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March 2020

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A Pitch for the Brotherhood

I and most brothers and sisters would agree that we are in a line of duty of great importance to this country. Our work pales in comparison to the great women and men who serve in the military protecting our freedom and risking their lives, but the jobs we do are vital here at home. Our work can be dangerous, too, and that's why the training we receive has to be the best in the industry. Our apprenticeships are second to none, and we take pride in our craft.

Our Code of Excellence, our perfectionism, our refusal to bend on proper procedure, our distaste for shortcuts, and above all, our bond of brotherhood sets us apart. That bond requires love, compassion and charity for our fellow brothers and sisters, and it should always take precedence and remain the cornerstone of our union.

I'm writing this because I think we should all be making this pitch to everyone who doesn't know about the IBEW. I hope each of my brothers and sisters will take time to help spread this message to their own communities.

Douglas Sonnier, Local 861 member
Lake Charles, La.

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Organizing Takes Courage

If you're not organized and don't have a local union representing the employees, then unfortunately you are disorganized and doomed, eventually, for failure. Safe work practices, professional training, decent wages, health care and pensions after giving 40 to 50 years of your sweat and blood don't happen with wishful thinking. It takes courageous brotherhood and commitment to achieve "an honest day's pay for an honest day's work."

Gene Clemans, Local 483 member
Tacoma, Wash.