LU: 441   Jurisdiction: CA   Updated: 2/4/2016
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: 7:30 AM
Scale: 41.89   Assessments: 3.25%
Pension I: 5.86   Pension II:    Annuity: 2.65
Vacation: 7% (optional)   Health & Welfare: 6.57
Book I Status: Slow   Book I Count: 151
Book II Status: Not At All   Book II Count: NA
Details:  Calls for the next working day are listed nightly at (714) 939-3131... press option "1". Or visit Work is picking up in the county, still not likely to work off Book 2 for now. We have 151 Journeymen on Book 1. VDV and Residential calls are also slow at the moment. There are 34 sound installers on Book 1. Pension contribution is $4.00 coupled and $1.86 uncoupled.
Local Contact Info:
City/State: NA  Address: NA
Phone: NA   Email: NA   Website: NA

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