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November 2021

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Proud to be IBEW

After reading your latest article on President Biden's moves with respect to the NLRB, I can't be a prouder union IBEW member. To think of the moves that were made against labor with prior federal and state administrations, this is simply a big breath of fresh air!

I am comfortably retired after 40 years as an inside wireman, and I couldn't be prouder of the IBEW and the possibilities it afforded me.

Hard work pays off, and that should be a tribute to those that sacrificed and dug deep to keep the labor movement strong, in spite of those opposing us.

Great article, great progress.

Jeff Campbell, LU 654 Retiree
Chester, Pa.

Editor's Note: See the article "Pro-Worker Majority Restored at NLRB in a Summer of Progress for Labor" in the September 2021 issue of The Electrical Worker.