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The IBEW Government Affairs Department is committed to advancing the IBEW mission and improving the lives of all IBEW members through supporting education, advocacy, mobilization, public policy, and legal and administrative action. The legislative and political education and activism of the IBEW is organized and administered through the Government Affairs Department at the IBEW International Office. This department oversees one of the strongest political action programs of its kind and develops educational materials on current issues and candidates; maintains a website where registrars can access resources online; and makes political presentations at IBEW conferences and progress meetings. The department also provides training for local union leadership, registrars, and state and district coordinators which is designed to provide attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to develop or enhance their local union political program.


Building America Back Better

When it comes to putting in the work to create jobs, make it easier to organize, appoint worker friendly personnel throughout the administration, fire anti-union holdovers and push for infrastructure spending and covid relief, the Biden administration is working overtime.  

Over and over, he has publicly voiced his support for workers to bargain collectively, and denounced union-busting on the part of employers. He invited President Stephenson to the White House and embraced union apprenticeship programs, then he made the IBEW a key player in the intensifying effort to emphasize domestic producers in manufacturing supply chains.    

The IBEW inaugurated a monthly newsletter to round up these actions. Here's the July 2022 issue

Our new Build Back Better site has more information. Spread the word!


Congratulating IBEW Members in Public Office

Hundreds of IBEW members serve in public office, including Brandon Chafee, who was elected Connecticut state representative serving the 33rd district on a platform emphasizing workers' rights, infrastructure improvements and health care. Also on November 4, two IBEW brothers were re-elected to the Maine legislature, including Manchester Local 1837 member Kevin O'Connell and Augusta Local 1253 member Scott Cuddy. In New Hampshire, Manchester, N.H., member Kevin Kavanaugh was re-elected to the state Senate.        


5 Key Steps to Secure the U.S. Electricity Supply

What will it take to make a 21st century electrical grid a reality? The need for a more reliable, resilient, affordable grid won't wait for the pandemic to end, say former energy secretary Ernest Moniz and IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. Their critical prescriptions include investments in climate change mitigation, infrastructure modernization and increased training for essential workers like IBEW members.      


Letters in Support of IBEW Members


Joint Letter in Support of Electric School Buses


Labor Letter in Support of Investments in Working Americans

IBEW Interior Department Comments on Wind Lease Sale

IBEW/NRDC Letter in Support of Clean Energy Infrastructure Upgrades

Labor Letter Supporting Labor Standards in Jobs Legislation

IBEW Letter in Support of the National Child Identification Act

Coalition Letter on Regional Transmission Organizations

IBEW Letter in Support of the Resolution Copper project

Coalition Letter in Support of Expanding Nuclear Fuel Project

IBEW Urges Congress to Support the PRO Act

IBEW Federal Railroad Administration Comments on Union Pacific Request for Regulatory Relief

IBEW Federal Railroad Administration Comments on BNSF Request for Regulatory Relief

Joint Labor Letter in Support of National Mediation Board Nominees


Joint Letter in Support of the American Nuclear Infrastructure Act of 2020

IBEW Letter Supporting Legislation to Revitalize U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure

Rail Labor Statement in Opposition to Industry Cost-Cutting, Service Erosion and Job Eliminations

Transportation Trades Letter Requesting Emergency Funding for Public Transit Agencies

IBEW Urges Congress to Oppose Inclusion of the GROW Act in Coronavirus Relief Legislation

Joint IBEW/NEI Request for Emergency Funding for Nuclear Industry

IBEW Letter Regarding CBS News Bargaining Violations and Use of Nonunion Camera Crews

Transportation Unions Request Rule Mandating Passengers be Required to Wear Masks

Coalition Letter in Opposition to The Grow Act

EEI/IBEW Letter in Support of Line Worker Appreciation Day July 10

Letter Supporting Pandemic Risk Insurance for News, Sports and Entertainment Industries

Labor Letter Urging Congress to Protect Amtrak Workers from Proposed Cuts

Labor Letter Urging Congress to Protect Amtrak Workers from Proposed Cuts 6.11.20

IBEW Urges Funding for Agencies with Infrastructure Projects

Coalition Letter in Support of The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

AFL-CIO Letter to Democratic National Committee 

Multiemployer Coalition Letter Opposing Composite Pension Legislation

Request for Public Transportation Funding in Upcoming COVID-19 Emergency Bill

Transportation Unions Request Infusion of Emergency Aid for Mass Transit

Infrastructure Investment Urged in Upcoming COVID-19 Relief Legislation 

AFL-CIO Unions Urge Congressional Action on Multiemployer Pension Plans  

America's Building Trades Letter in Support of Healthcare and Pension Legislation

Requesting Economic Relief for Professionals Designated Essential

Transportation Trades Letter on Rail Safety and Staffing Levels

IBEW Asks Congress to Adopt Multiemployer Pension Reform

Letter Urging Virginia Governor to Support Wage Protections During COVID-19 Pandemic

Letter Requesting Utility Workers Receive Priority Access to PPE

IBEW/NEI Request Nuclear Fleet Tax Credit Inclusion in COVID-19 Stimulus

Joint IBEW/NEI Request for Emergency Funding for Nuclear Industry 04.06.20

IBEW Letter in Support of Funding for Virginia-class Submarines

IBEW Letter Concerning Underfunding of Virginia-Class Submarines

IBEW Letter Thanking Members for Pro Act Vote

IBEW Letter Opposing FCC Proposal For 6 Ghz Band

For more letters, see the Archives.


IBEW Public Statements

IBEW Statement on Liz Shuler’s Historic Election as AFL-CIO President

IBEW Statement on the Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

IBEW Mourns Passing of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

IBEW: Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a Vital Investment in American Jobs

IBEW: Nuclear Power PTCs Support Climate and Jobs

Biden Reaffirms Commitment to Made-In-America

IBEW Ready to Get to Work Building America’s EV Industry

American Families Plan is a Vital Investment in Working People

IBEW President: ‘Federal Workers Deserve a Living Wage’

IBEW Welcomes White House Task Force on Worker Organizing

IBEW President: “We’re Ready to Get to Work”

America Needs to Move on Infrastructure and Jobs

American Rescue Plan Provides Vital Relief to Working America

Biden Supports Union Apprenticeships

IBEW Says Sen. Peters is Right Choice to Head DSCC

President Biden’s Executive Actions on Climate Change and Clean Energy

IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson in response to the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

For more statements, click here.


IBEW Endorses Joe Biden for President

The IBEW endorsed Joe Biden on February 5. Biden's energy policy aligns most closely with IBEW members, 85 percent of whom work in energy-related industries. "We feel that Joe Biden is the best choice for the IBEW because he has taken the time to listen to what our members have to say about the biggest challenges facing our country. And that makes me confident that IBEW members will always have a seat the table in a Biden administration," said IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson.  

The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, offers a powerful argument in favor of Joe Biden in an endorsement, citing his commitment to job creation, labor rights and workplace safety as well as infrastructure investment and support for worker protections during the pandemic. 

Stephenson: 'They Are Trying to Kill America's Multiemployer Pension Plans'

A new plan, introduced by Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee), is a recipe for the ruin of IBEW multiemployer pension plans, including the National Electrical Benefit Fund. Here's what you can do to show your opposition. 

Building IBEW Power at the Local Level

Do you know who has the power to control key decisions in your jurisdiction? It might surprise you to find out that it's not elected officials -- it's boards and commissions that are appointed by elected representatives. In cities that have high market share, IBEW members serve on boards and commissions, making decisions on regulations that can help, or hurt, IBEW members. See how you can help build IBEW power at the local level. 

Register to Vote. Because it Matters.

Did you know that the gains we win at the bargaining table can be wiped out by laws on the local, state or federal level? Educated IBEW members armed with the facts necessary to choose the candidates that support our jobs are key to the survival of the IBEW.

I am a Retiree and I Vote: Keep Your Hands off My Pension

An all-hands-on-deck IBEW mobilization followed the urgent appeal: your pension is at risk. Come to Washington, D.C., to defend it. On November 28, 2018 approximately 250 IBEW members from across the United States carried the simple message to Capitol Hill: say no to a circulating proposal that could decimate IBEW’s multiemployer pension plans like the NEBF. 

Home-Grown System Rigging… and How We Can Stop It

Every 10 years, legislative maps are redrawn following the U.S. Census. In 2011, politicians rigged the system like never before. The nonpartisan organization FairVote says that of the 435 seats up for reelection in the U.S. House of Representatives, only about 10 percent will be competitive, due to gerrymandering.

Write to Your Member of Congress

If you don’t know who your member of Congress is, you can enter your zip code to find out here

How to Lobby Like a Pro

You don't have to be a lobbyist to know how to speak to an elected official. When you are in that room, here are 10 ways to make sure it counts. 

District and State Political Coordinators


Who Are the IBEW Members Who Coordinate Political Activities in Your State and District? Find Out Here