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October 2005

Press Release: Sean McGarvey (IUPAT), Elected Secretary-Treasurer of Building Trades Department

President Restores Davis-Bacon To Katrina-Stricken Areas
Public pressure from union members, worker advocates and lawmakers in both parties has forced President Bush to announce his intention to rescind his September 8 suspension of the Davis-Bacon wage rules in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Will California Turn Out the Lights on Utility Deregulation?
The state that became the poster child for the ill effects of utility deregulation might reject the concept once and for all at a special election on Nov. 8.

Wal-Mart Responding to Heat
More U.S. consumers are fighting Wal-Mart's plans to expand into their neighborhoods. The company's policies on workers, the environment and global investment are under increased scrutiny.

CA Ballot Measure Antiunion; Limits Voice of Workers
Today, public employee union members have the same collective voice in government affairs that is enjoyed by those in other organizations.

Web Contact Nets Tennessee Organizing Victory
The plea for help arrived via e-mail at the IBEW International Office in June 12: "I am a foreman for Asplundh Tree in Rockwood, Tennessee, and we need your help. Our rights are being trampled and our pay is too low. We have no benefits..."

Anti-Union Tactics Defeated By Oregon Trimmers
When Jerry Casterline, an IBEW line clearance tree trimmer working 200 miles away, heard that workers at a nonunion contractor near his hometown of Eugene, Oregon wanted a union, he offered to move back home to help their organizing efforts.

IBEW Goes "Wall to Wall" at MA Electric Utility
Bob Ellston, operations division manager of the municipal electric utility in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, is the kind of employee newspapers write about when they talk about the "changing face" of unions in the U.S.

For railroad retirees...
UnitedHealthcare Announces Open GA-23111 Enrollment

Enrollment is open to all eligible Plan F railroad retirees regardless of their state of health.

La. IBEW Members Booted Off Project for Nonunion Labor
For a disaster-torn community, this job looked like a gift from the heavens that had rained down death and destruction two weeks before.

NY County: Wal-Mart Must Pay Share
The latest grassroots battle to require low-paying big-box retail stores to provide employees health care coverage is being waged in a populous Long Island county.

IBEW Local 21 Wins Five-Year Comcast Struggle
An epic five-year contract campaign ended on September 25 in a union victory at Comcast in Merrillville, Indiana when members of IBEW Local 21 overwhelmingly approved a new agreement, slamming the door on the company's drive to decertify the bargaining unit.