored to Serve

I'm a 62-year member of Chicago Local 134, and I served my country in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Recently, I was invited to be on a Korean War veterans Honor Flight, where we visited Washington, D.C., for three days. The all-expenses-paid trip was a beautiful experience; words can't explain. I am privileged to still be living at 86 years old, and I still have my health. I thank Local 134 and my country for everything I was able to accomplish.

Richard Eshoo, Local 134 retiree

Editor's Note: IBEW locals across the U.S. sponsor Honor Flights to bring veterans to Washington, D.C., to see their war memorials. For more information, visit


Paying it Forward

I was very fortunate to start my apprenticeship right out of high school. The journeymen I worked with taught me the meaning of brotherhood and the pride of quality work. Now retired, some 53 years later, I only hope I gave as much as I received.

Carl Robinson, Local 145 retiree
Rock Island, Ill.

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Leaving Union-Busting Behind

Responding to "Employers Charged with Violating Labor Law in 40% of Union Campaigns," [also in this issue]:

When I worked for Charter (now Spectrum), any time the IBEW organizer came around we could be guaranteed a visit from the regional corporate types. We would have mandatory half- to full-day captive audience meetings, where they showed the same video Lowe's and Target show their workers. It's been over 15 years since I left Charter and became an IBEW inside wireman. My family's lives have been vastly improved by that choice.

Adam Foxworthy, Local 932 member
Coos Bay, Ore.

The Union Difference is Obvious

Responding to "Ho Ho No! Anti-Union Elves Exploit Holidays to Spread Lies:"

When you work for a nonunion shop, you supply your own tools, ladders, cords, etc. Owners love it because you are good for their bottom line. [Want to] earn a fair wage? Go union.

Lori Amoroso Heizmann, Local 617 member
San Mateo, Calif.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Replying to our online graphic, "New Year's Resolution: Talk with nonunion electrical workers about the benefits of the IBEW:"

I did have success talking a buddy of mine into going union this year. He was a nonunion scaffold builder and joined the carpenters' union. He tested in as a journeyman and said it has forever changed his life.

Colby Joiner, Local 866 member
Kansas City, Mo.