LU: 441   Jurisdiction: CA   Updated: 6/26/2015
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: 7:30 AM
Scale: 41.64   Assessments: 3.25%
Pension I: 5.58   Pension II:    Annuity: 2.65
Vacation: 7% (optional)   Health & Welfare: 6.57
Book I Status: Slow   Book I Count: 216
Book II Status: Not At All   Book II Count: NA
Details:  Calls for the next working day are listed nightly at (714) 939-3131... press option "1". Or visit Calls are not getting into Book 2. We have 216 Journeymen on Book 1. VDV and Residential calls are also slow at the moment. There are 59 sound installers on Book 1. Pension contribution is $4.00 coupled and $1.58 uncoupled. Therefore, $4.00 will be sent via reciprocity.
Local Contact Info:
City/State: NA  Address: NA
Phone: NA   Email: NA   Website: NA

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