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May 2023

Letters to the Editor
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The Last Storm Call

On the night of Jan. 17, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Local 37 member Colin Hume was fatally injured while working to restore power after an ice storm. His Local 37 brother Scott Markowsky suffered serious injuries in the accident but survived. Other members of their crew witnessed the tragedy, including Everard Logan. He wrote about the experience in a poem:

The clouds turned grey
And the wind started to blow
No one knew if it was going to be rain or turn to snow.

We knew the storm was going to hit,
So volunteer now or be forced to be picked.
Pack your bags now!

Time to hit the road.
Give your family a kiss,
It's part of the lineman code.

It's just another storm
I'll be back soon.

Or so we think,
Not taking in account that things can change in a blink.

My friends went up that structure that night,
60 feet in the air.
Pole covered in ice,
Barely a light for glare.

See, an ice storm had hit and caused mass destruction.
It was all crews on deck
Working storm restoration.

Working that pole trying to fix those wires
Something awful happened,
And an event transpired.

They were both up high when the pole suddenly snapped.
Everything came crashing down, no time to react.

An angel from heaven flew from the skies,
Wrapped his wings around the fallen
No time for goodbyes.

I am not a poet and don't normally write.
I'm just expressing my emotions keeping everything in tight.

I was in the safety stand down where big men did cry.
Until the next storm,
This is never goodbye.

– Everard Logan
Jan 2023


Local 37 member Colin Hume