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January 2022

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What a Union is All About

I just finished reading the December issue of The Electrical Worker and the article about utility workers in Puerto Rico becoming part of Local 222 in Orlando, Fla. What a great story! To me, belonging to a union is what it is all about, providing a good life for yourself and your family while making successful employers and communities.

As unions we need to build and expand upon that foundation. Being a retiree after 32 years in the trade, I am thankful for the opportunities being an union electrician gave me. I would suggest any young journeyman or journeywoman to not be too proud to ask questions or for help if you aren't familiar with a work assignment. I should have practiced that more often. Our trade skills are too varied for a person to know it all. Also, I would recommend to work outside your local within your state or out-of-state to appreciate the diversity and skill of the IBEW membership. There are lots of good people. I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Philip Heim, Local 343 retiree
Rochester, Minn.

Verse for the Brotherhood

My late brother, Henry J. "Hank" Weston wrote this poem in June 1993. He was a proud 40-year member of Nashville, Tenn., Local 429. He traveled all across the country from New York to California and Florida, Texas to North Dakota, and loved meeting new brothers along the way. He'll be missed.

'We Care'

We are the UNION
You and I
The things we fight for
Some wonder why
Some say we are lazy
And don't want to work
Others know the truth and
Don't listen to those folks
If you screw a brother
You best beware
Because we are the IBEW
And we care.

William H. "Billy" Weston, Local 429 retiree
Nashville, Tenn.