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"Green energy offers our country not only the opportunity to lower our carbon footprint, but a a chance to resurrect the economic model of shared prosperity that built our middle class in the first place."

Edwin D. Hill












"You don’t need to train a separate work force when you already have a highly trained pool of electricians who need minimal training to become qualified solar installers."

Kim Craft, Los Angeles Local 11 Assistant Business Manager.














"If you want to have quality work, knowledgeable and skilled green-collar labor, the IBEW is it."

Marie De La Parra
Owner, BMB Construction Properties

















"Cape Wind will help usher in a new age of energy development in America that will bring clean energy to our homes and good jobs to the hard-working professionals of the IBEW."

Jim Gordon
President, Cape Wind Associates.












"Renewable energy is not the wave of the future, it’s already here. Our members and apprentices will be going into the workplace with skills for the new energy economy."

Damien Kim
Honolulu Local 1186 Business Manager.



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Welcome to Working Green

The Green Work Force of the Future is Here Today...

The renewable energy industry is expected to generate more than 20 million jobs by 2030.

In the IBEW, we don’t just talk green. Thousands of our members are already at work in the green economy. And, for nearly a decade, the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee has incorporated renewable energy into the curriculum in many of our 300 training centers in North America. 

Today, we are keeping in sync with technological advances in wind, solar, nuclear and other developing sectors and providing new training modules. 

With “Working Green,” we are stepping up our game. On this site, we share how our members are preparing for – and in many cases performing – the green jobs of the future today. 

We also discuss the efforts of IBEW and other labor organizations to make sure that jobs in the renewable energy industry lead to decent, family-sustaining careers. And we acquaint our readers with the full scope of the IBEW’s involvement and opportunities in nuclear power, solar, wind and more.

The work force of the future is already here. We hope that “Working Green” helps you get the most out of this rapidly-advancing sector of our economy.

Getting on the Road to a Green Career...

green newsnews

U.S. Falling Behind in Green Jobs Growth
Throughout the 2008 election season, we were told that the green-energy economy would put our economy back on the road to recovery by creating tens of thousands of new jobs in wind, solar and other non-polluting energy sectors.

Will Green Stimulus Money Go to China?
November 2009, IBEW Website
Developers of a massive 36,000-acre wind farm in West Texas will be seeking federal stimulus money for the project which will include 240 2.5-megawatt wind turbines.

Climate Change Bill Passes House; IBEW Eyes Senate for Improvements
August 2009, Electrical Worker
Congress on June 26 took the first step in setting long-term policy to slow climate change.

IBEW Green-Job Training Facilities Around the Country Open Their Doors to Public
June 8, 2009, IBEW Website
With renewable energy looking to be the wave of the future, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is letting everyone know that its members are the best-trained green-work force around.

New Study Calls for Reforms to Transmission Grid
June 2009, Electrical Worker
A new report by North America’s transmission grid watchdog confirms what the IBEW and renewable energy advocates have been arguing on Capitol Hill for years.


green newsnews

Virginia Local Greens Its Training
August 2009, Electrical Worker
Eleven members of Springfield, Ill., Local 193 netted accolades for restoring power and providing other city services in the wake of a devastating ice storm last winter that crippled the southern part of the state and western Kentucky.tep

Jersey City Training Center Hosts Labor Secretary, N.J, Governor
June 2009, Electrical Worker
A high profile meeting between Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine occurred at a natural nexus green jobs training and the future of U.S. energy production: an IBEW training center.

NJATC Rolls Out New Green Jobs Curriculum
May 2009, Electrical Worker
Ensuring that IBEW members are the best trained workers to carry out the challenging work in solar, wind and other renewable energy sectors, the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee publishes its new Green Jobs Curriculum this month.


green analysis

Making Sure Green Jobs are Good Jobs
Edwin D. Hill, Huffington Post - May 22, 2009
With more than $50 billion in federal stimulus money going to training and investment in the renewable energy sector, green-collar jobs look to be a bright spot of growth amidst stunningly high unemployment.

Green Training for the Future
Lindell K. Lee's editorials from May 2009 Electrical Worker — Next to Michigan, South Carolina has the highest unemployment in the U.S.  One would think that the state’s governor would be loudly campaigning for federal help.


Wind Energy

Illinois Local Lobbies for Wind Power Zoning
November 2009, IBEW Website
Located on a natural ridge with plentiful wind, Winnebago County, Ill. offered an opportunity for unemployed members of the building trades to get back to work on green energy projects. 

Largest Offshore Wind Farm in U.S. Planned for Delaware
July 2009, Electrical Worker
The waters off of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware may soon be home to the largest offshore wind farm in the United States.

Boston Local Installs Wind Turbines on Historic Nantucket Farm
June 2009, Electrical Worker
More than 15 electricians from Boston Local 103 recently completed installation of the first 250-kilowatt wind turbine in the United States on Nantucket’s largest and oldest family farm.


Nuclear Energy

Coalition Touts Nuclear Power’s Benefits
June 2009, Electrical Worker
With eyes on the present and future green jobs picture, more than 800 organizations and 1,000 individuals have banded together to champion nuclear power’s low carbon emissions, safety and career opportunities.

Report: Nuclear Radiation Exposure Drops to Historic Low
October 2008, Electrical Worker
Exposure to radiation is an expected part of the job for the thousands of nuclear plant employees around the nation. But a new report says that radiation absorbed by workers has fallen to its lowest level ever.



"Clean" Energy Company Treats Workers Like Dirt
June 2, 2009, IBEW Website
Covanta, which increased its earnings in 2008 to $50 million, prides itself on being an innovative, “green,” responsible employer

Wastewater Goes Green in Akron
December 2007, Electrical Worker
If recycling and reusing are the watchwords of these green times, IBEW members are out on the cutting edge of new technologies like wastewater digestion, which reuses and recycles solid waste to generate power.



Solar Power

Calif. Utility Commission OKs Major Solar Project
August 2009, Electrical Worker
In a big step forward for solar energy in California, the state Public Utilities Commission approved a plan proposed by Southern California Edison for the largest solar project of its kind in the United States.

North of 49° : Green Horizons Emerge in the West
August 2009, Electrical Worker
Alberta is best known for its huge oil sands projects, but Albertans are starting to take a look at adding alternative energy to the province's energy portfolio.

IBEW Taps Into the Power of the Sun
Fall 2007, IBEW Journal
California residents are increasingly turning to the sun for their energy needs, and members of Los Angeles Local 11 are working to make sure that IBEW journeymen will be ready provide the manpower to harness the fastest growing source of energy in the state.

Tennessee Members Shines in Solar Panel Plant
June 2008, Electrical Worker
In the past 20 years, 119,000 IBEW manufacturing members have lost their jobs.


Clean Coal

Colo. Apprentices Fired Up About Clean Coal Plant
More than 50 Colorado apprentices are getting a firsthand look at the future of advanced clean coal technology as they complete intricate wiring and conduit work at the massive Comanche Power Station expansion in Pueblo.



12/2/08 Energy Roundtable
IBEW International President Edwin Hill presses for a balanced approach to the environmental and energy crisis at a roundtable meeting of business, labor and political leaders sponsored by the think tank Third Way.

2/23/09 Clean Coal Conference
A coalition of labor leaders and energy experts met in Washington, D.C., Feb. 11 for a press conference sending the message that advanced clean coal can help solve the nations economic woes while creating millions of green jobs for the future.




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