LU: 584   Jurisdiction: OK   Updated: 10/28/2016
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: Day book sign in 8:00 to 8:15 AM
Scale: 28.73   Assessments: 3%
Pension I: 3.70   Pension II:    Annuity: 4.0%
Vacation: NA   Health & Welfare: 5.40
Book I Status: Slow   Book I Count: 89
Book II Status: Slow   Book II Count: 11
Details:  This is the IBEW L.U. 584 Information Line Friday October 28, 2016 5pm Update We have 89 JW’s on Book 1. We have 11 JW’s on Book II The call for Monday October 31st is 1 JW Short Call for ECA working in Jenks area on pipeline project. Approximately 1 weeks work. Possible 10 hour days. Report to job after dispatch. Short calls start at number #43
Local Contact Info:
City/State: Tulsa, OK  Address: 584 S Lewis Avenue
Phone: (918) 592-2989   Email:   Website:

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