Register to Vote. Because it Matters.

I Didn’t Bargain for This: Anti-Union
Legislation Can Trump Negotiations

Whether we like it or not, the gains we win at the bargaining table can be wiped out by laws on the local, state or federal level.

That’s why no matter your political party affiliation or the representatives you support, it is important that you are registered to vote. Educated IBEW members armed with the facts necessary to choose the candidates that support our jobs, project labor agreements and prevailing wage laws are key to the survival of the IBEW.

Collective Power

If you have moved, if your name has changed, if you haven’t voted in a couple of election cycles, you may not be registered to vote. You can check your registration status here. You cannot exercise your civic right, even to sign a simple petition, if you aren’t a registered voter.

Who wins elections matters. The people fighting to eliminate unions have an overwhelming cash advantage: corporate political action committees outspend labor’s by 17-to-1.

But our political strength isn’t measured in money – it is measured in members who vote. We have to remind politicians why we vote, and that we vote.

Registering is Easy

Each state has different voter registration rules and processes. Click here to find your state. Many states allow residents to register to vote online. Here's a link to voter registration deadlines for upcoming primary elections in all 50 states.  

Spread the Word

Download and share a meme or circulate a flier. Use #IBEWItMatters on social media.


Does it Really Matter?

If you think politicians are all the same, you are right.

They are all the same in the sense that one of their primary jobs as elected representatives is to vote on legislation. Some will vote with you on your pay, benefits, healthcare, retirement, safety and collective bargaining. Some will vote against you. It happens every day in state legislatures across the country and in Washington, D.C.

It matters.