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October 2021

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Congratulations, Graduate Apprentices!

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — It was great to be able to enjoy brotherhood and sisterhood at the Toledo, Monroe and Fremont Labor Day picnics and parades this year. After canceling last year due to COVID-19, getting back to normal felt good. Enjoying the camaraderie with Local 8 brothers and sisters at the unit steak fries in August and September was long overdue, too. Hopefully this trend will continue.

Congratulations to the 2020 - 2021 graduating apprentices who topped out on July 9. Forty-seven inside apprentices, eight residential apprentices and seven VDV apprentices have earned the ultimate golden ticket to their future careers. A special congratulations to Outstanding Inside Apprentice Austin M. Waggoner, Outstanding VDV Apprentice Bryce S. McConnell, Outstanding Residential Apprentice Austin T. Laderach and Apprentice of the Year Randall L. Gaudreau.

Our condolences to the families of those members and retirees who have passed away recently: Robert Cunningham, Gary Douge, Durk Eckenrode, William Fish, James Holbert, Alvin Lobert, John "Duke" Puls, Silas Rowser and Edward Szymanski. Rest in peace, brothers.

Stay safe and healthy, brothers and sisters.

Mike Brubaker, P.S.


Congratulations to Local 8 Apprentice of the Year Randall L. Gaudreau!

Welcome, Inside Wireman and Signatory Contractors

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — Congratulations to the following graduates of the 2021 Inside Wireman program: Will Ashby, Nathaniel Banks, Steven Basham, Derek Bevil, Gary Bevil, Dillon Blackwell, Jacob Brown, Wyatt Carter, Dylan Cates, Kevin Cessna, Brandon Connaway, Johnathan Cook, Marshall Deckard, Aaron Droste, Zachariah Duggins, Phillip Duke, Tanner Duran, Dillon Eagan, Brad Eger, Austin Elpers, Gregory Englert, Andrew Ensor, James Fenwick, Bo Ferriell, John Hillyard, William Holly Jr., Kyle Kaeck, Morgan Kemp, Kyle Kiefer, Corey Kimball, Kristopher Kuebler, Todd McNulty, Aleksandr Medvedev, Maxwell Mooney, Brittney Morales, Dane Phillips, Kyle Pitlick, Autumn Relleke, Andrew Rennie, Neil Schoolfield, Noah Schweizer, Samuel Thuerbach, Clayton Tungate and Evan Vibbert. This year's academic award winner is Corey A. Kimball, and the John D. Brenner Memorial Award went to Dylan J. Cates.

Local 16 would like to welcome the following businesses as signatory contractors: ONE Electrical Systems LLC, Jenlee Electrical LLC dba Drone Electrical Solutions, Leed Electric Company and Bullseye Electric (residential). Best wishes to each of these worthy enterprises as they expand the unionized electrical industry, employ qualified IBEW members and bring the best construction standards to customers in southern Indiana.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Local 24 Business Manager Pete Demchuk Retires

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD — Congratulations to Business Manager Pete Demchuk on his retirement. Pete has served the local throughout his 43 years: He was a class representative, JATC instructor, 20-year committee member on the JATC, steward, ran work as a foreman and general foreman, organizer, referral agent, trustee to the funds, Examining and Executive Board member, vice president and president, financial secretary and business manager and a member of many other committees and boards. Thanks, Pete, for all you have done for our local; we hope you enjoy a long and healthy retirement — you have certainly earned it!

Financial Secretary Michael McHale has been appointed to fulfill Brother Demchuk's term. Brother Jerome Miller has been appointed to fulfill Brother McHale's term as financial secretary.

Brother McHale has served our local over his career as a class representative, JATC instructor, chair of the JATC, assistant business manager, Examining and Executive Board member and financial secretary.

Brother Miller has also served our local throughout his career as a JATC instructor for 11 years and as an Examining and Executive Board member.

We offer them both our support going forward and wish them continued success.

Michael G. Azzarello, A.B.M.


Retired Business Manager Pete Demchuk enjoying the Local 24 Family Picnic.

Local 26 Awards Four Scholarships

L.U. 26 (i,es,ees,govt,em&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — Goodbye summer, hello autumn. Please continue to visit the Local 26 website ( to get the most up-to-date information on what is happening at the union hall and upcoming events.

The four winners of this year's scholarship award for Local 26 are:

  • Jonathan Armel, son of Brother John Armel, graduated from Sherando High School in Stephens City, Va., and will be attending James Madison University. He plans to study biology in his pursuit of becoming a pediatrician.
  • Jada Herring, daughter of Brother Jimmy Herring, graduated from North Point High School in Waldorf, Md., and will be attending Mercer University. She plans to major in psychology and minor in Spanish. She will be on a pre-med track to become a trauma surgeon.
  • Chloe McMurray, daughter of Scott McMurray, graduated Huntingtown High School in Calvert County, Md. She will be attending Charleston Southern University to pursue a career in nursing.
  • Kori Sheckells, daughter of Brian Sheckells, graduated from McDonough High School in Pomfret, Md., and will be studying nursing at Shenandoah University.

Best wishes to the following new retirees: Robert W. Agnew Jr., Michael C. Bishton, James M. Blum, Jeffrey D. Colie, Gary L. Cooke, David E. Curtin, Peyton E. Duncan Jr., Charles S. Flagg III, Reginald R. Goodwyn, Thomas V. Grisez, Charles E. Hall, Walter L. Hughes, Thomas E. Jeans, Ronald P. Kesecker, Paul D. Lumsden, James A. Lusby Sr., James Lynch Jr., Daniel J. Noel, Charles D. O'Donnell, Edgar L. Ovando, Daniel T. Paul, Thomas C. Ruble, James W. Schwalenberg, Robert J. Simard, Russell P. Swann, Lyle R. Washburn and John L. Witkowski.

The following members have passed away since our last article: Ronald B. Cook, Stephen J. DiCarlo, Darryl T. Dubiel, Raymond L. Ellison, Neal J. Gregory, James E. Haiber, Christopher P. Hott, Jerome J. Ray, Michael J. Ryan, Lawrence D. Scott, John R. Smith and James C. Welch.

George C. Hogan, B.M.

Open House for Local 34 Hall

L.U. 34 (em,i,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — Our local hopes all IBEW members enjoyed a safe and happy Labor Day. We would like to take a moment and thank not only our membership but also neighbors and friends who attended Local 34's open house on Friday, Sept. 17. I believe a good time was had by all. A special thank you to Raber Packing Company, our local union meat locker, for their excellent food and service.

If you are in our neighborhood sometime, stop and visit us at 4322 S. Ricketts Ave., Bartonville, Ill., to see the new hall.

Our fall work looks to be, at the very least, steady for Local 34 members and hopefully will provide work for a few traveling members as well. Our largest fall project in the area is OSF Hospital's Comprehensive Cancer Center. The centerpiece of this development is proton beam therapy technology, which will be used to help fight cancer. This projected $250-million development will position OSF as an industry leader in cancer-fighting technology for the Midwest. An adjacent parking deck will be constructed alongside the six-story building, providing good union construction jobs.

Fall and winter commercial work in Local 34 appears promising.

Marc Burnap, Treas.


Local 34 held an open house for their new hall in September.

Local 38's Work Outlook Picks Up

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — President Biden came to Cleveland in May to tout his economic plan. I got to meet him and be present at his conference and had the chance to thank him for his support of the IBEW.

Plans for the Centennial project (formerly Huntington Bank) on E. Ninth and Euclid are moving forward with demo of the inside of the building scheduled to begin this fall. The plans call for approximately 850 apartments and renovation of the existing lobby. This is a massive project and the bidding process for the electrical portion is underway.

We just attended the groundbreaking ceremony for The Artisan Apartments at 10600 Chester Ave. in Cleveland's University Circle district. The 23-story building will contain 298 apartments. The project is being financed by our pension dollars under the management of National Real Estate Advisors. NREA invests our pension dollars into projects like The Artisan, Legacy Village, and others; we not only get a return on our investment, but it creates jobs for our members and adds more hours to our Local 38 and NEBF pension funds, which helps them grow. Contemporary Electric has the project, with more phases planned.

The work outlook is good as hospital work in our area has picked back up at MetroHealth, University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic.

Dennis Meaney, B.M./F.S.


Pictured from left are Local 38 Business Manager Dennis Meaney and Cleveland Building Trades Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Artisan Apartments.

Lantern Ceremony Remembers Lost Brothers and Sisters

L.U. 44 (catv,lctt,o,rtb,s&u), BUTTE, MT — The Montana Lineman's Rodeo was held on July 17th. Congratulations to another successful rodeo!

  • Top Team Overall, Construction: Toby Claude, Brian Wheeler, Russell Smith (Hotline/Dry Canyon)
  • Top Team Construction: Toby Claude, Brian Wheeler, Russell Smith (Hotline/Dry Canyon)
  • Top Team Mixed: Heath Hatch (Northwest Lineman College), Jacob Hunt and Luke Bogart (PGE)
  • Top Team Utility: Jeff Hinojos, Juan Romano, Ryan Araujo (Southern California Edison)
  • Top Apprentice Overall: Brenden Johnson (Big Flat)
  • Top Apprentice Construction: Landon Wahl (Summit Line)
  • Top Apprentice Co-op: Brenden Johnson (Big Flat)
  • Top Apprentice Line School: Garrett Haley (Missoula Electric)
  • Top Apprentice Utility: Devon White (Northwestern Energy)

On July 16, a lantern ceremony was held, with memorial lanterns hung for those lost in 2020: Jack W. Altimus Sr., Robert W. Barger, Norris A. Bjork, Larry E. Clinton, Gordon M. Jackson, Albert R. Keeler, Richard L. Maynard, Chellis F. Newgard, Loren L. Ogle, Allen G. Pochelon, Lonnie K. Strickland, George J. Trevenna and Carl "Dale" Wass; and those lost in 2021: Lance W. Blessing, Carl G. Cordeiro, David Lee Farris, Stephen W. Hamblock, James A. Hutchins Jr., James A. Hutchins Sr., Robert P. Kessner, Jeffrey Knight, John D. Lind, Ronald Loesch, David J. McDonough, James J. "Butch" Mullaney, Mark R. Pappert, Francis E. Quinn, Freddie H. Simonson and James Sullivan.

Dwight Rose, Mem. Dev.


Memorial lanterns were hung to honor Local 44 members lost in 2020.

Construction CBAs Ratified,
Excellent Work Outlook for Local 46

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA — For our local, 2021 has been a very productive year for contract negotiations! Our five construction units — Limited Energy-Sound & Communications, Inside Wire, Residential, Stockman and Light Fixture Maintenance — all successfully negotiated new contracts. Two of the contracts had record-setting wage increases, and all five had improvements in contract language. Four of these CBAs had online voting conducted by BallotPoint. This was the first time that our construction units have voted online, and the member participation was fantastic!

The internship program returned in September. This program gives members who have completed our leadership classes an opportunity to learn how our local operates. Interns spend three months in the program; one month is spent in each of the primary functions of the local: dispatch, representation and organizing. The goal is to train the next generation of leadership for Local 46.

Our work outlook is excellent for the next few years. We are regularly dispatching from Book 2 and need help manning our work. Washington state requires an electrical license. The only state that we have a reciprocal agreement with is Oregon. We can help you with the licensing process: If you need assistance or have questions about getting a Washington journey-level electrical license, please contact us.

Warren Shill, Pres.


Local 46 members working in VECA Electric's pre-fab shop.

The Best out of the Worst

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,ptc,rtb,rts,st&tm), PORTLAND, OR — Against all odds, the decision was made to show our union family some love and appreciation, and Local 48 proceeded to host our beloved annual summer picnic, COVID-19 style. Rest assured, the restrictions created endless opportunities for innovation and activated our deepest creativity.

Booker T. Washington once said, "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he had overcome while trying to succeed."

Our treasured event coordinator, Tracey Powers, took the lead and pulled off this well-oiled machine: A drive-through picnic with loads of fun, volunteers and dedicated members who signed up and showed out!

The details: Hosted on two separate 93-degree Sundays in July, 70+ volunteers and staff on deck; approximately 1,675 members participated; more than 6,500 meals were served; picnic T-shirts were distributed; and participants won 128 raffle prizes! Not to mention the music, the bullhorns, the balloons, the cars, the kids, the pets and, of course, the smiles! Many thanks to everyone!

Check out what we call picnic success on the Local 48 website:

One last thing! As we prepare to reopen, the business manager is eagerly wanting to see all of you again and asks that you continue to work safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

Donna J. Hammond, B.R.


Local 48 hosted its annual picnic in July, with more than 1,600 participants and 6,500 meals served.

Steady Work and Regular Meetings Continue

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Greetings brothers and sisters: As of now (and hopefully we will not have any setbacks), our local is back to standard operating procedures. General membership meetings, new-member education, Executive Board, Exam Board, Renewable Energy Committee, Good of the Union/Stewards meetings and RENEW/EWMC are each back to their regular day and time. If you don't remember when those meetings take place, you can check the monthly calendar on the website ( or call the front office.

By the time you read this, the picnic will have come and gone. But the Christmas party is on the schedule for Dec. 11 from noon to 3:00 p.m. here at the hall. So please mark your calendars and plan to attend and enjoy some food, fellowship and Santa Claus.

With all the expansions and changes going on at Denver International Airport, plus all the other jobs that must get done, the work picture here at Local 68 is good. Book 2 and open calls are steady. The organizers have been busy ensuring that calls are getting filled. On July 12 and 13 there were 65 members in attendance at new member education. Great job to Joel Holden, Mike Lowitzer, Travis Trujillo, and the newest member of the team, Denny Garcia!

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brothers and sisters: Philip Abeyta, Harold Barber, Larry Barela, Kenneth E. Boetel, Alvin Bryant, Michael Chappell, James Collins, Mack A. Goodman, Robert M. Hartmann, John T. Lewis, George Lopata, Lawrence D. Lopez, Fred Lujan, Billy Morris, Rachel Olivarez-Sellers, Richard Radke, Joe Ramsey, James R. Riney, Eddie Robinson, Nicasio R. Sayles, Albin Simon Jr., Robert St. John, James A. Tuller and John C. Woodcock.

Morgan J. Buchanan, Pres.


New-member education and RENEW, EWMC, general membership and steward meetings have resumed at Local 68.

Paying it Forward

L.U. 134 (catv,em,govt,i,mt,rtb,rts,spa&t), CHICAGO, IL — Four years ago, during a fundraising effort, our local's delegates to the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) came up with an idea: Each of the twenty-seven delegates decided to donate $100 each time they held a meeting to raise money for a college-scholarship fund for Local 134 members' children. This grass-roots effort energized the CFL delegates, and they soon added a few fundraising events like the CFL-charity golf outing, organized by Brother Marty Dwyer, and Boxing for the Brotherhood, organized by Brother Jim Valleyfield. Fast forward to 2021, and the CFL Delegate Scholarship Fund recently awarded 52 Local 134 members' children with $2,000 in scholarship awards!

During the August union meeting, CFL delegates awarded over $100,000 in college scholarship awards to more than 50 students who exceeded expectations in academic achievement and potential, personal achievement and community involvement. The entire membership took time during the meeting to congratulate all of the winners on this outstanding accomplishment. We would also like to thank and recognize all of the Local 134 members, contractors, vendors, delegates and staff who constantly step up to a worthy cause and contribute when it matters most. #134STRONG

Donald Finn, B.M./F.S.


Local 134 (left to right, front row): Priscilla Munoz, Nicolle Petit-Winn, Marty Dwyer, Nora Casey, Robert Rodriguez, Maurice King, Mike Hickey and Fred Herringer; (back, left to right) Rich Kreski, Andres Aguilar, Wes Miskowiec, Tom Taylor, Danny Goggin, Jamillah Muhammad, Matt Cunningham, Dan Ruiz and Robert Prim.

President Biden Tours IBEW/NECA Training Center

L.U. 212 (i), CINCINNATI, OH — On July 21, President Biden came to Cincinnati to hold a town-hall meeting at the College of Mount St. Joe. While in town, he made a point to pay our JATC a visit. Business Manager Rick Fischer gave him a guided tour to show off our facility and introduce some of our teachers and apprentices. While in each lab, our teachers summarized the different hands-on applications an apprentice can learn.

Biden made a point to ask each apprentice what got them into the field. Fifth-year apprentice Nicholas Patton replied that it was the pension and health-care plans that attracted him. Fifth-year apprentice Courtney Groeschen said the opportunity to earn while you learn without racking up college debt was what drew her in.

The tour came to an end and President Biden made remarks touting his Build Back Better plan to the news media, select Building Trades representatives and some local politicians. This was a banner day, not only for our local, but the IBEW as a whole. The general public got to see first-hand the labs in our apprenticeship with the endorsement from POTUS! As he candidly said, "It's no wonder you guys are the best."

Work remains steady.

Editor's Note: In case you missed it, read more about President Biden's visit to Local 212 in last month's Electrical Worker.

Phil Bovard, P.S.


In July, Local 212 and other Building Trades members gathered for a meeting with President Biden (left to right): Courtney Groeschen, Nicolas Patton, Bill Froehle (UA Local 392), Rob Guthrie, Chris Fridel, Pres. Jason Mischke, Kelly Huber (front), Business Manager Rick Fischer, Dave Baker (Ironworkers Local 44), Dan McCarthy, Charlie Kenser, Dan Mahoney and Stephen Randolph.

Full Membership Employment and Summer Softball

L.U. 236 (catv,ees,govt,i,mo,rtb&t), ALBANY, NY — Thanks to everyone who attended our Family Fun Day, Golf Outing and Steak Bake and were a part of making them a success! Between these events, activities like the Local 236 softball games and full membership employment, this past summer really has been great for us. Even Rep. Paul Tonko from New York's 20th Congressional District came out to see the softball team! We are pleased to have partners such as the congressman to ensure that labor's voice is heard when it comes to making policies that directly and substantially impact our careers.

The work picture has been strong for the past few months with the usual summer school projects, as well as many large-scale solar fields that are expected to carry on for some time. Though a brief slowdown is expected at the tail end of 2021, large projects, such as offshore wind turbine manufacturing at the Port of Albany, are already slated to happen next spring; that should make 2022 another strong year.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of Local 236 as we strive to make it a better place for electricians to be every day.

Mike Martell, A.B.M.


U.S. Representative Paul Tonko with Local 236 softball team members.

Remembering Timothy Robert Nicol

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR — Timothy Robert Nicol was born in Evanston, Ill., on Sept. 15, 1952, and died in Junction City, Ore., on July 10 at the age of 68. For the past eight years, he has battled frontotemporal dementia and is now at peace.

Tim spent his younger years in Milwaukee, Wis., before moving to Lake Villa, Ill., where he graduated from Grayslake High School in 1970.

He met the love of his life, Janice Adams, and on April 3, 1971, they were married; they reached their 50th-wedding anniversary milestone this year.

Tim lived a short time in Antioch, Ill., before relocating to Junction City, Ore., where they raised their three boys and were fulfilled with a lifetime of memories with family and friends.

Tim became an IBEW member, joining Local 150 in 1971 while still in Illinois. When he and Jan relocated to Oregon, he worked as a traveling journeyman electrician on the road for about 11 years before joining Local 280 in Tangent, Ore., in 1986. He worked proudly as a union electrician and served a term as a Local 280 Executive Board member and a term as vice president. In 1998, he was hired by Local 280 to work on building-code enforcement and began to lobby the Oregon Legislature, working tirelessly to improve licensing and conditions for all Oregon electricians. Tim later was promoted to political coordinator for Local 280. In 2006, he was elected business manager. His election slogan was "Get Your Nicol's Worth."

Drew Lindsey, B.M./F.S.


Timothy Robert Nicol (Sept. 15, 1952 - July 10, 2021).

Local 292 Highlights EVIPT Training

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — As we head towards fall, calls have been few, but steady; the number on the out-of-work book has been consistently, slowly decreasing. The Minnesota Legislature finally finished its work earlier this summer. Several alternative energy initiatives were passed, providing for incentives for the construction of solar on schools, EV infrastructure and increased energy efficiency goals — all of which we hope will equate to more work for our members.

Local 292 members have been involved in negotiations throughout the summer for several contracts that affect an overwhelming majority of our membership. The inside agreement, which was the largest, was settled in May. Negotiations for the Limited Energy agreement and the twelve-county addendum are continuing as of this writing on Aug. 1.

Also, our local purchased its first all-electric vehicle. By highlighting the industry in which we work, we are doing our part to promote President Biden's plan to increase electric vehicle infrastructure across the country. EVIPT training is now offered at our JATC, and there has been steady interest. Local 292 is trained and ready to do the work to help electrify America.

Andy Snope, P.S./B.R.


Local 292 purchased its first all-electric vehicle, with the license plate exclaiming "Green Work Force 292."

Work Persists as Local 364 Adapts to New Normal

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — Work in our local remains extremely busy as we head into the last quarter of 2021. It has been a challenge as we adapt to our new normal, with COVID-19 protocols now being part of our daily lives. We can come together for meetings and gatherings but remain ever vigilant of outbreaks as breakthrough cases continue.

Work at the Facebook Data Center remains red hot with well over 550 IBEW members onsite. As the buildings take shape the future looks very promising with work scheduled into the fall of 2022. As of this writing, the Hard Rock Casino in Rockford has not begun yet, but the temporary casino on the site of Giovanni's Restaurant should be wrapped up. Once the final permitting is approved more information will be available on this much-anticipated project, which is several years in the making.

We would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our traveling brothers and sisters who have manned this work, and we hope everyone stays safe and well as we navigate these challenging times.

Brad Williams, Mem. Dev.

Local 446 Apprentice Class of 2021

L.U. 446 (i), MONROE, LA — We would like to congratulate our 2021 class on a job well done! This group of young men worked through restrictions, lockdowns and major hurdles as so many people have throughout this pandemic; being essential workers, they stood their ground and worked through it all, each earning the title of journeyman wireman. Your dedication and hard work will inspire future apprentices and young people: If you work hard and put in the dedication to learn, you can accomplish anything!

Best wishes to the class of 2021: Joshua Absher, Brandon Bloomer, Jacob Coleman, Clifton Grafton, Harold Hogue, Seth Miller, James Scalia, Dylan Sellers, George Smith, Sawyer Southern and Tanner Tyree.

We are honored that these young brothers will be representing the IBEW for many years to come with their skills, professional disposition and eagerness to learn. Please remember to work safely and cautiously!

Best wishes from Local 446 (members, officers, retired members and our families), fellow apprentices, instructors and Monroe JATC staff.

Ken Green, B.M.


Graduates of the Local 446 Apprentice Class of 2021 (left to right): Seth Miller, Harold Hogue, Brandon Bloomer, Clifton Grafton and George Smith.

New Class of JWs

L.U. 640 (em,govt,i,mo,mt,rts,spa&u), PHOENIX, AZ — Hello brothers and sisters: We would like to welcome 54 new journeymen wiremen from the class of 2021 to our ranks!

The work picture is very strong and should be unprecedented for the near future: Intel, data centers, hospitals, a new micro-chip plant and various commercial projects are all keeping Local 640 busy.

We are going to need a lot of help, and it's already a walk-through. We hope to see you here! Stay well, brothers and sisters!

Tim Wilson, P.S./B.R.

Local 702 Launches Large-Scale Solar Effort

L.U. 702 (i,o,u,uow,em,rts,rtb,spa,t,catv,lctt,cs,c,es,govt,mt,mo,ptc,se,
st,ws,as, et,it,p&pet), WEST FRANKFORT, IL — In July, we were excited to hold our first union meeting in over a year, but that excitement was quickly diminished as we needed to suspend meetings again due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases across our jurisdiction. The staff of the local continues to serve the membership throughout the pandemic and can always be reached with questions or concerns.

For our inside branch, we have launched (and supported financially) our largest effort in the solar market to date. The intention is that the IBEW, specifically Local 702 in this area, will be the best and only option for customers evaluating and eventually installing this type of renewable energy source into their homes.

We have a first agreement for the newly organized Electric Department at the city of Malden, Mo., and welcome those five members to the union. We continue to negotiate for a first agreement with the city of Poplar Bluff, Mo., in their Street, Motor Pool and Cemetery Departments.

As of this writing, our referral books are as follows: Inside Construction — 73, Outside Construction — 29, Line Clearance — 4.

Mark Baker, P.S./B.R.

Changes in Local Leadership, Retiree Club Going Strong

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — Hello brothers and sisters: We have missed a few issues, so I apologize for that. It has been a crazy year for all of us. I want to let everyone know that the Retiree Club is going strong; please contact the hall if you would like to be involved.

We would like to congratulate Eugene "Geneo" Penta for being a faithful member of the IBEW for 50 years! What an accomplishment! We appreciate Geneo more than he knows: He was a past officer and steward, and he volunteered more hours to union activities than we could count over the years. Even today, he brings us updates on retirees and attends every regular unit meeting. Thank you, and congratulations!

We want to wish Trico Unit Chairman Andy Betancourt best of luck in his new endeavors as a construction supervisor. Replacing Andy on the Executive Board is Matt Frederickson, a long-time union member and steward. Join us in welcoming Matt; we are glad to have him aboard.

Alonso Durazo is our new business representative, reporting to Business Manager Sarita Morales. Alonso is a member in good standing, coming to us from Asplundh Tree Service. Alonso was a union steward during his time at Asplundh. Stop by the hall and introduce yourself!

I am hoping to retire in 2022, so if you are interested in the press secretary or recording secretary (or both) position(s), please contact President Greg Carter.

Business Manager Morales is still trying to get SSVEC to agree to a bargaining agreement. They are doing all they can to prevent forward movement and the success of their employees to ratify a contract. Some of the employees have requested a de-certification election, but that will hurt them in the end.

At the time of writing, most of us are still working remotely, although Tucson Electric Power is having a "soft opening" that will allow 25% of employees on each floor to work in the office at one time. We have had many changes in leadership, which generally puts our members in a rough spot until new management can learn the contract and understand the meaning of the language.

Please attend your unit meetings. Get involved. Thank you for all that you do each day, for working hard and showing those around you what it means to be a member of the IBEW. Remember, this is your local and you have a voice, but you have to use it.

Sharon Williams, R.S./P.S.

Local 1250 Held Annual Solidarity Ride

L.U. 1250 (c,em,i,o,t&u), RAPID CITY, SD — On Aug. 8, 2021, our local held its annual Solidarity Ride during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Attending the ride this year were presidents and vice presidents from seven different IBEW motorcycle clubs throughout the United States. We had a successful, fun ride through the Southern Hills. Congrats to Poker Run winners Andy Spindler (first place) and Ron Iverson (second place). Thanks to all who attended and a big thanks to Locals 22, 134, 357 and 426, who donated items for door prizes. We hope to see everyone back next year.

Randy Stainbrook, B.M.


In August, Local 1250 held a Solidarity Ride, with presidents and vice presidents participating from IBEW motorcycle clubs around the U.S.

GOTV for Virginia Elections

L.U. 1340 (i&o), NEWPORT NEWS, VA — Members and family were finally able to gather in person at our recent picnic on June 12 at Fort Monroe, in Hampton, and around 100 braved some cloudy and windy weather to dine on burgers, dogs and barbecue; listen to good music; and play cornhole for the afternoon. Many retirees joined new families and those who traveled from out of town to attend, and many old and new friendships were celebrated. All enjoyed a chance to share time with each other, and photos are posted on Facebook. Our general union meetings have been held in person since March as things return to a more normal setting.

Upcoming elections in Virginia are focusing attention on state-wide races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates. Candidate interviews are underway through the local labor councils, and labor endorsements will be made by the time this article appears. As always, members are encouraged to become familiar with the candidates and their stand on issues and vote in November.

It is with regret that we report the passing of the following brothers: Danny Campbell (2/25), George Gardner (6/01), Doug Lund (7/12), Otis Marshall (3/13), Roger Ramsey (7/03) and Robert Settle (6/13).

Jim Avery, P.S.


Service pins were presented at the July Local 1340 retirees meeting (from left, standing): James Walker Sr. (55 years), Larry Day (50), Larry Hudson (50), Mike Bryan (60), Guy Mugler (60), Business Manager Jeff Rowe; (front, kneeling): Kermit Ames (60) and Joey Watterton (50).