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September 2022

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Elect Friends of Labor

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,mt,ptc,rts,s,se,spa,st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MO — With the summer primaries behind us, we turn our attention to the fall election and campaigning for labor-backed candidates. You've heard the phrase "this election is the most important election." I cannot remember a time when this refrain has as much riding on it as is does right now. Please get involved and donate money, time and effort in supporting candidates that are friendly towards the labor movement and our issues.

On Sat., Sept. 17, we will hold the ninth annual Electrical Workers' Local 1 Sporting Clays Classic, a fundraiser for our relief fund. This event is a favorite for members, their families and friends.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Kyle Hunter, P.S.

Local 11 Partners in Training with NECA, VEEP

L.U. 11 (em,i,rts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CA — Along with our NECA chapter partners, our local is proud to announce that we have become a training center for VEEP, the Veterans Electrical Entry Program. We will conduct our first cohort course of instruction starting Oct. 3 and running through Dec. 2 at our training facility, the Electrical Training Institute. This effort has been a year in the making, and we felt that we could do more for our transitioning service personnel than just accepting ten VEEP direct-entry graduates per year. We have also invested in advertising this opportunity at one of our nearest military installations, Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to training and graduating electricians to ultimately bring them into our membership or send them to locals across the nation.

We recently held our unit elections and would like to congratulate all the members who have volunteered to hold these positions in our various units for the next three years. The local's strength comes from this type of membership involvement and it is greatly appreciated by all.

Robert Corona, P.S.


Local 11 is proudly announcing its training opportunities with VEEP at the Electrical Training Institute facility.

LCTT Tree Jamboree

L.U. 17 (catv,em,lctt,o&u), DETROIT, MI — On June 25 our local held our annual Tree Jamboree at our training center, where we hosted over 500 members and their families. This climbing competition gives our members the opportunity to showcase their skills in five events: work climb, belayed speed climb, ascent event, throwline and aerial rescue.

The competition is divided between journeymen and apprentices. For the first time, we added a women's division as well. The winners in each division will be proudly representing Local 17 at the Michigan Tree Climbing Championship in September on Belle Isle in Detroit, where we look to capture the "Corporate Cup" for the third year in a row!

Congratulations to the following individuals, who are shown in the accompanying photo: journeyman men's division — Cody Schwartz (first), Jacob Kropik (second), Nathan Gillihan (third); journeyman women's division — Sara Routheaux (first); apprentice men's division — Christian Nederveld (first), Randon Seres (second), Jacob Davis (third); and apprentice women's division — Ebonie Knight (first).

James Shaw, B.M.


Congratulations to these skilled members who placed in Local 17's Tree Jamboree!

Hartford Electricians JATC Graduation

L.U. 35 (i), HARTFORD, CT — The Hartford Electricians JATC held its annual end-of-year graduation event for the apprentices. Local 35 celebrates "Top Apprentice" Daniel Spellman and all the apprentices' bright futures with the IBEW. The graduates can be seen in the accompanying photo, above, and include Dylan Tresselt, Top Apprentice Daniel Spellman, Ramon Acosta Jr., Jordan Burns, Jeffrey Kent, Training Director Chris Brown, Brandon Beaupre, John O'Hara, Tyler Sebastiao, Aaron Ottowell, Nicholas Johnson, Ryan Harakaly, Jake Beaudry and Jake Mokrzecki. Congratulations to the class of 2022!

Kenneth R. White, P.S.


Local 35's apprentices gathered for a photo to celebrate graduation.

You've Only Just Begun

L.U. 41 (i,se,es,em&spa), BUFFALO, NY — Happy (almost) fall, sisters and brothers! As the school year begins and we look forward to our upcoming 125th anniversary celebration, there is hope on the horizon. There may be a slight slowdown in work this winter as we see projects being interrupted due to material delays, but there are projects that continue to move forward, including Great Lakes Cheese, Foster and Crosby Halls at the University of Buffalo, Genesee County Jail and Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

We got back on track and held our fifth-year apprentice graduation on June 3. It was great to celebrate all the apprentices' hard work and give recognition to the future of Local 41. The following awards were given at the event: the Dr. Anthony Renzi Award for highest five-year average was given to Abigail Kankiewicz; the David McNamara Award for second overall highest average was given to Benjamin Boncore; and perfect attendance for the entire program was also given to Abigail Kankiewicz.

Awards were also given to our upcoming apprentices who had the highest average this year: Charles Nigro Jr. (first year), Brandon Miller (second year), Jeffrey Dombek Jr. (third year) and Paul Foster (fourth year).

Congratulations to all; it's a lot of hard work and stress, but it will be worth it in the end. The learning has only just begun. Be safe and test before you touch.

Gregory R. Inglut, P.S.


Congratulations to Local 41's apprentices: (front, left to right) Matthew Lycett, Michael Russo Jr., Matthew Waldmiller, Benjamin Boncore, Abigail Kankiewicz, Bradley Kopacz, Leonard Pfohl Jr., Michael Ferraro, Timothy Sullivan Jr.; (back, left to right) Dylan Seufert, Christopher Robinson, Troy Desing, Dylan Wojtkowski, Dylan Wagner, Joseph Difiglia, Anthony Lindsay and Corey O'Leary.

Work Safe & Buy Union

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — On June 14, Business Manager/Financial Secretary Colin Lavin was hard at work during a full-house meeting, answering questions on our next bargaining.

Our recent work developments are summarized below:

For SCE, the second day of the power production meeting regarding the company's proposal to consolidate steam, hydro and Catalina into one unit took place on June 29. With respect to SCE construction field forces, we are close to finalizing paragraph "M" with several classification updates for wages and responsibilities. After several meetings, we came to an agreement with the company on June 6 for all overtime paid at double-time rates for certain line classifications. City of Riverside — We are still in the mediation process. City of Colton (electric) — We await a response from the city's lawyer on our latest proposals to finalize the MOU. City of Banning (utility and general) — Negotiations have started, and meetings are scheduled through July. City of Vernon — Negotiations continue; for outside line, new agreement passed with over 85% voting "yes."

Aug. 5 was our scheduled IBEW Dodger night, and we hope you attended and had a great time.

We're sad to report the deaths of Douglas Arendt, Robert Loughlin, Jim Olberding and Rodney Williams, a Local 57 member working in our jurisdiction. Our condolences and prayers are with their loved ones.

Mitch Smith, P.S.


Local 47's Business Manager/Financial Secretary Colin Lavin answers questions on upcoming bargaining at a June parent-body meeting.

Scholarship Golf Outing

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL — Our election of officers was held June 10 with the results as follows: Business Manager/Financial Secretary Robert Wedell, President Robert D. Colby Jr., Vice President Clay Davidson, Recording Secretary Stacey Heckman and Treasurer Daniel Haney. Our newly elected Executive Board members are Brian Abraham, Christian Benad, Chris Blount, Ryan Brewer, Brian Courtwright, Shateveon Goforth, Jon Lovel, John McCray, Clint Plummer, Wayne Reel, Matt Simpkins, Tony Smeathers and Darren White.

This year's scholarship golf outing was a great success, and 15 scholarships were awarded. The winning team was Bob Baker, Dan Brewer, Mark Danneberger and Jason Scoles; the second-place team was Jason Dashner, CJ Lowder, Jason Lowder and Joe Lowder. Jerry Henery, Anthony Moore, Paul Moore and Chad Schweighart received the coveted dead-last team trophy. Congratulations to the following scholarship winners: Ella Armstrong, Krista Copples, Reya Corley, Tre Corley, Eric Gilmore, Shateveon Goforth, Teri Jones, Brook Kitner, Cole Kitner, Dayevion Meek, Callie Morgan, Kyler Parks, Morgan Shreves, Lillian Valledares and Kolby Weiss.

After a two-year coronavirus hiatus, our annual picnic resumes Sept. 24 at the hall. We look forward to seeing you there!

Karlene Knisley, Bus. Rep.

Brother Ted Skerpon Retires

L.U. 97 (ptc&u), SYRACUSE, NY — We are glad and sad to announce the retirement of President, Business Manager and Financial Secretary Ted Skerpon. Ted started with our predecessor company, Niagara Mohawk, 36 years ago. He has held positions with the local for the vast majority of those years, starting as a steward before moving to his first officer role on the Executive Board in 2001. Following that term, he was elected treasurer for two successive terms (2004 – 2010) and then four successive terms as business manager (2010 – 2022).

This spring, Brother Skerpon announced that he would not seek another term and instead ease into retirement. During his tenure as business manager, he navigated a strike at Nine Mile Point Nuclear generating station that was ultimately profitable for our members (although he did get arrested along the way). Among the many other challenges he faced was representing a workforce that was deemed essential during a pandemic. In addition, he chaired the New York State (NYS) Utility Labor Council for several years and sat on the Executive Board of the NYS Association of Electrical Workers, the NYS Climate Action Council and the Just (energy) Transition working group. His leadership of Local 97 and in the labor movement within NYS is unprecedented. His knowledge and experience, and that of his staff, is irreplaceable. May you enjoy a long and happy retirement, Ted!

Dan Machold, P.S.


Local 97 wishes retiring President/Business Manager/Financial Secretary Ted Skerpon a wonderful retirement.

Membership, Contractor Base on Upward Trend

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — Over the past several months, our Organizing Department has been aggressively pursuing nonunion contractors in our jurisdiction. The hard work and determination have been reaping rewards. We are proud to announce that since January, Local 103 has increased our contractor base by 12 and our membership by more than 680.

In addition to Platinum Protection Systems, Syntegra Mechanical, Atlas Electric Construction, Kelso Burnett Co., Breiter Planet Construction, EH Electric & HVAC, Stewart Electrical Contracting, Glass Electric Company, BD Boston Electrical, Staff Electric and Smart Green Solar, a major victory was the organizing of Annese Electrical Services, a respected greater Boston electrical contractor for more than 35 years. Welcome to all of our new contractors and members.

Local 103 recently held our apprentice graduation, and we congratulate our newest journeymen and technicians as they move forward in their electrical and telecommunications careers. Our most diverse apprentice class was recently initiated, adding 350 first-year apprentices to our membership.

Another successful pin night was held in June. Congratulations to the 1,500 members who were honored for their years of service in the IBEW. A special congratulations goes to William Cormay, who received his 79-years-of-service pin at the event.

Jimmy Fleming, P.S.

Local 125 Celebrates One of Its Own

L.U. 125 (lctt,o&u), PORTLAND, OR — Business Manager Travis Eri and President Larry Browning were proud to represent the IBEW at the 29th AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. On June 12, Local 125's Liz Shuler was elected president of the AFL-CIO. Fred Redmond was elected secretary-treasurer.

"It was an honor for Larry and me to witness Liz's election," said Eri. "We were proud to stand with Lance [Shuler], a Local 125 journeyman lineman, on this day. It was certainly an opportunity we didn't want to miss."

It's no secret that workers across the country are organizing, which will strengthen our labor movement. Even industries like ours, with strong union density, must take nothing for granted. U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, a former building trades union leader, has said, "It's your time right now, for the labor movement to get off our ass and do our job. … You can't sit on your ass and think it's going to come to you. You need to go out and get it."

Let's get ready to organize by educating, communicating and engaging folks about the labor movement. It's our time!

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.


Local 125 journeyman lineman and proud father Lance Shuler with President Larry Browning.

Work Improving for Local 141

L.U. 141 (ees,i,o&u), WHEELING, WV — Work in our jurisdiction is slowly improving, with 71 members currently on Book 1. We anticipate this number to be much lower when this article prints, as there are sizeable outages planned for two large industrial sites in our local.

Local 141 is pleased to introduce our latest journeyman wiremen: Congratulations to Keith Burge, Colton Campbell, Kyle Groves, Brian Murphy, Jason Perry and Cole Roberts. May they have a long and fruitful career in the IBEW!

Three members from Local 141 attended the IBEW 40th International Convention, held in Chicago in May, returning with all the latest news and information from the international union.

The Local 141 Social Committee is busy planning our summer picnic and golf scramble, and plans are underway for an outing to a minor-league baseball game for our members.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Kurt "Bug" Reed, P.S.


Instructor Justin Klempa with Local 141 apprentice graduates (left to right) Kyle Groves, Cole Roberts, Colton Campbell, Brian Murphy, Jason Perry and Keith Burge.

Eventful Summer for Local 237

L.U. 237 (i&r), NIAGARA FALLS, NY — Local 237's union elections were held on June 16, with a total of 128 valid ballots counted. The results are as follows: Business Agent John Scherrer; President Craig Horrocks; Vice President James Bailor; Recording Secretary David Felice; Financial Secretary Thomas Aurelio; Treasurer Paul Williams; Executive Board members Frederick Dumais, Cody Samol, Joe Scrivano, Jamie Swartz, Michael Walter and Jeffrey Yuzva; Examining Board members Joel Masters, Timothy Sheehan and Kenneth Smith; Alternate Delegate Craig Horrocks. Congratulations and much success to all!

On June 24, we celebrated the graduating apprentice class of 2022. The graduation dinner and awards ceremony was conducted at Brickyard Brewing Company in Lewiston. Top apprentice honors went to Matthew Ventry, who received a commemorative watch, $100 Graybar gift certificate and gear, 12-volt Milwaukee cordless drill and Klein meter and side cutters. Perfect attendance honors went to Ryan Clark, Chad Gailor, Kevin Robinson and Matthew Ventry, who were each awarded a $50 Graybar gift certificate. Again, we would like to congratulate all of our newest journeymen on their hard work and accomplishments.

Local 237's summers are typically full of events that many members and their families look forward to attending. Two of these events, the Motorcycle Run and Family Picnic, took place on Aug. 20. We will see two more events being held on Sept. 10: the Golf Outing and Stag Picnic. The Golf Outing is free to members and will take place at the Shawnee Golf Course in Sanborn; the Stag Picnic will be for our first-year apprentices at the new union hall in Niagara Falls. To round out the summer, Brother Andy Janese will be hosting the 7th annual IBEW 237 Disc Golf Tournament on Sept. 24 at Joseph Davis State Park in Lewiston. All of these events are a great way to build and strengthen brotherhood among members, revel in camaraderie and celebrate what we have all worked hard to achieve.

Brandon Lum, P.S.

Happy Labor Day

L.U. 245 (govt,lctt,o,rtb&u), TOLEDO, OH — Our local hopes that everyone is enjoying the summer and spending quality time with their friends and families. Thank you for always working hard to keep each other safe and looking out for one another.

We also wish everyone a happy Labor Day. It is easy to forget that this holiday is a day to honor the hard work of the members of organized labor. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears shed by those who came before us to help us become the union that we are today.

We hope to see everyone at the Labor Day Parade in downtown Toledo this Sept. 5 at 9 a.m. If you'd like to participate in the parade, please give the hall a call to get signed up.

We would like to congratulate the seven new members from the Power Systems Institute (PSI) program that were sworn in at the June union meeting. Remember to take the time to train these new members and pave a path even better than you had. Let's close out 2022 strong, and I hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Brian Gendaszek, P.S.


Local 245 delegates President Brian Gendaszek, Business Manager Shane Bauman, Ken Kurtz and Joel Reeder with newly elected Fourth District Vice President Gina Cooper.

Brother Glenn Isaacs Retires

L.U. 265 (I,mt,rts&spa), LINCOLN, NE — Our local celebrates the retirement of Brother Glenn Isaacs. Brother Isaacs has been an IBEW member since August of 1980. He completed the four-year apprenticeship and was awarded journeyman status in March of 1984. Having served as a local union organizer from January 2003 to July of 2011, Brother Isaacs has been a source of inspiration and advice. He made it a point to educate his fellow brothers and sisters on the things that got us where we are today, why we enjoy the rights we have, how we got those rights and why our fight must remain steadfast. Brother Isaacs has spent his life in service of the IBEW and all that we stand for. Whether it be through news reports, letters to the editor, on-the-job conversations or over a meal, Glenn could spark a conversation both productive and meaningful. Local 265 would like to wish Brother Isaacs many great years of retirement.

Local 265 has been busy. We have had several unfilled calls for weeks/months. The work outlook seems to be increasing as well. Organizing efforts have been ongoing, and we have seen some good success in recent months.

Justin Petty, A.B.M.

Dinner with Friends

IBEW Local 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — The local puts on many worthy and laudable events during the course of the year, though there is one particular event in June that many of our members have circled on their calendar. This would be the annual dinner honoring our retirees, and once again this year's event did not disappoint. After a cocktail hour and hor d'oeuvres the honorees were escorted into the dining room with bagpipes playing. After being recognized by the membership for their years of hard work and dedication to the organization, all were seated and enjoyed a top-notch dinner with an open bar for ongoing refreshments. Lively conversations, hearty laughter and good-natured ribbing were the order of the night, and there was plenty to go around. After dinner, cigars and libations were enjoyed on the outdoor patio while old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships were forged.

As the night wore on, handshakes and "good nights" became more prevalent as brothers and sisters made their way out the door and headed for home. Some you may see the next day on the job. Some you may not see until next year's dinner. And some, sadly, you may never see again. These are the reasons why so many members make it a priority to attend.

Brian Jacoppo, P.S.

Vote 'Yes' to Illinois Amendment 1

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa&u), COLLINSVILLE, IL — On Nov. 8, Illinois will vote to amend the state's constitution. Amendment 1, the Illinois Right to Collective Bargaining, would guarantee a fundamental right to collective bargaining and preempt "right-to-work" laws, which prohibit collective bargaining agreements that require union membership as a condition of employment. Vote "yes" and make Illinois the first state to permanently block future right-to-work laws.

Currently, inside work is strong and looks to remain positive, despite occasional supply deficiencies. On the utility side, System Council U-5 is continuing negotiations with Ameren Illinois.

After a lengthy hiatus from social gatherings, Local 309 is pleased to transition back to scheduled events with our union friends and families. On Aug. 19, families were invited to a Gateway Grizzlies baseball game and party. On Sept. 5, Local 309 will march in the Labor Day parade. On Sept. 30, we will host our annual PAC golf tournament. And finally, we are delighted to present the 50-year-dinner to our retirees on Nov. 5.

Carlos S. Perez, R.S.

Tri-State Kids Fishing Day

L.U. 317 (i,lctt,o,rts,t&u), HUNTINGTON, WV — At the end of 2021, we were once again able to host our annual toy drive at our local, which ensured that many children across the community had presents to unwrap on Christmas. Despite cold and rainy weather, the Christmas spirit prevailed with a high turnout of members and volunteers from our community coming together. We would like to thank everyone who came out and volunteered their time for such a worthy cause. Local members included Business Manager Shane Wolfe and his wife, Glenna, alongside their sons Samuel Wolfe (apprentice wireman) and Brody Wolfe; President Clay Mitchell; Vice President Lance Moore; Ryan Adkins (JW) and his son Wyatt; Kevin Wells (JW) and Tucker Watts (apprentice wireman). There were also several volunteers from our community: Matt Simms (Dixon Electric); Tom Braley (Pritchard Electric); Lisa Harper (Hatzel & Buehler Electric); and representatives from TCR Country radio station, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Huntington and St. Joseph's High School.

More recently, after receiving donations from Local 317 LLMCC; Locals 369, 575 and 968; Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 83; and Boilermakers Local 667 we once again hosted our Tri-State Kids Fishing Day. This is the first time since 2018 that we have been able to host this event due to COVID-19, and it turned out to be a great success. This year we gave out over 160 fishing poles to the children that attended and provided lunch for over 400 people. We hope to continue with this event year after year as it seems to be popular with the community.

Shane Wolfe, B.M.


Local 317's members, friends and families gathered for the IBEW-sponsored Tri-State Kids Fishing Day.

Brotherhood of Hearts and Minds

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — Happy Labor Day, brothers and sisters! This day we celebrate the successes of organized labor and the rewards that union membership offers us. We also remember Patriot Day this month. On Sept. 11, 2001, the IBEW lost 21 members from Local 3 (17) and Local 1212 (4), at the World Trade Center attacks. Sadly, 343 NYC firefighters died at Ground Zero.

Our international union covers approximately 738 locals representing 42 IBEW trade classifications. Check out the tramp guide (Local Union Directory) for a glimpse of the IBEW's range. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood that is larger than any one of us, but individually we can make a difference. Get involved in the local's activities. Care for others in need. Give respect when respect is due. Belonging to the union can be more than just going to work each day. The IBEW is a brotherhood of hearts and minds.

Keep America Strong — Buy "Union Made in the USA."

Tom Small, P.S.

Celebrating Labor Day

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA — After two years of sparse social gatherings, with no Labor Day celebration or parade, the Des Moines Labor Community is planning a full blowout of a parade. Plan on attending!

As reported in the last Local 347 entry, EP2 has been hiring Afghan refugees. The new hires see the value of belonging to the union and representing their bargaining unit. Since the last report, their numbers have doubled and they are now at 50. Local 347 wishes to extend a welcoming hand to all.

The new union hall is being received as a big improvement for Local 347. The reaction of the members and staff has been positive by a large majority. If you haven't attended a meeting in a while or taken a tour of the hall, stop by and check it out.

The Eleventh District Progress Meeting was held June 22 - 24 in Des Moines. One message driven home during the meeting is that cultural diversity is a priority of the IBEW. That is how organized labor comes to exist. Raising the pension benefit was also discussed.

The work outlook in Local 347 continues to be positive. Apple's Project Morgan is on the cusp of taking off.

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves. – Lane Kirkland

Mike Schweiger, P.S.

Celebrating Local 357 Apprentices

L.U. 357 (c,i,mt&se), LAS VEGAS, NV — The Electrical JATC of Southern Nevada is pleased to announce that the 2022 annual graduation ceremony was held on May 14 at the Local 357 union hall. Training Director Madison Burnett and Assistant Training Directors Douglas Ziegenhagen and Matthew Apfel had the honor of presenting this year's 51 inside wiremen and eight installer technicians. Guest speaker Rep. Dina Titus addressed the apprentices and guests. A dinner sponsored by the Southern Nevada IBEW/NECA LMCC followed the ceremony later that evening at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas.

David A. Evans received this year's award for Outstanding Apprentice Wireman. Ryan T. Finnegan received the Installer Technician Outstanding Apprentice award. The Mike Laux award (for most union meetings attended) was awarded to three graduates: Jose G. Gonzalez, Jessica A. Ritchie and Melanie R. Zavala. The Clyde Green Sr. Memorial award (highest GPA for minority students) went to Manuel Limon and Kristy K. Yegge. Perfect attendance awards were presented to Nathaniel S. Black, Jessica L. Dougherty, Manuel Limon, Jermond K. Nicholas, Kristy K. Yegge and Melanie R. Zavala.

Thanks to Amanda Rooth for her work on this article.

Julie-Ann Peeples, P.S.


Congratulations to Local 357 apprentices, who graduated on May 14 with honors.

How to Save a Life

L.U. 459 (catv,ees,em,govt,mt,ptc,so&u), JOHNSTOWN, PA — Our local proudly presented the IBEW Lifesaving Award to Brothers Bret Vanderpool and Travis White. Employed at Penelec/FirstEnergy Corp. in Towanda, Penn., these two journeymen linemen, along with former Local 459 member Gene Rockwell, were involved in a routine line repair when they noticed smoke coming from a nearby residence. They did not hesitate and sprang into action as they grabbed a ladder and saved two residents from their burning home. Brother Vanderpool climbed in the house and fought smoke and flames to bring an elderly fire victim to the window and carried her down the ladder. This selfless act of bravery serves as an inspiration to all in the IBEW, and we at Local 459 could not be prouder of our union brothers' actions on that day.

Barry Hixson, B.M./F.S.


Brothers Travis White, Barry Hixson (business manager), Bret Vanderpool, and Gary Hummel (shop steward) from Local 459 display their Lifesaving Awards.

Top-Notch Awards

L.U. 481 (ees,em,i,mt,rts,s&spa), INDIANAPOLIS, IN — After a couple years off due to the pandemic, the Top-Notch Standards of Excellence Awards resumed in May. The statewide event brings together the different unions and industry partners alike to recognize those crafts that stand out above the rest. Local 481 took home a couple of the top awards: the Labor Management Award and the Union of the Year Award, which together highlight the local, its membership and the progress made in the union electrical industry over the past couple of years. Without the support of the membership and the time and talents given on behalf of Local 481, this award would not have been possible. Thank you to the members of Local 481 and keep up the good work! Your participation makes it all possible.

In August, we celebrated the accomplishments of the graduates at our apprenticeship banquet. All the graduates over the last couple of years were able to walk across the stage and be recognized by their peers and family. Congratulations to all the new journeymen wiremen and journeymen installer technicians! Good luck as you take the next steps to become the next generation of the IBEW.

Blake A. Andrews, Bus. Rep./Treas.


Local 481 took home two awards, the Labor Management and Union of the Year Awards, at the statewide Top-Notch Standards of Excellence in May.

Best and Brightest

L.U. 601 (i&rtb), CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL — Our local would like to dedicate this article to its graduating class of 2022. Local 601 continues to turn out the best, brightest and finest electricians that you'll ever see on any jobsite. We're sure that this class will lead future generations of apprentices to success just as they were led themselves.

The inside graduating class of 2022 is Wyatt Beesley, Jason Cain, Jesse Cogdill, Jeff Deem, JC Ducey, Cameron Finn, Chad Marshall, Jordan Mueller, Jared Orcutt, David Ruff, Justin Wise and Michael Witt. The telecom graduating class 2022 is Eli Benfield, Dominik Harmon and Brock Tackitt.

Congratulations to the class of 2022 and the many more to come.

Luther Baker, P.S.


Congratulations to Local 601's inside and telecom graduates: (front row, left to right) Wyatt Beesley, Michael Witt, Jeff Deem, Jesse Cogdill, Justin Wise and David Ruff; (back row, left to right) Rick Mingee, Tui Lynch, Chad Marshall, Ron Becker, Jared Orcutt, JC Ducey, Jordan Mueller, Jason Cain, Cameron Finn, Jarrett Clem and Bob Withers.

Local 611 Work Boom

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,i,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — -Brothers and sisters, I apologize for not having an article in the last few issues. As of this writing, our local has been booming with work. Los Alamos, Facebook, Sandia and Intel have all been putting in calls, and most calls have not been filled due to a shortage of electricians. If you know of anyone with electrical experience or anyone who wants to be a part a great organization, have them call our union hall or our JATC.

This year, Local 611 will have three picnics, in Albuquerque, Farmington and Carlsbad; if possible, please make every attempt to attend one of them.

Under our PLA agreement, the local picked up a $7-million project with the county and two through the city; McDade got the Los Altos project and B&D picked up the airport project.

Our local was the only private-sector union that lobbied to push through the Healthy Workplace Act (HB-20). Our members now receive one hour for every 30 hours worked up to 64 hours a year; our administration did a great job helping to get this bill passed.

On behalf of the membership, I would like to send condolences to the family and friends of Nestor Armijo, Victor L. Barncastle, Victor Batchelder, Brandon Bibiano, Sean M. Bishop, Willie L. Bortisser, George P. Bowen, Katherine Katz Chavez, Thomas E. Ferdinand, Thomas Furlow, Arthur Gabaldon, Angelo Herrera, Archie L. Hogue, Jimmy D. Hook Jr., Justin L. Law, Doug Markey, Donald Marshall, Murry S. Maxwell, Thomas Noblett, Charles "Chuck" Nunnelley, Murfin Paul, Ken R. Richardson, Jon A. Rowland, William "Peewee" Stallings, Lonnie Sutton and Art R. Torres.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.


New members of Local 611 are sworn in at a recent meeting.

Congratulations New Journeyman!

L.U. 683 (i&ptc), COLUMBUS, OH — On May 13, our local's annual apprenticeship banquet was held. We would like to congratulate the 52 new journeymen inside wiremen and six new journeymen installer techs for their hard work and commitment throughout their apprenticeships.

The Chuck Bland memorial fish fry, one of Local 683's longest-running traditions, returned to its traditional first Friday in June. This year's event likely had the highest turnout in its long history, helped by the great weather. I would like to thank the fish fry committee for putting in the long day: Their hard work made the day a great success.

As in past updates, our work outlook continues to be outstanding, and we continue to have calls coming in. There are two new data-center sites, in addition to ongoing sites, that are in the beginning stages of work. Project Cypress, the Franklin County Jail and the OSU Medical Center have been driving the majority of the calls at this time. We expect the need for manpower to continue for some time, and I would again like to thank our traveling brothers and sisters for helping to fill these needs.

Mike Morey, Pres.


Local 683 held a banquet for its 52 graduating journeymen inside wiremen and six journeymen installer technicians (not pictured).

Welcome DTE Members

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA — The employees of DTE Energy Services at the University of California — Berkeley Cogeneration Plant voted to join our local this spring. Their NLRB union election in April marked the culmination of an organizing drive that began early this year. This is a notable victory for a group who have long sought stability and positive change at work, and Local 1245 is pleased to welcome these dedicated workers.

The outside line members of Locals 1245 and 47 ratified a new agreement this spring, which represents the largest total package increase ever bargained for this agreement. The total compensation package for journeymen amounts to 25.87% over five years, an average of 5.17% a year. All other classifications receive a total compensation package of 16.76% over the term of this agreement, with an average annual wage increase of 3.35% a year.

A crew of Local 1245 members from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District SMUD volunteered to travel to Navajo Nation to turn the lights on for families who have waited far, far too long. Nearly one in three families living on the Navajo Nation reservation — around 15,000 households — do not have access to electricity in their homes. They account for 75% of all unelectrified homes in the United States. This is the second time a crew from our local has participated in the "Light Up Navajo" initiative, which launched in 2019.

After a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, the PG&E/IBEW 1245 West Coast Lineman's Rodeo returned this spring, with more than 20 apprentices and around 60 journeymen linemen participating in this time-honored tradition. The rodeo showcases the unique, exceptional skills that linemen utilize in the field every day — but in this case, they're in a simulated environment with hundreds of spectators cheering them on. Local 1245 is home to some of the most elite lineman's rodeo competitors in the nation, and they were thrilled to show off their abilities once again in this friendly-yet-fierce competition.

Rebecca Band, Comm. Dir.


DTE workers (from left) Scott Steymans, Paul Avila and Manuel Medina are all smiles after winning their IBEW 1245 union election on
April 19.

Where Do We Go From Here?

L.U. 1347 (ees,em,ptc&u), CINCINNATI, OH — On May 31, the William H. Zimmer generating station along the banks of the Ohio River produced its last megawatt of electricity. This 1300-megawatt plant started construction in the early 1970s as a nuclear plant. Before construction could be completed, public outcry forced a change in direction, and this station is known as the world's first nuclear-to-coal conversion.

After coming online in 1991 as a coal-fired plant, Zimmer has seen many changes in the power industry. Even though ownership passed among several companies throughout the years, one thing has remained a constant for this plant: the IBEW. With the first Local 1347 members coming onboard in 1974, Zimmer has been a source of excellent union jobs for the area, employing literally generations of families through parents, children and grandchildren. This closure has been a blow to not only our union brothers and sisters, but also to all the contractors, suppliers and surrounding communities. In these times of uncertainty, every plant shutdown creates a weaker electrical grid in our country. It appears that this situation will continue, creating even more demand on all members of the IBEW to keep providing leadership and stability for our future.

Andrew Kirk, B.M.

Sister McMaster, Tradeswoman Hero

L.U. 1547 (c,em,i,lctt,o,ptc,t&u), ANCHORAGE, AK — Local 1547 is extremely pleased to share that our local's wireman apprentice Jackie McMaster has been selected as one of NABTU's Tradeswomen Heroes for July 2022!

Jackie was accepted as a wireman apprentice into the Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship in early 2020. She has worked construction in Juneau since she started the program and receives glowing reviews from journeymen she has worked with. Jackie balances motherhood, a demanding job and required out-of-town classroom assignments while still finding time to frequently volunteer at IBEW events and attend monthly general meetings in Juneau.

Melinda Taylor, Comm. Dir.


Local 1547 wireman apprentice Jackie McMaster was selected as one of NABTU's Tradeswomen Heroes in July.


Successful Seminars at LIEC

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, SUFFOLK CHAPTER — Our chapter was invited by our union to spend three days at the Long Island Educational Center in June. When we arrived we were greeted by the pension director of our union, Maureen Steiger, who told us a little about the history of the LIEC. Our chapter chairman, Richard Duva, welcomed everyone and explained that we would be attending seminars on Tuesday and Wednesday, which turned out to be very interesting and informative. We also heard from a speaker who explained Finance 101 and Erica Vines, a nutritionist from our union.

On Tuesday we had a catered barbecue lunch, which was delicious. Our thanks to Kevin Conley, our entertainment chairman, for all his hard work. After the barbecue, we had a dessert bar with make-your-own ice cream sundaes.

In his closing remarks, Richard Duva reminded everyone how important it is to stay active politically and back the union to preserve our benefits. His wife wished everyone a safe and happy summer.

Thanks to Frank Bono for bringing out some of his games. We had lots of fun. Our June meeting was very well attended, as we had our usual traditional catered luncheon. The chairman asked for a committee report. Kevin Conley spoke about our upcoming holiday party, and he indicated that he would have more information at our September meeting. The chairman reminded everyone about attending and marching in the Labor Day Parade and congratulated our new officers: Ray Palumbo, treasurer, Beatrice Constantine, financial secretary and Kevin Conley, entertainment chairman.

Harvey Goldman, P.S.

Trip Planning Resumes

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 26, WASHINGTON, DC — Brother Rick Warner has already started to schedule post-pandemic trips. One went to Delaware Park and another to the Canadian Rockies. If you are interested in joining an event or have a suggestion, please give Brother Warner a call at 240-472-0438. Currently he is looking into a trip to the Suez Canal for 2023.

If you want to hear about upcoming travels in 2022, attend our meetings on the second Saturday of the month at noon, September through May. In the meantime, the local's picnic was held this year in Virginia and Maryland. In August, we sent out our annual raffle tickets to help support our medical equipment program and the notice for the annual October RMC Crab Feast.

We are lending out more items for our medical equipment program! We had a great group of volunteers helping to inventory the items we keep in a sea container (in addition to a room in the union hall). We tested all the electric hospital beds and more.

Susan Flashman, P.S.


Volunteers help to inventory hospital beds and more for Local 26 Retirees Club's medical equipment program.

Local 35 Retirees Speak at Graduation

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 35, HARTFORD, CT — As retired union electricians, our chapter is involved with the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans. The organization is an affiliate of the Connecticut AFL-CIO and has a seat on its Executive Board. It takes part in testifying at the state Legislature, interviewing candidates for state offices and lobbying for just causes, and it is very active in protecting the rights and benefits of retirees. The organization is in the process of helping to pass H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, to lower drug prices of people covered by Medicare and private insurance. It also fights to protect the right to vote for seniors and strongly opposes the TRUST Act, which would cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. Representatives from the Local 35 Retirees Club were fortunate to attend the convention of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 apprentices. President Dennis Machol and I attended the graduation and spoke regarding the fact that we're a brotherhood that takes care of each other throughout our careers. We emphasized safety on the jobsites and encouraged graduates to adhere to the integrity of their trade when obtaining their Connecticut electrical licenses. We stressed that this is not just a job — it's a career that they should be proud of.

Kenneth R. White, P.S.


Representatives from Local 35 Retirees Club attending the convention of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans: (left to right) Charlie Rose, Ken White and President Dennis Machol.

Service Pins Awarded at Retiree Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 53, KANSAS CITY, MO — Greetings, brothers and sisters: Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. Summer and the heat are upon us here in the Midwest. Make sure you stay hydrated and don't overheat.

On Apr. 8, the local held our retiree luncheon. It was great to see everyone again and welcome some new retirees. This was the first luncheon we have had in the last couple of years. The following retirees were awarded service pins for 2022: David Clark, Carl Ferguson, George Fuller, Michael Kennedy, Jim Morton, Ron Shisler and Hobart Woody (50 years); Victor Kimmi and Dave Singmaster (55 years); Keith Querry (65 years); Dave Switzer (70 years); and Eldon Judd (75 years). Congratulations to all!

The 34th-annual crappie tournament and fish fry was held on Apr. 30. As usual, there was a great turnout. A lot of fish were caught, a lot of fish stories told and a good time was had by all.

A huge thank you to Local 53 and its staff for both of these events. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of work to put them on. The retirees certainly appreciate it and look forward to them every year.

There is still a group of retirees meeting for lunch on the second Thursday of every month at the Lumberyard Bar & Grill in Urich, Mo., around 11 a.m. We welcome anyone who would like to join us.

Bob Stuart, Pres.

Local 58 Club Recruiting New Members

RETIREES CLUB of L.U. 58, DETROIT, MI — August was the 50th anniversary of receiving our charter to become one of the first retiree groups in the IBEW. On Oct. 10, 1969, a meeting was held that marked the beginning of the Retirees Association. In August 1972, the association was granted a charter. Our main focus is to provide social and fraternal activities for our members. The local union is assisting us with a recruitment campaign to reach out to new retirees. We also welcome working members of the local as associate members.

This past spring, Treasurer Ray Owen was among five inductees into the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame, housed at the Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum in Kalamazoo, Mich. As a World- War-II pilot in the Naval Air Corps, Ray was stationed on the aircraft carrier the USS Wasp and he flew missions in China, Japan and the Philippines, piloting a F6F Hellcat. Congratulations, Ray.

Let's continue to keep our attention on politics. This is an important time in our history, when we must be vigilant to protect our democracy and continue to make voices be heard. Remember, grass-roots organizations are important groups that drive change.

Pat Nuznov, P.S.

Retirees Appreciated

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — On May 7, our retirees were treated to an "Retirees Appreciated Day" hosted by our local and Executive Board members. All who attended had a really good time. An opportunity was given to the retired members to be interviewed on tape on their views and experiences related to their work and their local, which will be shown to active members. After lunch, the Executive Board members and active members enjoyed listening to the stories of the "good ole days" from the retirees. To round out a perfect afternoon, Executive Board Chairman Koby Lee and board members hosted their concept of bingo games. There were a whole lot of laughs and fun going on. Speaking on behalf of the Local 60 retirees, we would like to take this time to say thank you to all of our local members, staff and the Executive Board for your thoughtfulness.

Another special thanks from the retirees club members goes to Brother Roman Sanchez for his very, very generous donation to the club's coffer. The funds will go towards a catered meal on Sept. 8.

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

Brother Gogola Speaks at Club Meeting

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — The club had a very interesting guest speaker at our April 13 meeting: Mike Gogola, a business representative and lead organizer for Local 134. In 2017, Business Manager Don Finn asked Mike to organize the unorganized, and he took on the task and did such a great job. He visited job sites and nonunion shop owners and was able to strip workers from nonunion contractors using the IBEW's set of organizing standards. Mike had success in adding 62 new shops and 427 new members, including A, C and CTA card holders to our local since 2017. Thanks, Mike: We appreciate your great efforts.

At our June 8 luncheon, we honored our members with 50-75 years of service: John A. Butler, Kevin M. Calkins, Robert Glover, Wing G. Mah, John D. Mehoney and Richard R. Noble (50 years); Thomas J. Boyle, Gregory R. Buss, Raymond D. Cardia, Richard E. Dohrn, James W. Dragon, Arthur D. Gorski, James J. Husa, Frank B. Mancinelli, Clyde A. McKay, John P. McNulty, William T. Meyer, Richard H. Petersen, David M. Prokop, David A. Thomas, Dick J. Wells and John Stenson (55 years); Ronald R. Carlson, Richard F. Dorgan, John S. Kern, Allen D. Kruger, Bernard F. Martin, James D. Novak, William C. Vanderveen, Kenneth W. White, James A. Withers and Thomas Withers (60 years); Thomas Giranio, James A. Leverenz, Robert F. Lichtenvoot, Victor E. Moreno, Frank Rubino and Robert E. Weil (65 years); Anthony Cecola, Joseph A. Koenig, Joseph C. Millonzi and John E. Peterson (70 years); Gilbert J. Artery and Burton H. Van Wetering (75 years). Thank you to all our honorees.

As summer comes to an end, here's hoping everyone had a fun and safe season.

Sue Kleczka, P.S.


Congratulations to Local 134 retirees celebrating their years of service: (seated, left to right) John P. McNulty (55 years), Allen D. Kruger (60), Thomas Withers (60) Ronald E. Weil (65), Gilbert J. Artery (75); (standing, left to right) Arthur D. Gorski (55), Anthony Cecola (70), John S. Kern (60), John Stenson (55), Jim J. Husa (55), Richard R. Noble (50), Richard F. Dorgan (60), Bernard F. Martin (60).

Elections have Consequences

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 212, CINCINNATI, OH — It is with great reluctance that I bring politics into this article; however, with the midterm elections just two months away, it is vitally important for union members and their families to support candidates friendly to labor and labor causes.

For far too long, union working people have chosen to ignore helping their own family's welfare in favor of hot-button issues that are never solved but used to panic the conservative voters. Our families deserve better than this. Hard-fought victories by labor will be on the chopping block if our political opponents win the Congress. The middle class loses ground every time this happens.

For the first time in my life, labor has leverage in the supply-and-demand equation with more jobs than workers, thanks to the baby boomers reaching retirement age of 65 at the rate of 10,000 every day.

It is time to rebuild the middle class, and this will only happen with a Congress favorable to our plight. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our fingers. Failing to vote can have disastrous consequences for our families.

Robert Schaefer, P.S.

Dinner and a Show

RETIREE CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The June retiree dinner was held at Claysville Store with 53 members and guests in attendance. Claysville Store is located just off the Katy Trail in Hartsburg, Mo., and it has been owned and operated by Local 257 member Mark Hooibrink and his wife Laura since 2002. The family-style restaurant provided excellent fried chicken with all the fixings and homemade desserts.

Condolences are sent to the family of Charles R. Bates, age 85, who passed on May 4. Charley entered the IBEW upon discharge from the U.S. Army. Over the years, he worked in many areas of the country until he retired from Local 257 in 2000. A memorial service with military honors was held on May 21 at Amvets Post 153 in Mokane, Mo.

Plans are underway at the time of this writing for the Retirees Club to attend "Dreamgirls" at the Lyceum Theater on July 20. The Broadway musical is based on the successes of R&B acts like the Supremes and the Shirelles. We hope everyone who joined us had a great time.

Connie Hamacher, P.S.


The June Local 257 Retirees Club dinner at the Claysville Store, owned by IBEW member Mark Hooibrink and his wife Laura.

New Officers Installed

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 351, FOLSOM, NJ — We have been a busy group! Late last year, we took a wonderful bus trip to the beautiful Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas light display. Our group also had a visit from agents Andy Helsel, Steve Gandy and Steve Demateo at our Christmas luncheon. At our March luncheon, we were visited by friend and brother Rep. Donald Norcross, who represents the First District of New Jersey. He keeps us well-represented in Washington.

We have another bus trip planned to see the show "David" at the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pa. Our new slate of officers were installed at our July meeting by Business Agent/Executive Board Chairman Andy Helsel. See the accompanying photo for the newly installed members and the installing officer.

Harold Mead, R.S.


Local 351's Retirees Club officers are: (left to right) Harold Mead (R.S.); Karen Valentine,, Joe Alesandrini, Kathy Hamilton (all Exec. Comm.); Dick Riffert (V.P.); Lynda Mead (Treas.); Rich Trasferini (Pres.); Andy Helsel (Bus. Agt.); Bob Campbell (Exec. Comm.).

51 Members Have 50 Years at IBEW

RETIREES CLUB L.U. 353, TORONTO, ON, CANADA — On June 7, Retirees Club executives were elected at our luncheon meeting with 93 retirees in attendance. Thanks to Ron Hart for his past service as treasurer.

On June 22, Local 353's Retirees Club hosted our annual pin award breakfast for members with 50 years of service or more. With 161 attendees, 51 received their awards. There are now over 1,150 living members' names printed in the program.

The coronavirus has played havoc with our event planning so far this year. Some of our vendors have gone out of business, but we are looking forward to our annual exchange visits to Local 105, Hamilton; Local 303 in St. Catharines; and Local 804, Kitchener.

Again, thanks to Local 353 working members trustees for providing coverage for retirees travel and benefits from their wage package increase. We believe that this is just one of the reasons our local continues to grow, as does our Retirees Club.

Our retirees e-mail list continues to grow and we now send out reminders of meetings, notice of events and the Local 353 e-newsletter.

Robert Rynyk, P.S.

Attention All Local 640 Retirees

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 640, PHOENIX, AZ — The future course of the GARR (Golden Age Roadrunners) Club, specifically created for the purpose of fostering friendships between retired members, is in jeopardy. We appeal to all retirees to attend our October breakfast meeting to elect new officers and discuss the future of this club. It is imperative that we discuss the finances of the club and what options we have for handling them in the future.

We usually meet in the Local 640 hall on the third Friday of the month, October through May. Our next breakfast meeting is scheduled for Fri., Oct. 21 at 9 a.m. Continental breakfast will be served free of charge. Memberships can be renewed or new memberships can be taken at that time. PLEASE COME — ALL RETIREES ARE WELCOME!

Ann Naddeo, Acting Sec., and GARR Board Members

Happy Retirement Brother Burris

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1042, SANFORD, FL, CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER — We would like to announce that Wes Burris is retiring after 35 years of keeping the lights on! Wes began his lineman career journey down south in Homestead, Fla. Wes moved his family up to central Florida back in 2004 and brought his passion for his work and his fellow man with him to make Local 1042 his new home. Please wish Brother Burris smooth sailing as he retires his hooks and picks up his fishing pole!

Ellen Stephenson, P.S.


Local 1042's Wes Burris celebrates being retired, not expired.