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April 2023

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Fantasy Fundraiser, RallyPoint Rodeo and Busy Retirees

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — In early January, volunteers from our local wrapped up the 29th Fantasy of Lights fundraiser for the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. Despite being slowed by weather-related closures and subzero temperatures, this year's event still brought in $219,470, the third-highest amount ever raised. This money will pay for 4,400 therapy sessions and brings the total money raised since inception to more than $4.3 million! Thanks to all who came out and proved what a great community partner we have in the IBEW.

RallyPoint, an organization that aids military veterans, has planned several events in conjunction with the union crafts of southern Indiana. Together they will sponsor the Professional Bull Riders Challenger Series, which will be May 27-28 at Evansville's Ford Center. Much appreciation is due to Brother James Stidham, who faithfully serves on the RallyPoint board and as a Local 16 agent. Everyone who enjoys the opportunities this nation provides should be deeply thankful for all who have defended it.

The retirees are keeping busy with monthly meals, outings and volunteer activities. Check with the hall (812-867-9670) to learn more about what is scheduled.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Lights On at Baltimore's CFG Bank Arena

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD — Greetings from Charm City. As part of Baltimore's push to bring more events and entertainment to our city, over 300 of our local's members logged hours on the newly named CFG Bank Arena. Starting in February 2022, members with A/C Power Inc., Calmi Electrical, Freestate Electrical Co., Glenelg Construction Inc. and Spirit Electric worked on the electrical renovations. In addition, members with ConCor Networks Inc. and Plexus Group installed the low-voltage systems. Less than a year later, the arena was open for operation, hosting the 2023 CIAA men's and women's basketball tournaments.

Marylanders and visitors are now able to see Bruce Springsteen and many more headliners at this arena thanks to our hardworking brothers and sisters. It's good to know that companies are continuing to invest in Baltimore, as we have a skilled workforce that can deliver these tough projects on time.

This past February, our JATC hosted ELECTRI International's Industry Connect. Multiple area schools attended to receive hands-on experience with some of the cutting-edge technology that is now used in construction. Both Local 24 and NECA's Maryland chapter continue to express our commitment to showing the next generation that joining the IBEW is the right choice!

Live Better/Work Union.

Michael J. McHale, B.M.


Baltimore's CFG Bank Arena under construction.

Local 26 Celebrates Spring, Plans for Summer

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC — It's finally springtime in Washington, D.C.! Final preparations for our annual golf outing June 5 and our Virginia picnic June 24 are underway. Please visit our website,, for up-to-date information under the "Events" tab for further details and registration information.

The Local 26 Scholarship Committee is reviewing applications. The four winners will be announced in our quarterly magazine, In Charge, as well as in the next Local Lines in June.

Best wishes to the following new retirees: Douglas K. Bailey, Alfred D. Ballew, Demarco B. Bell Sr., William E. Beltz, Charles H. Bruch, Donald N. Bruch, Michael F. Byrne, George T. Crown Jr., Steven R. Curtis, David A. Daube, George R. Dean, Pietro S. Deperte, Charles W. Groenthal, Wilson Hernandez, Lawrence C. Hogan Jr., Theresa L. Jack, Barry L. Jenkins, Mike M. Johnson, Christopher L. Kendall, Vincent D. Mack, Darrell E. McNair, Frank B. Nealis, David G. Rohr, Jeffery P. Shazer, Christopher L. Thomas, Charles W. Vernon Jr., Mark E. Wiley and Kenneth J. Wilson.

The following members have passed away since our last article: Jose A. Buitron, Patrick R. Mills, George E. Morris, Robert C. Rogers Jr., James S. Tobin and Alfred Lee-Young.

Joseph F. Dabbs, B.M.

Local 34 Gives Back

L.U. 34 (em,i,mt,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — The winter chill did not slow down our local's spirit. We kicked off the year with Peoria's annual New Year's Eve Ball Drop, put on by area commerce and organized labor. Thank you to our Local 34 members who prepared the ball and made sure all the LED lights were working, as well as those who assisted in rigging up the ball with the operating engineers and oversaw the event. This yearly kickoff is a great family event that community members always enjoy.

Our membership gathered in good numbers Jan. 11 to allocate March 1 wages. A reminder for all members: Attend your monthly union meeting to stay current on local union happenings and topics affecting our membership.

Local 34 brought back our annual Red Cross Blood Drive on Jan. 19 for the first time since its suspension due to COVID. We successfully collected 19 pints of blood and had many first-time donors. Thank you to all participants; we hope to see this event grow.

As winter turns to spring, the local work outlook remains steady and book numbers are good considering any weather- or material-related slowdowns. Stay safe, brothers and sisters. We are looking forward to warmer weather and longer days.

Terry Smith, Bus. Rep.


Local 34's Pat Field at a Red Cross blood drive in January.

Local 38 Negotiates Multiple PLAs

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — Working in conjunction with the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb is committed to economic development, renewable energy and community benefit agreements, and the IBEW has already provided man-hours for the members of Local 38.

Several city-owned electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in accordance with plans for using green technologies throughout the city. Earlier this year, Mayor Bibb worked with the Cleveland Building Trades to negotiate a project labor agreement for the city of Cleveland's new police headquarters on Superior Ave. The Cleveland Building Trades is negotiating several PLAs worth an estimated $4 billion of construction throughout northeast Ohio. The PLAs will encompass major hospital systems, convention centers, ballparks and museums.

The Cleveland Guardians will begin a $200 million renovation of Progressive Field at the end of next season, hopefully not until late October.

Cuyahoga County has approved the development of a county-owned microgrid utility and has chosen a utility partner to move the project forward. The microgrid utility will be broken up into various districts throughout the county and incorporate a variety of energy sources, including renewables, battery storage and natural gas. The developer has committed to use union labor, which creates many hours for the IBEW in the utility and inside branches.

Dan Gallagher, B.M.


Local 38's business manager and president, along with business agents and organizers, met with Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb.

Local 46 at EWMC Conference

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA — Hello to our IBEW family. Local 46 is proud to report that we were able to send 20 delegates to this year's Electrical Workers Minority Caucus Conference. Our delegation represented several of our units, including inside wire, limited energy, residential and stockman.

It was many delegates' first EWMC Conference. Brother Frank Woolsey said it was the best conference he has attended! Organizer Shannon Hagen came home feeling energized and excited to share their experience and remarked on the bonds formed with our siblings from across the United States and Canada.

Sister Alejandra Alexander loved that the conference kicked off with a day of service, giving back to the community around them. She also spoke about the importance of mental health and the amazing keynote speaker, Dr. Keith Dempsey.

Dr. Dempsey made such an impact at this year's conference that the first round of workshops was canceled to allow for more time to discuss mental health issues. Business Manager Sean Bagsby remarked to me that Dr. Dempsey is the most powerful speaker he has had the privilege of witnessing.

Mental health issues affect everyone, and it is important that we continue these talks and provide avenues for our members to get the help they need.

Megan Kirby, P.S.


Local 46 delegates with EWMC founder Sister Robbie Sparks.

Local Union 50 Participates in Community Event

L.U. 50 (u), RICHMOND, VA — On Dec. 14, Business Representative Doug Williams, Chief Steward Howard Ellis and other members of our local volunteered at the Salvation Army's Christmas Depot in Norfolk, Va. This event was sponsored by Virginia Natural Gas and supported by Local 50 members, who distributed gifts and meals to local families in need of a helping hand. Events like this help sustain a continued positive view of labor unions in our communities.

"Williams and Ellis continue to find ways to support our local communities in so many ways by active union volunteerism," Business Manager John Albert said.

Local 50 represents more than 3,000 employees of Dominion Energy, Virginia Natural Gas, Monongahela Power and Craig-Botetourt Electric Cooperative.

Jason Davis, P.S.


Local 50 Business Representative Doug Williams, left, and Chief Steward Howard Ellis.

News From Local 68

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — Greetings, brothers and sisters. As is typical, the work slowed down somewhat over the winter months but is fairly steady. The work picture is expected to improve in the coming months, with a few new projects starting up. If you haven't taken your continuing-education units, check with the DJEATC and get them scheduled. This is the license renewal year. And remember, your local is only as strong as its membership! Be active. Get involved. Participate!

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of our recently deceased brothers and sisters: Terrie Beougher, David L. Calkum, Robert P. Dearagon, John L. Larsen, William R. Owen, Laura Standard and Ronald J. Trace.

Morgan J. Buchanan, Pres.

Ben & Jerry's Maintenance Crew
Sees Success in Negotiations

L.U. 300 (govt,i,u,mo&lctt), MONTPELIER, VT — IBEW and Ben & Jerry's maintenance crew celebrated another successful negotiation with increased wages, benefits and free ice cream for life — or at least until retirement. I would like to thank the members of the committee for their diligence, passion and ability to communicate with management to achieve what they did. Furthermore, I thank the members for standing in support of the committee when called upon. Congratulations!

I would also like to thank the members of the other groups (Green Mountain Power, Vermont Electric Co-Op, Barton, Asplundh) for their support, diligence and commitment to their fellow sisters and brothers during negotiations. Conversations were educational and informational. Some were passionate, but all were fruitful.

I thank all the stewards, the committee members and the stewardship of those who put in the time and energy to keep our union running smoothly. Punxsutawney Phil indicated in February that we would have six more weeks of winter. I hope you all are ready for a beautiful spring. Be well and be safe.

Jeffrey C. Wimette, B.M.


Ben & Jerry's maintenance crew recently celebrated another successful negotiation session.

Strong Work Outlook at Local 302

L.U. 302 (i,rts&spa), MARTINEZ, CA — Work for our local continues to be strong. At the time of this writing, a good number of commercial and industrial projects have begun or are preparing to start in the spring. We had our first women's dinner since the start of COVID-19 in February, and after the long absence, our sisters were able to get together and reconnect.

In attendance were (see accompanying photo): Alysia Blakeman, Canada Bryant, Reece Byrd and Mikayla Ducey (apprentices); Carol Larson (JATC instructor); Kimberlee Larson (JIW); Cheyenne Lucero (recording secretary); Amaris Lujano (apprentice); Yesenia Martinez (JIW); Robin Meadows (JIW); Beth Miller (retired), Joanna Perry-Kujala (JATC Committee member); Caitlin Rich (apprentice); Ryan Roos (Inside Wireman Committee, Examining Board member), Linda Schultze (JIW); Rachel Shoemake (assistant business manager); Melissa Vaughn (JATC instructor); and Paola Ward (JIW).

Cathy McStocker, P.S.


Local 302's women's group reconnected in person in February: (front row, from left) Rachel Shoemake, Kimberlee Larson, Cheyenne Lucero, Ryan Roos, Beth Miller, Robin Meadows and Paola Ward; (back row, from left) Canada Bryant, Linda Schultze, Mikayla Ducey, Amaris Lujano, Alysia Blakeman, Caitlin Rich, Melissa Vaughn, Joanna Perry-Kujala, Reece Byrd, Yesenia Martinez and Carol Larson.

Stronger Together

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — Recently, our local women's committee received a certificate of recognition from retired International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. The group held nominations for some positions in their committee, and Erin Gibbens was elected president and Michelle Stoffel vice president. Congratulations to those two sisters for their diligence and eagerness to help head this group.

Our local recently sent them, along with a few more members, to a conference in Washington, D.C., where they gained valuable knowledge and shared that at our local joint executive board meeting in January. The group plans to set up future events for the local and create space for them to flourish. We applaud the work they all have done in helping to jump-start the group, and we wish them much success in their future endeavors. As we all know, together we are stronger.

Robert D. Ward, B.M.


Local 340 members (from left) Gina White, Brittany Hunt, Mary Min Vincent, Stefanie Crockett and Michelle Stoffel.

Here We Go, 2023!

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — Our Byron Nuclear outage began in February and was completed March 24. This was once again another successful outage. The outage lasted 18 days with 60 IBEW members onsite, most of them traveling brothers and sisters. We thank them, as well as all those who have helped us man our work through these busy times.

The Hard Rock Casino has been moving forward, with most of the site and foundation work complete. Bids for this project should be awarded tentatively by the end of April, and work should commence shortly thereafter. This project is 30 years in the making, and our anticipation for this project is palpable. Local 364 has been a major player in this project from the beginning, so we are very excited to get it up and running.

The Facebook data center project continues to move forward. This project has seamlessly transitioned from one phase to the next, and we have to thank all the brothers and sisters from all across the country who made this project a success, now and going forward. As of this writing, we have up to 800 IBEW members on this project, but that number will fluctuate based on project completion dates.

Brad F. Williams, P.S.

Tentative Agreement Reached
With Contractors Association

L.U. 424 (as,ees,em,es,i,mo,o,ptc,rtb,rts,spa,u), Edmonton, AB — Hello, brothers and sisters. IBEW Local 424 resumed bargaining with the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta in January and reached a tentative agreement. This agreement was ratified March 8. Before the vote, Local 424 held an informational session to answer any questions from the membership.

Scott Crichton, P.S.


Local 424 Business Manager Michael A. Reinhart and Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta Labor Relations Chair Brian Halina.

Happy New Year From Local 540

L.U. 540 (i), CANTON, OH — Our local would like to congratulate all members who have reached milestones with their years of service throughout 2022.

We would like especially to recognize the following members whom have reached significant milestones: Paul McDonald, Jack Miller and Raymond Noll ( 65 years of service); David Brown and Richard White (60 years); G.D. Gregory (55 years); and Robert Blanc, John Bolitho, Dean Burky, George Christopher, Paul Clapper, William Critchfield, Richard Davis, Herold Downing, Daniel J. Haren, Howard Irwin, Wayne Lepley, Augie Mastroine, Daniel Murray, Richard Parker, Steven Richard, Michael Scott, Dale Shockling, Lester Stark, Les Wiley and Harold Williams (50 years).

Congratulations, everyone, and we wish you the best for many more years.

Rick Waikem, P.S.

Phoenix Work Picture and Great Weather

L.U. 640 (em,govt,i,mo,mt,rts,spa,u&ptc), PHOENIX, AZ — It's a very busy start to the new year for our local! The work picture is still very strong, and several large projects are scheduled for the near future. We appreciate all our traveling brothers and sisters who have come to help out and enjoy the mild winter weather.

In September, we hit a record 3,000 members at Local 640. On Jan. 20, our numbers went to 3,500 members, and we're still growing, thanks to a great organizing effort! Welcome to all our new members and to the future members on the way. And special thanks to our organizing team and to our long-time members who are welcoming these new members to the IBEW!

Work is still brisk here in the desert. We have a lot of huge projects, and many are paying over-scale incentives. The work picture looks strong for the near future. Brothers and sisters, come and help out and enjoy the weather in Phoenix! All we need is a travel letter and paid dues receipt.

Stay safe, brothers and sisters!

Tim Wilson, Bus. Rep.

January Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 728 (em,i,rts&spa), FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — Pursuing a goal requires motivation, consistency and discipline. Our local celebrates its graduates, who possess these traits. These students are bright bulbs who shine! From Local 728 to the January 2023 graduating class of the Florida East Coast JATC: Congratulations on your hard-won success! And a special shout out to top apprentice Chad Thomas!

Effie Cruz, Bus. Rep.


Local 728 graduates, from left, Christopher Jones, Chad Thomas (top apprentice), Robert Christensen, Omari Coley, Akil Adejola, John Everett, Justin Edelstein, Sean Huzell and Loogens Laurent.

News From Local 1340

L.U. 1340 (i&o), NEWPORT NEWS, VA — At our regular meeting in January, the body authorized our annual picnic to be held in late May or early June. At the time of this writing, the specific date has not been set, so be on the lookout for a mailed announcement when the details are firm. This is a popular family event, well attended by active and retired members and their families, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Construction work remains steady, with several contractors adding to the workforce at Newport News Shipyard and Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Employment at our maintenance contractors is also steady, so the work outlook for 2023 is good.

Local 1340 has accepted the following brothers into membership since November: Brandon Boulais (apprentice); Keith Liggins, Steven Lockhart and Philip Martin (JW); Brennan Masterson and Zachary Mohajerin (apprentices); and Jorrell Skipper (CW). Please welcome them to our local.

We regret to report the passing of retired Brother Louis Wayne Bradshaw of Brunswick, Ga., on Tues., Dec. 13.

Jeff Rowe, B.M./F.S.

U.S. Labor Secretary Visits Ingeteam

L.U. 2150 (lctt,o,u,em&rtb), MILWAUKEE, WI — On Oct. 27, Managing Director Mark Obradovich of Ingeteam Inc., Business Manager Bob Stone and Assistant Business Manager Mike Bruening welcomed U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Gwen Moore to the Ingeteam manufacturing plant in Milwaukee.

Walsh visited the Ingeteam plant for a number of reasons. Ingeteam is the only U.S. manufacturing plant that builds wind turbine generators. Also, it's the future manufacturing plant of Ingeteam's electric vehicle chargers and, of course, an IBEW-represented plant. Walsh was impressed with the very close partnership between Ingeteam's management and Local 2150's leadership.

Assistant Business Manager Bruening pointed out to Walsh that Ingeteam is an IBEW Code of Excellence-certified manufacturing plant, which includes eight hours of work for eight hours of pay. Secretary Walsh said that Ingeteam will directly benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act, which invests U.S. money directly to renewables and infrastructure across the United States.

Jaime Walls, R.S.


Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, Mike Bruening, Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Bob Stone, Mark Obradovich and Rep. Gwen Moore at the Ingeteam manufacturing plant in Milwaukee.