After launching successful advertising campaigns during NFL games and cable news channels, the IBEW is extending its message to new audiences.



The IBEW is now the first union to underwrite PBS’ flagship news programs Washington Week, hosted by Gwen Ifill, and the Newshour. (Photo Courtesy WETA)

In the first week of January, 30-second underwriting messages began running during the week on the flagship public television programs the News Hour and Washington Week.

The ads, produced by the Media Department and adapted from the commercial ads, extend the campaign to raise the IBEW’s profile and that of organized labor.

“There is a lot of misinformation –to put it generously—about who organized labor is,” said International President Edwin D. Hill. “I am proud that we are in a position to lead a change in that conversation.”

The IBEW is the first union to underwrite the News Hour and take a 30 second spot that historically has been filled by messages from large multinationals and defense contractors.

“This is an opportunity to get our message in front of decision makers and business leaders who might not otherwise be thinking about the issues and accomplishments of working people,” said Media Department Director Mark Brueggenjohann. “These messages show the diversity of our membership and also our ambition as a union to have a greater say in national conversations.”

The spots will run through the middle of May.