LU: 584   Jurisdiction: OK   Updated: 1/30/2015
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: Day book sign in 8:00 to 8:15 AM
Scale: 26.53   Assessments: 3%
Pension I: 3.70   Pension II:    Annuity: 4.0%
Vacation: NA   Health & Welfare: 5.20
Book I Status: Promising   Book I Count: 20
Book II Status: Promising   Book II Count: 47
Details:  This is the IBEW L.U. 584 Information Line Friday, January 30th 2015 5pm Update The call for Monday, February 2nd 2015 is: 1 JW for OESCO working at the Anchor Glass Plant in Henryetta. OK state license, drug test, steel toe boots, and a background check. Working 6-10’s. Get referral, report to shop. The members who have received pension letters that have questions need to call area code (888-959-5105) to have them answered. That is all for now and Thank You for calling.
Local Contact Info:
City/State: Tulsa, OK  Address: PO Box 50313
Phone: (918) 592-2989   Email:   Website:

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