October 2022
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North of 49°
Alberta Local Helps Ukrainian Newcomers Find Steady
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Le local en Alberta aide les nouveaux arrivants ukrainiens à trouver un emploi stable en électricité read_more

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IEC Minutes
May 2022 read_more

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The Year of the Union Worker
Extraordinary Legislative Victories to
Create Union Jobs for Decades

Not since the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 guaranteeing workers the right to organize have IBEW members had a more productive and successful period in Washington's halls of power. Over the last 15 months, four of the IBEW's highest political priorities became law, some after decades of fighting, losing, fighting, waiting and trying again.

Together, they are a blueprint to rebuild the nation and the middle class, creating a lifetime of work for members across nearly every branch of the IBEW, guaranteeing hard-earned pensions and making union labor a more competitive choice in new industries large enough for tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of new members.

Trillions of dollars for new federally connected projects have built-in, permanent prevailing wages and apprenticeships, guaranteed labor protections nearly unheard of in previous legislation.

Almost as important, President Joe Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress slammed the door on trade policies that paid companies to ship jobs overseas and strangled the industrial heartland of the country.

Manufacturing in the most advanced industries, the ones that will determine which countries control the 21st century, are coming back to these shores.

In the near future, IBEW journeyworkers and apprentices will electrify everything that can be — generation, industry, vehicles and more — with steel, solar panels, microchips, batteries, inverters, racks, wires and transformers sourced and built in North America.

"President Biden has delivered the biggest boost to organized labor since Roosevelt, the largest infrastructure plan since Eisenhower, the second largest health care bill since Johnson and the largest climate change bill in history," said International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. "Many politicians have promised to deliver for working families. This one did." read_more

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Officers Column Stephenson & Cooper:
Promises Kept read_more

TransitionsMike Welsh;
Dennis C. Affinati;
William J. "Bill" Norvell;
William Joseph Pledger read_more

PoliticsNew Verizon Contract Gives Members Wage Increase, Added Benefits;
A Majority of Workers Support Unionization;
How Oregon's Union Apprenticeships Increase Diversity in the Trades read_more

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CircuitsIEC's Riley Honored with Miami Street;
Oklahoma Local Members Step up to Protect State's Fishing Spots;
California Members 'Walk a Mile' for Domestic Violence Awareness read_more

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Who We AreDaring Fire Rescue Nets
Two Pa. Linemen Life
Saving Awards read_more


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