As any soccer fan knows, the key to success is having a sharp group of professionals at the top of their game.


The same is true for union electricians in the field. That’s one reason why the IBEW’s flagship local union is helping sponsor the St. Louis Football Club for its inaugural 2015 season. When the team steps onto the field, they will be clad in crisp new jerseys emblazoned with the NECA/IBEW Electrical Connection logo on the front.

“Much like IBEW/NECA, soccer has a long tradition of excellence in St. Louis,” said Jim Curran, executive vice president of the Electrical Connection. “We are proud to be part of that tradition through our support of St. Louis Football Club.”

The sport’s culture in the city dates back more than a century. Teams like the Stars, the Ambush and the Storm have been notable competitors in the North American Soccer League, the Major Indoor Soccer League and other leagues over the decades.

Patrick Berry, executive director of the city’s team, expressed gratitude toward the Brotherhood. “We look forward to representing the IBEW/NECA partnership and the city of St. Louis every time our players pull on their jerseys,” he said. 

The St. Louis Football Club plays in the United Soccer League, which kicked off its first season in 2011. Home games will be played starting in April at St. Louis Soccer Park in nearby Fenton.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our IBEW membership,” said Local 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs. “You’ll find our workforce throughout the community supporting boys and girls soccer – from the little ones first learning to kick the ball, to the schools, churches and soccer leagues that ultimately develop the talent that defines St. Louis’ soccer tradition. With the popularity of soccer in St. Louis, the IBEW/NECA Electrical Connection logo will be in many households and worn all over town.”

Area residents can get more information about the upcoming season at To pre-order jerseys, which will be available to the public in April, click here.

Players revealed the new jerseys on Feb. 16 at a gala event celebrating the team: