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April 2023

IBEW Technicians Again Responsible for
Super Bowl's Sights, Sounds
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They aren't seen or heard from directly, but IBEW members often play a large role in the Super Bowl. That was the case again this year, when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Ariz.

Fox Sports televised the game, meaning IBEW technicians employed by the network were responsible for pictures and sounds seen and heard by more than 113 million viewers in the United States and hundreds of millions more around the world.

It is the 10th Super Bowl televised by Fox Sports since the networks inception in 1994. CBS, which the IBEW has had a professional relationship with since it was a radio company in 1939, has televised the game 21 times. That means IBEW technicians have worked more than one-half of all the Super Bowls played, 31 of 57.

A total of 231 IBEW technicians worked this year's game for Fox Sports. That number does not include IBEW members working for local television stations and other broadcasters covering the game and events leading up to it in the Phoenix area.

Fox Sports used 94 cameras at State Farm Stadium during the game. A typical NFL game uses 20 to 25.

It was a big day all around for IBEW technicians. Earlier in the day, CBS televised the Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA tournament from TPC Scottsdale, about 25 miles from State Farm Stadium. The event is generally considered one of the top non-majors on the golfing schedule.

To top it off, Fox Sports televised three college basketball games the day before the Super Bowl. CBS televised one that day and one the day of the game.

The IBEW has helped both CBS and Fox Sports meet the demand for technicians by hosting utility training sessions for prospective new members and current members working in other branches interested in broadcast work. One such session was held at State Farm Stadium last September.

"Super Bowl Sunday is always a little more enjoyable for me knowing our broadcast members are responsible for putting together such a terrific broadcast," International President Kenneth W. Cooper said. "They are the best at what they do. It's another example of the historical importance of our relationships with national broadcasters like Fox Sports, which we've worked so hard to maintain over these many years."


IBEW technicians working for Fox Sports provided the sights and sounds for this year's Super Bowl from State Farm Stadium, seen here before an Arizona Cardinals home game in 2021.

Credit: Creative Commons user John Martinez Pavliga