LU: 242   Jurisdiction: MN   Updated: 3/3/2021
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: Closed at this time
Scale: $39.77   Assessments: 3.25%
Pension I: 13.55%   Pension II: 401k$1-9hr   Annuity: 16%
Vacation: 11%   Health & Welfare: 25.64%
Book I Status: Promising   Book I Count: 39
Book II Status: Promising   Book II Count: 300
Details:  March 3rd, 2021 Belknap Electric: 1 JIW (Service truck work, mostly residential at various locations around the twin ports) Report: Fri 3/5 7AM @ Shop Regular call of 3-4 Months Hours: 5/8's M-F 7AM-330PM Both inside and outside work Requirements: MN & WI State Electrical License. Our Office will be closed at this time due to the Governor's "stay at home" executive order in MN regarding Covid-19. Please check our website at WWW.IBEW242.ORG for all news and correspondence. We will be allowing Book 2 initial sign's starting Oct 1st. Please have your home local send an email or fax with photo ID, travel letter, current dues receipt and copy of any electrical license you have. (All Information pertaining to Initial Signing and Resigns is on our website) Wishing you and your family safety and good health while we go through these difficult times. Thank you, Don Smith Business Manager IBEW 242
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