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November 2023

April 2023 International Executive Council Meeting
Minutes and Report of The International Executive Council's Regular Meeting
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The regular meeting of the International Executive Council was called to order at 9:00 a.m., by Chairman Erikson, on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, in Washington, D.C. Other members of the council in attendance were Calabro, Calvey, Shirey, Finn, Wine, Chincio and Griffiths. Fourth District IEC Riley attended via audio/video teleconference.

International President Cooper

International President Kenneth W. Cooper offered reports to the members of the International Executive Council on a variety of matters affecting all branches of the Brotherhood.

International Secretary-Treasurer Noble

International Secretary-Treasurer Paul A. Noble offered financial reports covering the IBEW Pension Fund and the Investment Portfolio of the Brotherhood both in Canada and in the United States.

Legal Defense

Payments for legal defense, made from the General Fund, were examined and approved in accordance with the requirements of Article X, Section 1, of the IBEW Constitution.

Financial Reports

The International Secretary-Treasurer's Reports for the various funds of the Brotherhood were presented to the members of the International Executive Council, examined, approved, and filed.

Article XX and XXI Cases

There were no Article XX cases to report. There was one (1) Article XXI case.

Local Union Under International Office Supervision

There are two local unions under trusteeship, Local Union 2330, St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and Local Union 1501, Baltimore, Maryland. The IEC authorized a six-month extension at the February 2023, meeting. No action is necessary at this time.

IBEW Consolidated Balance Sheet/Income Statement
Covering the 9-month Period Ending February 28, 2023

Reviewed and Filed

IBEW Pension Benefit Fund Consolidated Statement of Net Assets
Covering the 9-month Period Ending February 28, 2023

Reviewed and Filed

Retirement of Officers, Directors, and International Representatives

Lonnie R. Stephenson, International President
Effective — January 4, 2023

Rodney McVicar, International Representative, First District
Effective — March 1, 2023

Philip Young, International Representative, Fifth District
Effective — April 1, 2023

Frank Cloud, International Representative, Fourth District
Effective — April 1, 2023

Gregory DeVries, International Representative, Eleventh District
Effective — May 1, 2023

David Mullen, Director, Safety Department
Effective — June 2, 2023

Vested International Representative

Ellen Redmond, International Representative, Third District
Effective — March 12, 2023

This regularly scheduled meeting was adjourned, on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. The next regular meeting of the International Executive Council will commence on August 30, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois.

For the International Executive Council

Myles J. Calvey, Secretary
April 2023

The IEC acted on numerous applications under the IBEW pension fund. For a complete listing, consult, clicking on the International Executive Council link on the "Who We Are" page.