The National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning is renowned for its education options in the telecommunications industry. Now it has a new degree to add to its curriculum: the Bachelor of Science degree in business technology leadership.

The new program offers students leadership and business skills related to the telecommunications industry as well as an understanding of effective communication between individuals from diverse domestic and international cultures.

“We believe it is a unique blend of the award-winning technology curriculum that NACTEL and Pace are known for, combined with a fresh leadership focus, which will serve the emerging industry well,” said Adrienne Day, NACTEL marketing specialist.

As with NACTEL’s other degrees and classes, the new bachelor’s is offered through Pace University with input and direction from the NACTEL Curriculum Committee.

The new bachelor’s degree joins NACTEL’s current curriculum of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs, all offered completely online. The curriculum is updated every year to keep up with industry innovations.

Photo credit: NYC Dept. of Information Technology and Telecommunications via Flickr