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November 2021

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Brother Terry Sheridan Retires

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Assistant Business Manager/Business Representative Terry Sheridan retired on July 30. Terry had a long career at ComEd, beginning on May 29, 1980, when he was hired as a meter reader. Over his 41-year career, Terry held positions as overhead electrician, overhead electrician special and overhead crew leader. Terry was involved in the IBEW as a steward, chief steward and then business representative in 2007.

Terry was promoted to assistant business manager in 2012. While serving the members of Local 15, Terry was very active in addressing the political needs of the union, and he attended educational classes to help benefit the membership. Local 15 President Terry McGoldrick stated that Brother Sheridan was an invaluable asset to our local. He will be sorely missed by our staff and members alike.

Terry wishes to thank all the IBEW members he served and worked with over his long career. He asked them to keep the lights on and stay safe.

Local 15 leadership continues to work in Springfield, Ill. to secure legislation that supports our members' jobs within Exelon Nuclear and ComEd. [Editor's note: The campaign was a resounding success with Gov. J.B. Pritzker signing legislation in September to save the state's nuclear jobs. See our story in this issue.]

Sam Studer, P.S.


Local 15 Assistant Business Manager Terry Sheridan retired on July 30.

Return of Annual Outing

L.U. 35 (i), HARTFORD, CT — Our local recently held its annual outing on Aug. 28 at the Colchester Fish & Game Club. There was a great turnout with many active and retired members. Everyone was eager to see each other again because we had to cancel the event last year due to COVID-19.

A plaque was dedicated and presented to retired Business Manager/Financial Secretary Kenneth B. Leech, a 60-plus-year member. Our membership wanted to express its gratitude for his many years of service and dedication to Local 35.

William Moriarty, B.M./F.S.


Former Business Manager/Financial Secretary Kenneth B. Leech, a member with over 60 years of service, was honored by grateful members of Local 35.

Agreement Updates and Family Night

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — Greetings, brothers and sisters! Here are some agreement updates:

  • SCE (Air Operations Mechanics) — The first day of bargaining was held July 23 to establish a first-time contract; the next bargaining day was scheduled for Aug. 3.
  • SCE (Construction Field Force) — Bargaining to revamp Temporary Base Provisions began Aug. 31.
  • City of Anaheim (General Unit) We have reached a tentative agreement on the MOU pending final approval from the City Council, which was Aug. 1. First raise was Sept. 1, and it will be 2.5-years long, starting from July 20 through Dec. 12, 2022. The part-time contract for Customer Service was approved. They will get the same economics as full-time. There was a vote on Aug. 1, and the duration will be the same as full-time.
  • City of Colton (Water/Wastewater) — Negotiations continue.
  • City of Banning (Utility and General Units) — Negotiations continue.

Local 47 Family Night at Knott's Berry Farm is Nov. 10, 6:00 p.m. to midnight, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there.

We are sad to report the deaths of Donald Capel, John Fillius, Abraham Godinez, James Nakaso and Tim Yadon. Our condolences and prayers are with their loved ones.

Work safe and buy union!

Mitch Smith, P.S.


Local 47 team members held strong in the in annual IBEW Ninth District Softball Tournament.

Keeping Families Safe

L.U. 55 (c,lctt,o&u), DES MOINES, IA — Hello to all our brothers and sisters! I wanted to start this off with a mention and picture of the great Iowa State Fair. There may be a lot of you that have happy memories from there, and I have known many linemen who have worked there over the years to maintain service and help with safety issues. For those of you who have never been, you might want to keep it on your bucket list for next year. I was able to attend it for four days this year.

It doesn't matter which way I go from my house: I see Local 55 crews everywhere. I also see many directional boring machines. We are still very blessed to have lots of work. I can only imagine all the line crews who are down south helping to restore power. It's a lot of work in snake-infested waters, and it's very hot right now.

I hate to mention the new variant of COVID-19 that is starting to make its rounds here in Iowa. While it's frustrating that it seems like we can go without masks and then we have to wear them again, it's worth it to keep your family safe. Please get vaccinated and stay healthy. Everyone work safely, too. Never put your hands where you can't see them! See you in a couple months.

Myron Green, P.S.


The Iowa State Fair is powered with the support of IBEW members.

Protecting and Honoring the IBEW's Legacy

L.U. 71 (lctt,o&rtb), COLUMBUS, OH — Sixteen years to the day that I write this, Hurricane Katrina was making landfall, and the trail of destruction was massive. Today, Hurricane Ida hits the Louisiana coast as a Category-4 storm, with nearly one million already without power. Be safe, brothers and sisters, and remember the basics: If it isn't grounded, it isn't dead.

A lot has changed in the past 16 years, and not always for the better. It seems too many have forgotten the sacrifices made by many of our retirees when it comes to the conditions we enjoy today. We all must renew our efforts to protect our working conditions and, as lineman, properly train the next generation when it comes to working rules or simply work ethics. We all should pledge to make sure we leave the IBEW in a better place than when we started. We must continue to honor and respect those that fought for the things in our CBAs that we take for granted and hold up our end of the bargain.

Retired Brother Joseph Wilfer, journeyman lineman, passed suddenly on Aug. 23 at the age of 87. Brother Wilfer arrived in America in 1955 from war-torn Duisburg, Germany, at the age of 18. Brother Wilfer became a master electrician at the age of 17 after overcoming the tragedies of war and the death of both parents at an early age. Brother Wilfer was initiated into Local 411 in Dec. 1956 and retired from Local 71 in 1998 at age 63, but he retired for good in 2006 at the age of 71. Retirees like Brother Wilfer never had anything given to them — they fought for virtually all the conditions and fringe benefits we all currently enjoy. So respect our retirees by upholding your end: If we can do this, we should be confident that we will leave this wonderful trade in a much better position, just as Brother Wilfer left it for us. Godspeed Joseph, and rest in peace — it was a pleasure meeting you.

Bryan Stage, B.M./F.S.


Local 71's Joseph Wilfer, pictured in 2016 accepting his 60-year service award from retired Brother Bill Brenner and son Gary Wilfer, recently passed away at age 87.

Local 97 Recognized as Labor Partner of the Year

L.U. 97 (ptc&u), SYRACUSE, NY — Our local was very pleased to be recognized at the recent United Way of the Greater Capital Region (New York) awards celebration as their Labor Partner of the Year. Through enhanced efforts, which are especially difficult during a pandemic, our grassroots campaign was effective in both donor retention and development. This proves once again that, even in the face of adversity, the labor movement rises to the challenge every time.

We accept this acknowledgement on behalf of all Local 97 members who participate in their local charity campaigns, and we ask that this holiday season you commit to enhancing your impact on your community by either raising your donation or starting one if you haven't given before. Whether it's United Way, adopting a family or some other cause, union members have always given back. Let's keep that going!

Dan Machold, B.R./P.S.

Rallying on Labor Day

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — Every year on Labor Day, we celebrate the battles fought and won by working people for the rights and protections many of us enjoy today — weekends, the 40-hour work week, sick time, health benefits.

This Labor Day, several hundred working people attended a rally at the Boston Marriott Copley Place to protest the unfair firing of its hospitality workers in 2020 and the hotel management's use of out-of-state construction contractors with safety and labor violations for its latest renovation project. The rally also recognized and honored the hard work of frontline workers across Massachusetts, who continued to show up to work through the pandemic. As always, members of Local 103 were there to show their support as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley and several other local politicians and candidates joined workers for the rally on workplace equity, opportunity and safety and to "Build Back Better" with unions by directing federal COVID-19 recovery funds to critical sectors, including housing and public transit.

Local 103 also held its annual Labor Day Family Outing with food, games and fun for all members and their families. This event is one that many look forward to attending all year long.

Jimmy Fleming, P.S.

Congratulations to Local 125's Liz Shuler!

L.U. 125 (lctt,o&u), PORTLAND, OR — In August, we hosted shop steward training and our annual golf fundraiser. Check out the October article in the Northwest Labor Press for golf tournament results.

Mother Nature has been tough on our country this month. IBEW members are working tirelessly to restore power and rebuild infrastructure. Stay safe, family!

Business Representative Jeremy White left our staff in September. Jeremy has done an extraordinary job representing our membership and will be missed tremendously. However, we are excited for him to start work as a district lineman in the exact location his father worked. Best wishes to Jeremy and his wife Regan as they make this transition.

Welcome to Journeyman Lineman Jeremy Adair! Jeremy has worked for Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative for 13 years. Based on his work serving on the negotiations committees and as a shop steward, we know that he can hit the ground running.

Congratulations to our Local 125 Sister Liz Shuler, our new AFL-CIO President! Liz has been a force in the labor movement, and we are proud to support her in this new role.

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.

Apprenticeship Classes Resume

L.U. 141 (ees,i,o&u), WHEELING, WV — Greetings, brothers and sisters: The work picture remains slow in our jurisdiction, with 89 members on Book 1 as of this writing. Our local remains very grateful to the surrounding jurisdictions in our area who are providing work during these slow times.

Local 141 held its annual family picnic and golf scramble on Aug. 14. It was a great day of fun, games, food and most importantly, brotherhood. Congratulations to Local 141 member Travis Locke, along with his teammates Cody McCormick, Rocky Dobbs and Greg Honecker, for winning the 2021 IBEW 141 Golf Scramble!

Our local, along with the Wheeling Electrical JATC, is gearing up for apprenticeship classes to resume this fall; the JATC is making plans to acquire property to build a shop to greatly expand the "hands-on" aspect of the apprenticeship. This space will be used for welding classes, conduit fabrication and other training situations needing a larger space.

Kurt "Bug" Reed, P.S.


Winners of the 2021 IBEW Local 141 Golf Scramble: (left to right) Cody McCormick, Rocky Dobbs, Local 141 member Travis Locke and Greg Honecker.

Solar Farm Project Needs Many Hands

L.U. 159 (i), MADISON, WI — Work has been steady with open calls getting into Book 2. Organizers Damon Glenn and Casey Healy and Referral Agent Ken Jungenberg are working hard to fill calls. Phase 2 of the 300-MW Badger Hollow Solar Farm will need many hands.

We are pleased to welcome a very talented class of 39 first-year inside apprentices, including eight women. We believe our workforce should reflect our diverse community. As of July, we had 257 inside apprentices, of whom 15 self-identify as being minority (5.8% of all apprentices) and 25 who are women (9.7% of total). There are 12 VDV (low-voltage) apprentices, of whom 12 are male and one self-reports as being a minority.

Our constituent groups keep busy helping out in the community. The mentoring program is underway. In August, the Women's Committee held a meet-and-greet, with a clothing and gear swap, to welcome newcomers. There was an enthusiastic turnout of 24 women.

Mid-November will be the official lights-on for our annual winter display, Fantasy In Lights, but the event began months in advance. Our retirees have been hard at work since June, fixing and preparing the displays and equipment.

Sue Blue, B.M.


The Local 159 Women's Committee held a meet-and-greet in August, with a clothing and gear swap, to welcome newcomers.

Local 177 Hosts Contractor Class

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,govt,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL — Recently, our local hosted a contractor class for members who are new IBEW electrical contractors or are interested in becoming one. Thanks goes out to Locals 1205, 606, 756 and 915 for sending brothers and sisters to participate. The class was taught by Matt Kolbinsky, a brother from Local 212 and the owner of Pro Union Consulting, LLC. It covered five days of material that will help members to get a new business off the ground or fine tune their existing business. It also covered emerging markets such as solar, stored energy and EV charging stations. More contractors will assist in gaining additional market share in our area, which is our ultimate goal.

Currently Local 177's work outlook is doing very well, but we are having the same problem that many locals are having with providing manpower for contractors. The dry-dock rework project at Kings Bay Naval Base is in full swing, as are many hospital projects and FIS work.

We have been hit hard with COVID-19 this summer, losing two more brothers to the virus; but hopefully we all are moving in the right direction with this terrible pandemic by the time this issue prints.

Alan Jones, B.M./F.S.


Local 177 recently hosted a class for new union contractors, with Brother Matt Kolbinsky of Local 212 instructing.

IBEW Continues to Rise to the Challenge

L.U. 245 (govt,lctt,o,rtb&u), TOLEDO, OH — Our local would first like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. This global pandemic continues to present our local, along with the rest of the world, with numerous challenges. As of this writing, we are less than a week away from participating in the annual Toledo Labor Day Parade. We are anticipating a great turnout from our members and their families, who will line the streets of downtown Toledo along with many service vehicles.

As of this writing, negotiations with Energy Harbor at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant and Henkels & McCoy Teledata are still ongoing, and we hope to reach agreements soon. Three of our contracts are set to expire before the end of the year: Nelson Tree Service, Walleye Power Bay Shore Plant and the Rossford Fire and Rescue Department. The negotiation process is underway for these three contracts. Work for our Outside Construction branch is slow as of this writing; however, we were excited to welcome 20 new apprentices to the ALBAT program in September.

In utility news, Toledo Edison members had the opportunity to be trained on a new safety trailer, which will be used to educate the public on electrical safety. This trailer is meant to teach the public and our safety personnel the importance of knowledge of downed power lines, back feed and other electrical hazards.

Local 245 would like to congratulate newly elected Recording Secretary Michael Padgen. Michael is a journeyman lineman and has been a member of Local 245 for over five years.

We know it's been a busy year for storms, and we want to thank all of our members for their hard work and dedication to safety while traveling to assist in restoration efforts. We also want to thank those who have stayed back to ensure that the safe, reliable power we are all accustomed to is maintained. We have seen your commitment firsthand over the past year as we faced devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms, along with the hardships presented by the pandemic. Please continue to be safe, both at home and at work!

Brian Gendaszek, P.S.


Local 245 partner Toledo Edison's new safety trailer is being used to educate the public on electrical safety issues such as downed power lines, back feed and other electrical hazards.

Sign of the Times

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — Many of our organizing efforts and our community relations rely on effective messaging. So what better way to bring a message to your target audience than a mobile, digital, LED billboard? Local 269 recently purchased a new, state-of-the-art messaging board to augment its presence throughout our territory. Whether displaying messages that bring the public's attention to unfair labor practices by our nonunion competitors or a simple holiday greeting to our surrounding communities, the mobile-message board ensures that the local can bring its message directly to the people whose attention we are seeking. Dedicated members with picket signs and sandwich boards, along with giant inflatable "fat cats" and non-union "rats," will now be joined by a high-tech billboard, which will leave no doubt to the intention and the purpose of the labor movement.

The billboard made its debut at the annual Local 269 members' picnic as it greeted our brothers and sisters and their families at the entrance to the picnic grounds. A good time was had by all, and the turnout was high despite the ongoing pandemic. Thanks to all who volunteered to make it a special day for our membership once again.

Brian Jacoppo, P.S.


The new IBEW Local 269 mobile messaging board displays a very relevant message outside the union hall.

Biden Visits Hometown Local

L.U. 313 (i&spa), WILMINGTON, DE — President Biden stopped by his hometown IBEW local, on Labor Day no less, just to say, "thank you." He exited his black SUV wearing his signature Ray-Bans with a tray of sandwiches to hand out in appreciation. He thanked us as a representation of electricians everywhere who are helping to restore power to those effected by Hurricane Ida. As Delaware's only Inside Construction local and having stood with him literally through his entire career, it was probably easy for him to know right where to go to thank a few electricians. We, on the other hand, are eager to thank him for all he does to further the cause of labor from the highest seat in the land. As labor members, we owe him a debt of gratitude for pushing improvements for all working men and women, and he has easily been the strongest proponent of workers' rights and union issues of any president in our lifetime.

We were also happy to have International President Lonnie Stephenson there to welcome labor's best friend, who now happens to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Our retirees were happy to be able to return to their normal meetings in September after a 17-month break. As a sad note to an otherwise upbeat event, Retiree Club President Bob Lange solemnly read through a long list of all who have passed since the March 2020 meeting. A good showing, close to 60, showed up to collect their service pins and catch up with each other.

Bruce W. Esper, P.S.


President Biden at the Local 313 hall on Labor Day with International President Stephenson and Austin Keyser of Government Affairs.

Serving Deserving Members

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — Happy Thanksgiving, brothers and sisters!

This month we also observe Veterans' Day, a day to recognize the service and sacrifices of our veterans. Memorial Day honors those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. The day was first known as Armistice Day to celebrate the ending of World War I, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. Armistice Day became a legal holiday in 1938.

In 1954, upon the urging of veterans' service organizations comprised of World War II and Korean War vets, Congress replaced the word "Armistice" with "Veteran." Our CBA included Veterans Day as a provisional holiday in 2005. Local 343 has 140 total veterans within its ranks, 104 retired and 36 active members representing the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Army and Air Reserve. Member Ross Harding is currently deployed with the Army Reserve in Operation Enduring Freedom. The International pays members' dues while they are called up on deployment.

Think about the words "freedom isn't free." Brave men and women maintain our freedoms. Our union rights are also not free. Each one of us is responsible for upholding the standards in our agreement.

Keep America Strong, buy Made in USA!

Tom Small, P.S.

Gratitude for Work

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA — The message I've been waiting to hear on a continuing basis since I joined our local is, "Work continues to be great in this local." It's been a long time coming. I did my share of working on the road. I worked in every state contiguous with the state of Iowa, plus a couple more. So it's welcome news to our members and it's welcome to traveling brothers and sisters who are helping us with this bounty of work.

Due to the workload we are currently experiencing, the JATC committee has accepted the largest class in the history of the local. We want to welcome the 100 new apprentices: May your careers be financially, mentally and emotionally fulfilling. For perspective, there were approximately 15 apprentices in my class, and many of us had first-hand road experience before we turned out.

Another benefit of plentiful work is that the local's financial position is allowing us to build a new hall. We had outgrown the current hall some years ago; therefore, the local's new home in Ankeny, Iowa (just a stone's throw from I-35), is something we are all looking forward to completing and moving into.

We're wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

Mike Schweiger, P.S.


Local 347's new union hall in Ankeny, Iowa.

Major Jobs Ahead

L.U. 429 (em,i,lctt,o,ptc,rtb&u), NASHVILLE, TN — As of Aug. 3, we have over 180 unfilled calls, with major jobs in our jurisdiction. Special thanks to Local 429 brothers and sisters and all the travelers that are here to help man our work. There will be plenty of jobs available when this issue of The Electrical Worker comes out.

On July 24, the Brotherhood Committee Day of Action took place. Thanks goes out to all who attended to help in the volunteer work on the house of Retiree Joe Kelley and his wife Donna.

Brothers and sisters, please be safe in your travels and on the job. God bless the USA, and God bless the IBEW.

Randy Clark, B.M.


As part of the Brotherhood Committee Day of Action, Local 429 members helped with volunteer work on the house of retiree Joe Kelley and his wife Donna: (left to right) Dayton Layne, Randy Clark, Bart Green, Local 146 member Mitch Sexton, Joe Kelley, Jerry Lee, Donna Kelley, Mark Poole, Tony Anglin and Local 134 member Nigel Caldwell.

Local 449 Invests in Archery

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID — In collaboration with the Southeastern Idaho Building Trades and the Union Sportsmen's Alliance, our local was able to donate over $5,000 worth of archery equipment to the Bannock County 4-H. The archery equipment was purchased from the raffle funds raised at the Union Sportsmen's Alliance banquets hosted in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

We purchased the archery equipment from the National Archery in the Schools Program, and we appreciate what they're doing to help these programs thrive in our communities. NASP offers discounted archery equipment to non-profit organizations to improve educational performance and participation in shooting sports among students grades 4 through 12.

Bannock County 4-H's Nikki Dalton said, "The program should help prepare participants for district-level shoots, with the possibility of some young archers moving on to state or national competitions. It's been several years since Bannock County last had a 4-H archery program. We've had interest in it, but we just haven't had the equipment. Across the nation, 4-H shooting sports has been a huge program. A lot of counties have really big shooting programs, so it would be nice to get that going in this county."

Local 449 member Jody Bunker remarked, "I saw this as an opportunity to collaborate with the Union Sportsmen's Alliance to help the community. The main goal was to help generations of kids get engaged and participate in our heritage of archery. Special thanks to everyone involved and to RENEW members Kyle Jones and Spencer Musselman for helping raise additional funds to aid volunteers in obtaining their certification and support the new 4-H archery program."

Chris Lochridge, Pres.


Local 449 teamed up with the Southeastern Idaho Building Trades and the Union Sportsmen's Alliance and donated more than $5,000 of archery equipment to the Bannock County 4-H.

Local 569 Renewables and Battery Storage Win

L.U. 569 (i,mar,mt,rts&spa), SAN DIEGO, CA — Our local successfully advocated for the approval of the Jacumba Valley Ranch (JVR) Energy Park. This $200-million project includes 90 MW of new solar and 20 MW of battery storage; will provide clean power to 52,000 households; and creates 350 good, middle-class green union jobs for local workers. Developer BayWa r.e. added $4 million in new community benefits.

The unanimous approval of the JVR project by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is a step in the right direction to support our region's clean energy goals and good quality jobs for county residents.

We send our congratulations to Lawrence Dukes, who just celebrated being a 75-year member of IBEW. Business Manager Jeremy Abrams joined the Local 569 Retirees Club to honor Lawrence because he was unable to attend Pin Night.

We also thank all of the members that recently attended our IBEW 569 Family Picnic and our Annual Padre Day and Tailgate. Our staff is busy at work planning for our upcoming holiday events, and we hope to see you and your family soon.

Gretchen Newsom, Political Dir.


Members enjoying the Local 569 Family Picnic.

Celebrating Two Years of Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — After several months of negotiations on our state inside contract have finally come to an end, and as of this writing, an agreement had not been ratified. I will report the results in the next issue.

On Aug. 27, we graduated both the 2020 and 2021 classes of apprentices. This year's event was held at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid, and it was the first graduation hosted by Bobby Getts, our new apprentice training director. The 2020 graduating apprentices were Estevan Aragon, Victor Armendariz, Gregorio Ayala, Patrick Baca, Joshua Butler, Ryan Cosgrove, Marcello Dionisio, Jarrad Duran, Manuel Esquibel, Cade Garcia, Alan Hammack, Timothy Martinez, Eric Mondragon, Gregory Pazzi, Omar Rivera and Philip Vialpando. The 2020 Outstanding Apprentice was Marcello Dionisio. The recipient of the C.S. Mitchell award was Tessa Frias and the apprentices with perfect attendance were Philip Vialpando and Cade Garcia.

The 2021 graduates are Brendan Alarcon, Gabriel Babaldon, Shawnn Brown, Tyler Brunette, Falon Cole, Jacob Duran, Donovan Harvey, Sean Herrera, David Howard, Sheldon Johnson, Terry Lynn, Jeremy McDonald, Jared Rodriguez, Eduardo Roman and Benjamin Truijillo. Edwardo Roman was recognized as outstanding apprentice. The recipient of the C.S. Mitchell award is Ryan Buckman, and the apprentice with perfect attendance was Jacob Duran. Congratulations to all of the new journeymen and journeywomen — all of you did a great job.

On Sept. 6, we held our annual Labor Day picnic; this year it was at the Balloon Park, and there was a great turnout and plenty to eat.

On behalf of the local, I would like to extend condolences to the friends and families of Charles Birner, Donal A. Bunce, Anthony (Tony) Sanchez, Francisco Sanchez James W. Vernon, Darryn Ward and Lloyd J. White.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


Local 611's 2020 Inside Apprenticeship graduating class.

Benefit Fundraiser Supports Injured Brother

L.U. 639 (i&rts), SAN LUIS, OBISPO, CA — On Tuesday, Aug. 10, second-year Apprentice Trent Straeck was in a rollover accident on his way to work. Trent suffered major injuries to his leg, ankle and wrist. IBEW Local 639 organized and hosted a benefit drive-thru BBQ fundraiser at the local hall. Members and their families showed up to help cook and serve those who attended the event. It's times like these, as members come together to assist one another in times of trouble, that make you proud to be a part of the IBEW.

Kurt McClave, P.S.


Local 639 organized and hosted a benefit drive-thru BBQ fundraiser for second-year apprentice Trent Straeck, pictured with his local brothers and sisters. (Photo Credit: Retired Member Craig Bryenldson.)

Local 649 Updates and Highlights

L.U. 649 (i,lctt,mt&o), ALTON, IL — Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Labor Day Parade and picnic were canceled for a second year. Contract negotiations are progressing for the SCIT agreement/WRLD Drainage & Levee District. Apprenticeship training commenced on Aug. 30 for sixteen wireman apprentices.

P66 Refinery projects are busy, with Book 2 brothers and sisters working.

Health and Welfare prescriptions are now administered by Sav-Rx Prescription Services.

Full attendance has been allowed for monthly union meetings. On April 30, we lost member Donald J. Schultz. We also lost William J. Titus on Aug. 20.

Congratulations to the following recently retired members: Ron Gilomen, Rod O'Dell, John Overbey, David Renner, Tim Timmons, Mike Waters and Mike Wright.

Organizer Alan Rubenstein is working with the Illinois Comptroller's Office regarding prevailing wage enforcement. Please note:

On behalf of Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza, thank you for making the special effort of coming to the Capitol to join the comptroller on today's press conference on prevailing wage. Please feel free to reach out to any of us at the Comptroller's Office. And please be reminded that if there are any prevailing wage concerns, you may file an official Inquiry under this link:

Terry Wilhite, P.S.


Local 649 members joined Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza at the Capitol building in Springfield for a press conference on prevailing wage.

Continued Service

L.U. 683 (i&ptc), COLUMBUS, OH — Work continues to be plentiful in our area. The downtown Hilton and multiple projects at Ohio State continue to move forward, along with multiple ongoing data-center projects. Our traveling sisters and brothers continue to help filling calls, but the need for more manpower will continue through next year with the ramping up of the Ohio State University Medical Tower and new data-center sites. The approval of multiple utility-scale solar projects in the jurisdiction would add to the need as well, with high hopes that this work will be done by the IBEW.

I would like to thank all of the sisters and brothers who were involved in the completion of the new Columbus Crew Stadium. Getting the stadium ready for the first game involved a big push, and the commitment of our members to get the job done shows why the IBEW is the best choice.

Local 683 members Dominic Blackwell and James Witt recently returned safely from overseas deployment. Thank you to these brothers for their continued service to our country and the time sacrificed from their families.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Mike Morey, Pres.


Local 683 sent care packages to members deployed overseas.

Local 701 Volunteer to Light Up Veterans Shelter

L.U. 701 (i&spa), LISLE, IL — Members of our local's RENEW Committee recently volunteered to upgrade decades-old fluorescent lighting at the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Wheaton, Ill. MSHV's mission is to empower at-risk veterans and their families to become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities.

"IBEW 701 understood our challenges and provided the solution," stated MSHV Finance and Operations Officer Tom Galassini. "They provided pro-bono labor and arranged for a materials donation of LED fixtures from Meade Electric to upgrade the lighting at our administrative building. What a difference! The new lighting is consistent, more environmentally friendly and is likely to lower our energy bills. Our staff is amazed and thrilled with the upgraded fixtures, and we are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by IBEW 701, which has been a generous partner with MSHV for many years."

"We are so happy with the results," added Executive Director Christine Lewis. "We cannot say thank you enough; this electrical work has vastly improved our facility."

As the day ended, Galassini presented each member of the team with a commemorative challenge coin from MSHV, symbolizing brotherhood, respect and gratitude.

For more information on the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, please visit

John Bergner, R.S.


Local 701's RENEW Committee volunteered to upgrade lighting at the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Wheaton, Ill.: (left to right) John Roti, J.D. Roti, Anthony Roti, Steve Koenig, Jim Pokorny, MSHV's Tom Galassini, Leo Serna, Thomas Imburgia, Martin Drew, Tyler Drew, Nick Johansen, Robert Majeski, Drew Petry, Ben Franzen and Todd Imburgia.

Brother David Matthews Retires

L.U. 807 (rr), NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — Brother David Matthews was given a retirement party, hosted by Brother Brooks Spoon, on July 7. Brother Matthews transferred to Local 807 on June 10, 1991, after beginning his career with Local 295 in August of 1975. David was Local 807's financial secretary for 25 years, and his knowledge and leadership will be missed.

Dave Fuller, Pres./B.M.


Local 807 Business Manager/President David Fuller with retiring Brother David Matthews.

Work Picture Projected to Stay Steady in 2021

L.U. 915 (i&mt), TAMPA, FL — It's been great having union meetings again here at our local, and even our retirees have started meeting again. Unfortunately, for the health and safety of our members and families, we've had to reschedule our annual service years and pin presentation cookout again.

Business Manager Randall King was able to send a few of our recently signed union-member contractors to a contractors' business course at Jacksonville Local 177. It's a five-day course that covers a wide array of topics from creating a business plan to generating leads and estimating, and even includes a visit to an actual project in order to estimate and come up with a bid.

Local 915 also recently entered into a marketing agreement with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Business Manager King handpicked members to give testimonials on what the IBEW means to them, and these testimonials will air during the games. And speaking of the Bucs, we'd like to congratulate them and the Tampa Bay Lightning on their championship seasons.

The work picture is increasing and should remain steady through the winter. Hopefully, by publication things will have calmed down so we can all get back to enjoying the holidays the way they were meant to be enjoyed, together.

Happy Holidays!

Shawn McDonnell, Pres.


Local 915's second-year apprentice Phavianna Sepulveda records her testimonial for a commercial that will air during Tampa Bay Buccaneers game coverage.

Local 1205 Works to Fight Hunger

L.U. 1205 (em,govt,i&u), GAINESVILLE, FL — North Florida, like much of the country during this public health crisis, has had its share of increasing issues. Child hunger has always been on the forefront of our community activism, and Local 1205 continues to answer the problem of hunger facing our community, and our leaders are always finding new partners to tackle this issue. Mackenzie Acres and Sylvia Arnold, along with our Business Agent Lanny Mathis and Assistant Business Agent Andy Starling took time out of their weekend and teamed with an organization to package 30,000 meals for the community. Thank you for giving your time to make a difference.

James Ingle, Pres.


Local 1205 members volunteered to help package 30,000 meals for the community.

Local 1347 Hosts First Golf Outing

L.U. 1347 (ees,em,ptc&u), CINCINNATI, OH — On Sunday, July 18, our local hosted its first-ever golf outing! And what a great time it was! We had eighteen holes of golf to play and a delicious fried chicken dinner at the end of the game. The purpose of this outing was to raise money for the Unity Fund, and after all of the teams had finished and gone home, we counted $382.87 to donate to a great cause that supports our fellow union brothers and sisters.

Richard Fritsche, who is one of our stewards out of the East Bend Generating Station, won alongside his three other teammates. Each player received a trophy, a custom-made t-shirt by Blackout Tees and a name plate on the home trophy that will be displayed here at the hall. Plans for next year's outing are already underway. We hope to see twice as many faces next year!

Andrew Kirk, B.M.


Winning team members of the first-ever Local 1347 golf outing celebrate with their trophies: (left to right) Business Manager Andrew Kirk, Richard Fritsche, Matt McKenzie, Tyler Verst and Nate Haley.

Remembering Rich Trumka

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD — Business Manager/President Dion Guthrie met AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at a conference earlier this year, before his untimely passing on Aug. 5. Many people didn't know he became an attorney, president of the United Mine Workers from 1982 to 1995, and then secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO before being elected president of the AFL-CIO on Sept. 16, 2009. Dion remembered a very cordial meeting at this event with President Trumka, and they had the opportunity to discuss a lot of politics, both on a federal and local level. He stated that we lost a great man and passing at 72 was much too early for anyone; however, Trumka was someone who worked very hard and put in many more hours than normal, which more than likely led to his untimely passing.

Steve Boyd, F.S./P.S.


Business Manager/President Dion F. Guthrie with former President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka.