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May 2003

IBEW Adds Its Voice to Hillbillies Protest
As "reality" shows continue to be hot item, the television networks are scrounging for new ideas for such programs. One scheme, however, has drawn a firestorm of protest from many voices, including the IBEW...May 29, 2003.

May 2003 Journal

Overtime Rules Menace Workers Nationwide
A push by Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor to make sweeping changes in the federal rules governing overtime pay is gathering steam....May 30, 2003.

IBEW Members Son Awarded Bronze Star
Like many Information Age parents of soldiers during wartime, Local 1547 member Nick Goddard and his wife Kathi spent every possible minute glued to the 24-hour news coverage of the war in Iraq...May 22, 2003.

Verizon Layoffs Likely as Workers Mobilize for Negotiations
Another round of layoffs at Verizon in New England may force as many as 350 more IBEW workers out of a job....May 21, 2003.

Congress Debates Energy Bill Again
Despite two years of efforts to secure passage of a comprehensive energy bill, there is little to show but partisan gridlock and unresolved debate. But this month, the U. S. Senate is once again considering legislation on national energy policy...May 13, 2003.

IBEW Joins March Of Dimes Event
More than 80 International Office staff, friends and family joined the March of Dimes annual Walkathon on May 4 to raise money for the prevention of premature births....May 8, 2003.

What the Drug Companies Dont Want You to Know
Click on the television or open a magazine and before long youll see it, an ad promising to cure whatever ails you. But increasingly those big marketing budgets are pricing out the very people the drugs were developed to help....May 8, 2003.

Unions, Manufacturer Allege TV Dumping
Unfair and illegal trading practices by overseas manufacturers have played no small part in the sharp decline of Americas industrial base, causing millions of layoffs and contributing to a weak domestic economy and a rising number of unemployed workers....May 5, 2003.

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