What's at Stake?

Health Care
Gutted: Premiums are rising while coverage is shrinking thanks to repeated attacks on the Affordable Care Act backed by the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Missing: While roads and bridges crumble, the Trump administration's plan to fund infrastructure projects is nowhere to be found.

Ripped Off: Enforcement of the fiduciary rule, designed to help working people better plan for retirement and not be deceived by unscrupulous advisors, has been delayed repeatedly.

Stolen: The Republican-controlled House Budget Committee proposed cutting $145 billion from federal workers' pensions.

Steamrolled: The NLRB issued five decisions in one week alone that rolled back rights and protections for working people.

No Transparency: The Department of Labor rescinded the persuader rule, which was designed to bring more transparency to union elections.

Wages and Jobs
Down: Real wages (adjusted for inflation) for non-management employees are falling despite a booming economy.

Killed: The Trump administration refused to support an Obama-era rule to increase the number of people eligible for overtime pay. Had the administration defended it in court, 4 million more working people could have seen their paychecks increase substantially.

Rejected: The U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of employers when it upheld an arbitration case, effectively making it harder for working people to join together collectively.

Workplace Safety
Abandoned: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is down at least 40 workplace safety inspectors.

Exposed: Roughly 850 rules have been withdrawn, reversed or delayed since Trump took office.

No Accountability: A rule that required employers to maintain illness and injury records for five years has been slashed to six months.