LU: 584   Jurisdiction: OK   Updated: 9/19/2014
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: Day book sign in 8:00 to 8:15 AM
Scale: 26.53   Assessments: 3%
Pension I: 3.70   Pension II:    Annuity: 4.0%
Vacation: NA   Health & Welfare: 5.20
Book I Status: Promising   Book I Count: 11
Book II Status: Promising   Book II Count: 9
Details:  Referral Information --- We have approximately 13 JW's on Book I. We have appx. 11 JW's on Book II. The jobs for Monday, September 22nd are: 66 JW REGULAR CALLS 1 JW Brown electric, working 40 hours at various locations. Drug test, and background check required. Oklahoma St. Journeyman license required. Report to shop after dispatch. 10 JW for work at the data center in Pryor. Oklahoma state license required, or a reciprocal state license. 49 JW for work at the data center in Pryor. Oklahoma state license preferred but an Oklahoma state apprentice license can be accepted. Data Center calls require 2 forms of identification, drug screening,steel toe boots, and background check. OSHA 10 and Code of Excellence training are required but may be obtained near the jobsite after you start on the job. 2 JW for Strickland Electric for work at the refinery in west Tulsa. Must be clean shaven, drug test, security background check, steel toed boots. Ok. state license required. Report to shop after dispatch 2 JW regular calls for The state Group working on the Enbridge Pipeline. This job is working 40 hours with spotted overtime. drug test, steel toe bots, security background check. Ok. st. jouneyman lic. preferred but will accept Ok. st. apprentice lic. 1 Jw for Brent electric for work in the Pryor area. This contractor has 2 shut downs at the end of the month with lots of overtime but for now the job is 40 hours with possible overtime. drug test, steel toed boots Ok. lic. preferred. report to shop after dispatch 1 Jw for McCall electric,A current Oklahoma St. Journeyman license is required. The job is working 40 hours 6am. to 2:30 pm mon. through fri.. We are anticipating many OVERTIME calls for our data center and other jobs in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE !!! If you need to go to work, COME SEE US NOW !!! Brothers and Sisters There was 39 unfilled calls today. This is a walk through. UPCOMING EVENTS: Tulsa Run October 25 monthly meeting October 3
Local Contact Info:
City/State: Tulsa, OK  Address: 584 S Lewis
Phone: (918) 592-2989   Email:   Website:

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