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July 2014

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Promoting Our Trades

L.U. 1 (as,c,ees,ei,em,es,et,fm,i,m,rts,s,se,spa,st&ws), ST. LOUIS, MO — Local 1 actively promotes our trades through the St. Louis Electrical Connection, our partnership with NECA in St. Louis. Volunteers promoted our expertise to thousands of potential customers at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show, the St. Charles County Electrical Expo, the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show and more.

We also took our positive message to school superintendents at the Missouri School Administrators Convention. Our volunteers spoke to numerous attendees about the value and professionalism we bring to projects. Additionally, St. Louis Electrical Connection's government affairs director, Timothy Green, gave a presentation on prevailing wage and its positive impact on tax revenues, which benefit school districts across the state, especially in rural areas.

Local 1 volunteered with Rebuilding Together's St. Louis Chapter. Our volunteers made 26 homes electrically safe for low-income elderly and disabled homeowners. Approximately 100 members volunteered for this one-day event supported by 16 area NECA contractors, who provided service trucks and donations of materials from local supply houses and others. Local 1 has helped improve 400+ homes since joining Rebuilding Together's efforts 11 years ago.

We mourn the death of: members Charles White, Edwin Kamp, Michael Smith, Jack Gloeckler, James Wilfong, Normal Erder, John Hill Jr., Ronald Hintze, Donald Reese, Glen Andrews, John Buschart, Joseph D. McNamee, Thomas Auer, Charles Kemp, Thomas Vanderbos, John Whitelaw, Alonzo Rogers and William Vogler III.

John Moyle, P.S.


Local 1 members and officers volunteered
with Rebuilding Together's St. Louis Chapter
on May 4.

Tribute to Longtime Members

L.U. 9 (catv,govt,lctt,o&u), CHICAGO, IL — Our 48th Annual "Old Timers" Party was April 11. More than 800 people attended to honor the 40 members who retired in 2013. We appreciate their longtime union service and wish them a happy retirement.

Congratulations to members who successfully completed the IBEW Local 9 Lineman Training Program: Allie Boyne, Michael Dammer, William Freitag, Andrew Molenkamp, Christian Ochab, Pete Rodriguez, Joseph Roszak, Glenn Yeager and David Zizich. Best of luck to them as they pursue their careers in the trade.

Bus. Mgr. Robert Pierson held a dinner to honor longtime members. Honorees included: 50-year members Reynald Berube, Raymond Kwiatkowski and Tommie Lowery; 55-year member Malachy Gallagher; 60-year members Kenneth Knutson, Frank Kumer, George Ostensen John Reidy, Bernhardt Schmidt and Franklin Wallis; and 65-year members John Leitner, John Rabiola and Ramond Spizzirri.

Mark your calendars for the 9th Annual Local 9 Golf Outing — scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 9. Sign in will be at 10:30 a.m., with a shotgun start at 11:30 a.m. The day includes 18 holes with a cart, food and beverages on the course, and a dinner afterward.

The annual Local 9 picnic will be held at Brookfield Zoo on Saturday, Sept. 6. Members and their families will enjoy parking access, zoo entry, full buffet lunch and beverages in a private picnic area, unlimited carousel and "safari" rides, as well as entrance to the petting zoo and the splash pad. Please watch your mail for important details for the event.

Mary Beth Kaczmarek, P.S.


Local 9 honored retirees at the 2014 "Old Timers" Dinner: front row, Joseph Gonzales (left), John Shipley, Dave Maslowicz, Norma Ruggio, Thomas McLaughlin; back row, Gerald Atella, Pierce Williams, Edward Olson, Alex Moreno, Joseph Gogolak and John Holmgren.

L.A. Water & Power Project

L.U. 11 (i,rts&spa), LOS ANGELES, CA — Twenty-three women from Local 11 participated in a historical gathering of 850+ tradeswomen from throughout California, the U.S., Canada and Australia at the 4th Annual Women Building California & the Nation Conference in Sacramento, CA, the weekend of April 26. The annual conference enables tradeswomen to network and hone skills to develop strategies for recruiting, retaining and advancing women into leadership positions to excel in our industry.

The Scattergood Unit 3 Repowering Project in El Segundo is well underway. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is overhauling its power supply for a cleaner, more efficient power plant. The majority of the electrical work on this $950 million project will be performed by Mass Electric with smaller portions being done by Rosendin Electric and Cherney. We anticipate manning up to around 165 electricians at its peak. This project is expected to be completed in 2015.

Members present were proud to see Rec. Sec. Larry Caldwell receive his 40-year service pin, presented by Pres. Richard "Dick" Reed at our general membership meeting on April 17. Congratulations, Larry, and thanks for your dedication to the IBEW and our local union!

Diana Limon, P.S.


Local 11 delegates attend Women Building California & the Nation Conference. Photo courtesy Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades Council.

AMI Agreement with ComEd

L.U. 15 (u), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Pres./Bus. Mgr. Dean Apple proudly announced that the Executive Board approved increasing our Local 15 Scholarship Award to $1,000, up from the previous $500. We are still offering 10 individual scholarship awards to Local 15 members and their immediate families.

On the 2014 Scholarship Committee are: Sue Weyhrauch (Oakbrook Call Center), Christine Watkins (Commercial Center), Tamara Blake (Will County Station), Victor Hughes (Byron), Tony Lewis (Maywood) and Casey Haun (Highland Park).

We signed an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Agreement with ComEd that defines a process to install the smart meters and adds positions for Local 15. The company's goal is to install the smart meters by the end of 2018 instead of the original target of 2021.

The transfer of the fossil stations from Edison Mission Energy to NRG Energy took effect April 1. This transfer was the end result of the EME bankruptcy. NRG bought substantially all of EME's assets, which included the four fossil stations (Waukegan, Will County, Joliet and Powerton).

Our Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC) held a 50/50 raffle and awarded $628 to the winning member.

We held a stewards school in April to train 18 new stewards.

Doug Vedas, P.S.


2014 Scholarship Committee at Local 15.

Members at Chicago 911 Center
Recognized for Excellence

L.U. 21 (catv,govt&t), DOWNERS GROVE, IL — IBEW Local 21 members working in the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) 911 Center were recognized for their outstanding work. Rita Jozefowicz was named Employee of the Year. For the first time ever, Chicago is the home of the Illinois Dispatcher of the Year, Amy Lovell. Amy is a police communications operator and has worked in the OEMC since 1998. During the awards ceremony many other IBEW members were acknowledged for their great work. They are true professionals, who deliver the lifesaving services needed by the public while balancing the stress of their jobs.

Last year, five Local 21 members worked together to dispatch the necessary resources to ensure that no police officers were harmed during a shooting. Two operators heard a "shots fired" communication from a Chicago police district. They realized their officers were caught in the middle of a shootout. The operators broadcast the event to police officers in surrounding districts. As numerous offenders fled the scene, our members dispatched a CPD helicopter along with canine and Violence Reduction units. Numerous weapons were recovered and the offenders were arrested. Most importantly, no officers were injured.

We congratulate and thank all of our members working at the City of Chicago 911 Center for going above and beyond the call of duty in their lifesaving jobs.

Bob Przybylinski, R.S./P.S.

NextGen Meet & Greet

L.U. 37 (em,o&u), FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — The Local 37 NextGen Committee recently hosted another successful Meet & Greet for members age 35 and younger from Saint John, New Brunswick and surrounding areas. The Meet & Greets have proven to be a fun and informal way to engage younger members who are curious about the union and/or want to become more involved. The events provide a relaxed environment to enjoy a bite to eat while talking about issues with union leaders, learning about the union, exchanging ideas, and having the chance to meet other members.

Local 37 knows that positive membership engagement is vital to its growth and its ability to keep relentlessly working hard to improve the lives of members and their families. Based on the feedback and results, Local 37 also knows that this kind of outreach is particularly important in helping younger members find a voice in the union and providing assurance that their union is listening.

The NextGen Committee looks forward to planning its next event and hopes to encourage even more young members to get to know their union!

Ross Galbraith, B.M.


Local 37 Bus. Mgr. Ross Galbraith speaks at Next Gen Meet & Greet in Saint John.

IBEW Community Service

L.U. 41 (em,es,govt,i,se&spa), BUFFALO, NY — At the end of April, IBEW Local 41 members Bryan McLaughlin, Bob Landahl, Dominic Montaldi and Jud Payne woke up early on a cold, dreary morning to sell newspapers for The Buffalo News Annual Kids Day. The papers sell for $1 with all proceeds going to Variety Children's Charity. The charity benefits the sick, handicapped and underprivileged children in western New York. Local 41's participation this year marked our third year for the event. Thanks, brothers, for taking the time to give a little back to our community.

On May 2-3, several Local 41 members played in the 51st Annual IBEW O.P.C. Hockey Tournament held in Hamilton, Ontario. Thirteen members from our local played. The camaraderie gained through these types of experiences is invaluable to our Brotherhood. Shared revelry and competition are the foundation for memories that will not be forgotten. Anyone interested in hockey, softball or any other event, please contact the Local 41 office.

With summer here and everybody having many activities to attend, please be safe whether you're at home, at social events or on the job.

Gregory R. Inglut, A.B.M.


Local 41 Bros. Bryan McLaughlin (left), Jud Payne, Bob Landahl and Dom Montaldi sell newspapers for the Annual Buffalo News Kids Day to benefit Women and Children's Hospital.

Brotherhood & Service

L.U. 43 (em,i&rts), SYRACUSE, NY — In March, Local 43 members participated in "America's Greatest Heart/Run Walk" in Utica and the American Heart Walk in Syracuse. In total, 45 members braved rain, brisk winds and the cold to raise $7,500+ for the American Heart Association.

Also in March, 95 members and their families enjoyed a day at Hope Lake Lodge indoor waterpark. The event, sponsored by Local 43's Brotherhood Fund, was a welcome break from a long winter in Central New York. The Lake Lodge is part of the Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland County, which has employed Local 43 members on several projects. It was a good event not only to give back to a business that uses our contractors, but also to show our future generations what the Brotherhood is all about.

Gene Townsend, P.S.


Local 43 members, family and friends led by Bus. Mgr. Don Morgan at the American Heart Walk in Syracuse.

Election of Officers

L.U. 47 (lctt,mo,o,u&uow), DIAMOND BAR, CA — Happy Independence Day. Remember the members of the Armed Forces, past and present, who make this day and every day in a free country possible. Honor them by making sure you are registered to vote and by participating in the upcoming local, state and federal elections.

This is an election year for Local 47 union officers. The following officers were elected by acclamation with no opposition: Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Pat Lavin (convention delegate); Vice Pres. Ron Baker; Rec. Sec. Shane Sullivan; Treas. Greg Vetter; Executive Board members Chris Avila (General Meeting), Rich Paul (Eastern), Michael Slye (Basin-East), Terrance Bynum (Basin-West), Willie Rios (Western), Hipo Tavarez (Northern), John Baca (Muni's and Independents), Arnold Trevino (Outside Construction); and Examining Board members Trevor Kirkland, Larry Lopez Jr. and Scott Knudtson. As of this writing, the results for president and the remaining convention delegate seats were scheduled to be available at the end of June. Congratulations to those who've already won and good luck to those awaiting the final vote as of press time.

We have ratified successor three-year agreements with the cities of Riverside and Anaheim with a wage increase each year.

Member Mitchell Green received the IBEW Life Saving Award presented by Bus. Mgr. Pat Lavin. Bro. Mitchell successfully removed on obstruction in the airway of a co-worker. He remembered the ABCs of first aid — airway, breathing, and circulation.

We are sad to report the passing of members Chad Berry and Billy Trueheart. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

Work safe, live well, work union!

Stan Stosel, P.S.


Local 47 Bus. Mgt. Pat Lavin (right) presents IBEW Life Saving Award to member Mitchell Green.

2014 Midterm Elections — 'Support Workers & Vote'

L.U. 51 (catv,lctt,o,ptc,rtb,t,u&uow), SPRINGFIELD, IL — The November election will be here before we know it. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner represents the biggest threat that employees in Illinois have ever faced. Rauner has been vocal with his hostility toward unions … he simply wants to dismantle them, claiming they are "harmful." In fact, Rauner supports so-called "right-to-work" laws that strip workers of their right to form strong unions and bargain for a better life. Some of our members may disagree with Gov. Pat Quinn's leadership, but voting for Bruce Rauner could be detrimental to our members' quality of life. We have the ability to stop Rauner's plan to drive down wages and benefits of average working people — this November, get out and vote!

Our construction outlook is very favorable. We have many open calls for our line construction.

Summer is a fun time — make it a safe time, too. Work safely today and every day. Please attend your monthly unit meetings.

Karlene Knisley, B.R.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 53 (lctt,o,rts&u), KANSAS CITY, MO — Bus. Rep. Dexter Drerup started negotiations with SHO ME Power Cooperative on May 8. At press time, the current agreement was set to expire June 30 at midnight.

A Showing of Appreciation: The Retiree Luncheon was held May 1. Attendees enjoyed reuniting with familiar faces and spending time with members who helped make this local what it is today. The occasion was a great success. There was plenty of good food and conversation, and everyone had a good time.

Get a "CLUW": Vice Pres. Tracy Riley attended the Coalition of Labor Union Women's 40th anniversary celebration held in Chicago March 25-29. Labor women from all across the country came together at the CLUW events to acknowledge the achievements accomplished and recognize what is yet to be done. Labor women, we encourage you to "get a CLUW." … Visit website See how your local can get involved.

Let's Celebrate: Bus. Mgr. Bob Stuart, Pres. and Bus. Rep. Steve White, and Bus. Rep. Brett Stone attended our first annual apprenticeship graduation dinner held April 18 to recognize the graduating apprentices. It was a very nice turnout. Local 53 congratulates these new journeyman wiremen. Job well done, graduates.

Hope all finds and keeps you well … Local 53!

Tracy A. Riley, V.P.


Local 53 congratulates apprenticeship graduates.

IBEW Service Awards

L.U. 71 (lctt,o&rtb), COLUMBUS, OH — Local 71 is honored to present years-of-service awards. Award recipients this year include: 50-year members — Tommy Douglas, William Howard, John McClung, Wallace Miller, Troy Rinehart, Howard Sensbach, Daniel Tucci, Robert Wine and John Zuccola; 55-year members — Jackie Bowman, Robert Krepps and Herman Napier; and 60-year member — Roy Howell. Congratulations to all on your longtime service and thank you for all that you have contributed to this local.

Our work remains strong in all areas. If interested in work here, give Larry a call at the hall.

Have a safe summer and remember: Buy American made products!

Bryan Stage, B.M./F.S.

Linemen Working Together — For a Brighter World

L.U. 77 (lctt,mt,o,t&u), SEATTLE, WA — Brady Hansen is a Local 77 journeyman lineman for Avista Utilities, a midsize utility company based out of Spokane, WA. Last spring, Brady was working as a temporary instructor for the Avista Lineworker Program and was asked to lead a tour of visitors from Energie Bedrijven Suriname (EBS), a power company in the Republic of Suriname. During the tour, EBS managers shared that they had no training program for the linemen in Suriname, and while they realized they needed one it would be a large undertaking.

When the tour ended, Bro. Brady thought about the situation the visitors expressed regarding lack of training and was compelled to do something about it. He volunteered to visit Suriname to help create a comprehensive training program, later named the "Suriname American Brotherhood Initiative."

Bro. Hansen has not stopped there, helping to institute Recycling for Linemen, a grassroots project that recycles functioning safety gear for linemen in developing nations, who would otherwise not have it, by sending them the PPE (personal protective equipment) that will no longer be used when the new OSHA rules come into effect. The first initiative was in Haiti to help repair and upgrade the infrastructure damaged by the earthquake in 2010.

Bro. Brady Hansen challenges the IBEW to think local and act globally.

Pat Darling, P.S.
Lynne Moore, P.S.


A Local 77 journeyman lineman has helped institute Recycling for Linemen project.

20th Anniversary Celebrated

L.U. 97 (u), SYRACUSE, NY — In April this year, Local 97 proudly celebrated its 20th year anniversary. Prior to our 1994 amalgamation into Local 97, we consisted of 12 local unions from upstate New York affiliated with former System Council U-11. Each former SCU-11 local had its own president, vice president, recording secretary and treasurer, and represented the workers of Niagara Mohawk. Our former officers fought and won many battles with the company and established a better life for members.

Today we represent workers from 10 different companies across New York state with significantly less staff, but continue the honor and tradition of upholding the highest standards, job protection, wages and benefits for our members.

In order to continue going forward, we must find ways to engage new members of our local. In June 2014, we established a New Member Orientation Class. This class will be given by our staff and cover many topics regarding the IBEW and Local 97. The goal is to teach new members about the importance of being part of a union and all the benefits of a bargaining unit. We want new members to feel the power that comes from our union, with the hope that they will want to become tomorrow's leaders.

James Zabinski, V.P.

Sports Night & Wellness Event

L.U. 103 (cs&i), BOSTON, MA — Local 103's 3rd Annual Blood & Wellness Education Event was held in April. The goal to get 200 donors was a success. Filling Local 103's lobby, individual stations with trained professionals were there to help educate local union members, along with blood donors from the community, on health issues such as blood pressure, nutrition, diabetes, skin cancer and the effects of smoking. Dr. John Mahoney, a member of the Local 103 Wellness Team who specializes in neurology, spoke to our membership about the importance of wellness, annual physicals and preventive screenings. To further educate our members on wellness, a monthly lecture will be held starting in September at the union hall.

The 33rd Annual Sports Night was held again at UMASS Boston, where journeymen and apprentices faced off on the basketball court and in the hockey rink. The basketball game went into overtime, where the journeymen won with a final score of 45-38; journeyman Mike Paulson was awarded MVP. In hockey, the journeymen also won by 11-5; journeyman John Rafferty was awarded MVP. After the games, members and their families were all invited back to the union hall for refreshments, prizes and music — giving the kids a chance to play, and friends an opportunity to catch up with one another.

Kevin C. Molineaux, P.S.


At Local 103 Wellness Event, Dr. John Mahoney speaks with a member.

IBEW/EWMC Events in July: Car, Bike & Truck Show

L.U. 111 (em,govt,lctt,mt,o,rtb,spa&u), DENVER, CO — The Outside Construction Unit has a new assistant business manager, Nate Gutierrez. He attended the Eighth District Progress Meeting in May this year and will be getting acclimated to his new duties representing the membership of Local 111. Nate brings 14 years' experience and knowledge to his new position with the local. We happily welcome him aboard.

Other happenings around the local: Two Xcel Energy contractors, NPL Construction Co. and KS Energy Services, are leaving the Denver area, which opens a window of opportunity for IBEW Local 111 as other union contractors increase their work load. Spring 2014 is shaping up to be very promising for Local 111; we have been very busy on the Outside construction side. Just in the months of March and April, our "A" membership increased by nearly 70 new members covering the board for all of the classifications. There was a Voluntary Organizing Committee (VOC) meeting on organizing; at present we have three campaigns in progress (Asplundh, W.L. Contractors, and Highline Electric).

The Outside Construction Unit held a Stewards Class; it was well-attended and everyone was very positive. Negotiations began in May with NorthWestern Electric.

Don't forget: Our 2nd Annual IBEW/EWMC Car, Bike &Truck Show and Motorcycle Poker Run will be Saturday, July 26. Everyone is welcome. More information is available at Local 111 website

Mike Kostelecky, P.S.

Shop Steward Training

L.U. 125 (lctt,o,t&u), PORTLAND, OR — The local offered shop steward training to current and prospective shop stewards. Representing members employed by investor-owned utilities, government, cooperatives, PUDs, and NECA, participants were exposed to labor law, Local 125 expectations, and overall responsibilities associated with serving as a shop steward. Facilitated by Local 125 Bus. Reps. Adam Arms and Marcy Grail, with assistance from Bus. Mgr. Travis Eri, attendees, many with less than six months in their role, were able to interact with other business representatives and Local 125 staff present at the training. "This is a great opportunity to share information not only from the local but peer to peer as union members," said Eri. The local plans to offer the basic class again this fall in Pendleton. Member interest will determine the location of the Advanced Shop Steward course that will be offered as well.

Summer Activities: This year's Northwest Lineman's Rodeo will be held July 26 in Gresham, OR. The local's annual fundraisers for the Oregon Burn Center will be held in August. Our golf tournament is Aug. 15, and the softball tournament occurs Aug. 16-17. Call the Local 125 business office at 503-262-9125 for additional information.

Marcy Grail, A.B.M.


Local 125 shop steward training class attendees.

Video Board Installation

L.U. 177 (bo,ees,i,mo,o&pet), JACKSONVILLE, FL — The work picture in the Jacksonville area has picked up some but is still a long way from where it needs to be. Most projects in our area seem to be only a few months in duration.

New video boards, reportedly the world's largest of their kind, are currently being installed at Everbank Field by Local 177 and Miller Electric.

Everyone who attended the Easter Egg Hunt had a great time. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it happen.

Unit 1 has entered negotiations for a new contract to begin on July 1.

Alan Jones, Pres./P.S.


Bro. Pete Mathews grills burgers at the Local 177 Easter Egg Hunt.

IBEW Community Service

L.U. 191 (c,i,mo,rtb&st), EVERETT, WA — As summer approaches, both the weather and the work picture are heating up. As temperatures climb at this early spring writing, the work remains strong on the east side and is beginning to pick up on the west. The weather may change but the work should carry on.

Kudos go out to the IBEW for contributing $1,000, and to our members who volunteered their time and labor, to help a couple of charities. Members volunteered to work on a triplex for homeless families in Ferndale and a Senior Center in Mt. Lake Terrace. Thank you also to PowerTec, VECA and All-Phase Electrical Supply in Burlington for helping with manpower and material.

Our local elections are over, and I wish to thank all those who stepped forward to run for office and congratulate those who won.

Plans for our summer activities are underway. The local will hold picnics for our members on both sides of the mountains, as well as our annual golf tournaments. Contact the hall for details of these and other activities the local is planning.

Tim Silsbee, P.S.

IBEW Electrician & Awardee

L.U. 193 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), SPRINGFIELD, IL — IBEW Local 193 congratulates Bro. Silas Johnson of the Nehemiah Project on Springfield's east side. Silas is recognized as a community leader and utilizes IBEW labor on all worthy projects. Outstanding, Rev. Johnson!

Local 193 electrician Terry Agans received an Employee of the Month Award presented by Illinois Sec. of State Jesse White at a special ceremony (see accompanying photo). Congratulations to Terry!

The Electrical Division of the USA Skills Competition was judged by Bros. Mike Conklin and Joe Brunk. The competition was for Illinois high school students. Thank you, brothers.

The upcoming Illinois governor's race offers drastic contrast between the candidates, incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn and multimillionaire Bruce Rauner. If elected, Rauner would take the state down the anti-worker road of Wisconsin and Indiana, adopting corporate ways that reverse hard-fought labor achievements. Please vote your paycheck/benefits in this election.

Judge Ann Callis is a great candidate to represent the Illinois 13th District in the U.S. Congress — and she's a great friend of union labor.

Have a safe and patriotic 4th of July.

With regret, we report the passing of several members: Carl Gillock Jr., Hugh "Mac" McCue, Tom McGrew and Jim Ushman.

Don Hudson, P.S.


Local 193 award recipient Terry Agans (center), Bus. Mgr. Glenn Baugh (second from left), Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White (third from left), foreman Jim Speis (third from right) and other officials attend ceremony.

Apprenticeship Graduates

L.U. 197 (em&i), BLOOMINGTON, IL — Congratulations to our most recent apprentice graduates, who are Local 197's newest journeymen. A nice graduation dinner was held at Baxter's Grille. Graduates are: Cody Batty, Nathan Feit, Mitch Karr, Aaron Liming, Ahmad Manns, Alan McKimmy, Mike Osterbuhr and Troy Prescott. Recognized for the highest grade-point average for the five-year program was Alan McKimmy. Mike Osterbuhr won a special award as the apprentice who was most active and involved in the community. We wish you all the best in your careers — you are the future of the IBEW.

Work remains slow in our jurisdiction. The Hy-Vee project should get underway this summer, and we look forward to the Hyatt Place Hotel project getting started as well. Thanks to all the locals putting our brothers and sisters to work; we hope to be able to return the favor one day.

Some upcoming events for the summer include: the election of officers (June 21); Walk With Me for Easter Seals (July 19) at the Corn Crib; and the 26th Annual Golf Outing (July 26) at Fairlakes Golf Course. For more information visit our website or call the hall. Remember: Get involved in the local and stay involved!

Mike Raikes, Pres.


Local 197 congratulates apprenticeship graduates. From left: Instructor Ken McLean; JATC Coordinator Renee Riddle; John Weber, NECA; Mike Raikes, IBEW; Seth Zeller, NECA; graduates Alan McKimmy, Aaron Liming, Ahmad Manns; Instructor Rod Parker; graduate Cody Batty; Local 197 Bus. Mgr. Rich Veitengruber; graduates Mike Osterbuhr, Nathan Feit and Troy Prescott. Not pictured: Mitch Karr.

Active Members & Retirees

L.U. 269 (i&o), TRENTON, NJ — Spring finally arrived in our territory and it didn't take long for our members to take advantage of the good weather in order to effect some positive changes in their communities. In what has become an annual event, members and their families gathered to clean up the Delaware River Canal Park in Morrisville, PA. This type of effort by our brothers and sisters and their families should never go unnoticed or unappreciated by either our organization or our communities. It is through these good works that we can proudly say, without reservation, that our members are responsible, productive, and above all, caring individuals who are woven tightly into the fabric of their communities.

Spring also brought the return of another annual event: the dinner honoring our retirees. Commemorative watches and service pins were awarded according to length of service. After a great meal, including a raw bar, members could retire to an outdoor lounge to enjoy a hand-rolled cigar. As the old saying goes: a good time was had by all! It is an honor to attend a function that pays tribute to those who worked so hard so that we might have it just a little bit easier than they did.

Brian Jacoppo, P.S.

Summer Work Picture

L.U. 291 (i,mo,o,rtb&rts), BOISE, ID — Greetings to all. As we are now in the summer months, inside work is holding steady in our jurisdiction. We are also experiencing an increase in line construction in our jurisdiction. Thanks to our surrounding locals for providing employment for our members at times when we couldn't. In particular, thanks to Locals 48, 112 and 714.

We send congratulations to our graduating apprentices: Bryant Adam, Nick Baumann, Chris Gardner, Derrick Kamper, Jose Lopez and Jeremy Redman.

We also congratulate Nick Baumann for his attendance at 36 consecutive union meetings and Jeremy Redman for his attendance at 48. Their participation and dedication to the labor movement, beginning at the apprentice level, demonstrates their commitment to their fellow union brothers and sisters. These are our future leaders who are setting standards for up-and-coming apprentices to follow. This type of participation is what makes our local strong.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our annual picnic on July 19. In solidarity.

Ed Huskey, Organizer

Media Campaign Highlights

L.U. 309 (i,lctt,mo,mt,o,rts,spa &u), COLLINSVILLE, IL — Local 309 has put the finishing touch on our media campaign to market what our members do for a living. In addition to highway billboards and radio spots, we are now doing television commercials during St. Louis Cardinals baseball games. The ads feature several branches of our industry while also highlighting our training.

Work is still slow for the inside branch.

Outside line construction is a walk-through and looks to be that way for the near future.

Our new website will be up and running by the time this is published.

On April 12, a group of family, friends and IBEW Local 309 linemen gathered to celebrate the retirement of journeyman lineman Bob Bailey. Bob was initiated into Local 309 in 1971. With 40+ years in the trade, Bob's knowledge and influence have helped shape Local 309's apprentice linemen and journeymen as well. Bob is well-respected as a mentor, a top-notch journeyman and a strong union brother. We wish you well in your retirement, Bob … from everyone at IBEW Local 309.

Work safe and attend your local union meetings.

Scott Tweedy, A.B.M.

'It Starts With Us'

L.U. 343 (i,spa&st), LE SUEUR, MN — The labor movement never stands still. In the 1820s, skilled tradesmen, mill and factory workers pushed for a reduction in working hours from 14 to 10 hours a day. It was not until 1840 that Pres. Van Buren ordered the 10-hour workday on federal projects. The Milwaukee Knights of Labor rallied for an 8-hour work day in 1886. Twenty-eight years later, Ford Motor Co. was one of the first businesses to implement the 8-hour workday in 1914.

The labor movement also shortened the workweek. In 1938, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act, laying the foundation for what has now become the 40-hour Monday through Friday workweek. Presently, two Wisconsin state senators want to allow a 7-day workweek to "benefit" employees. In Minnesota, there are local unions losing their breaks, thus creating a longer workday. An 1800s labor reformer coined the phrase, "Eight hours of labor, eight hours' recreation, and eight hours' rest." This belief stands true today.

The annual summer picnic is scheduled for Aug. 9 at Spring Lake Park in Mankato. Thanks go out to picnic committee members Mark Rutten, Larry Ternes, Rich Resch, Kevin Carroll, Jim Backus and Shane Meier for putting together a 10-hour day of family fun and brotherhood.

Tom Small, P.S.

Iowa Labor Hall of Fame

L.U. 347 (em,i,mt,rtb,rts&spa), DES MOINES, IA — New wind turbine projects are coming to Local 347's jurisdiction. This is another step forward for the renewable energy sector. We will be watching for more developments.

On May 3, The Iowa Federation of Labor inducted Sen. Tom Harkin into the Iowa Labor Hall of Fame. Sen. Harkin is the first person ever to receive that honor without having been a member of a union. IBEW Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill enjoyed the privilege of presenting Sen. Harkin with an honorary membership into the IBEW at the May 3 event. The ceremony was held at Veterans Memorial Hall in Des Moines. On hand were many colleagues of the senator including: U.S. Reps. Dave Loebsack and Bruce Braley; former U.S. Reps. Neal Smith and Dave Nagle; and state Sen. Jack Hatch. Also present were IBEW Eleventh District Int. Vice Pres. Curtis E. Henke; Local 347 attendees including Political Registrar Matt Marchese, Pres. Scott Farnsworth, Bus. Agent Al DeHeer and Bus. Mgr. Pat Wells; and many others.

Local 347 will celebrate its 100th anniversary on Oct. 11 this year. Call (515) 243-1924 for more information.

Patrick H. Wells, B.M./F.S


Honoree Sen. Tom Harkin (at podium) speaks at Iowa Labor Hall of Fame ceremony. Among attendees are IBEW International Officers including Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill (seated at dais, fifth from left), Local 347 officers and others.

A Legacy of Service

L.U. 357 (c,i,mt&se), LAS VEGAS, NV — With great sadness we report that Jesse "T-Bone" Bradley passed away on May 7, 2014.

Bro. Bradley was born in Georgia in 1934. He joined the IBEW in Georgia in 1966 and transferred his ticket to Las Vegas in 1973. He served his local as steward and assistant business agent. In 1998 he was elected business manager and served until 2001 when he retired. Bro. T-Bone is survived by his wife, Mary Ann, and five grown children.

Jennifer Tabor, P.S.


The late Jesse "T-Bone" Bradley, Local 357.

'Time to Get Involved & Support the Union Cause'

L.U. 363 (catv,em,govt,i,t,u&ws), NEW CITY, NY — Today the climate for organized labor is very similar to the beginning of the last century — everything is a struggle and there are many forces against labor. What is different now is that working people today have much more at their disposal than our grandparents did, such as: the Internet, Twitter, text messaging, e-mails and cell phones. Our grandparents did not have those communications tools. It is amazing that they accomplished what they did when they did it. What they gained was won by sheer determination and grit.

It is our turn now and our struggle. We just have to be smart enough to realize that our modern-day challenges are real and that working people can lose today in the blink of an eye if we don't stay actively engaged and pay attention. We need to become the new and active labor movement of this century and there is no time to waste. It's time to get involved and support the union cause.

Sam Fratto, B.M.

2014 Bowling Tournaments

L.U. 369 (em,es,i,lctt,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), LOUISVILLE, KY — Local 369 traveled to Franklin, IN, in April this year to participate in the 40th Annual Indiana State Bowling Tournament. Eleven of our finest athletes made the 90-mile trek northward for the two-day event. Unfortunately, attendance for the Indiana tournament had declined compared to years past. So, to increase participation, the committee decided to open the tournament to all local unions in the states bordering Indiana, along with the participating locals that have jurisdiction in the state.

By the time anyone reads this, we should have results from the 70th Annual IBEW International Bowling Tournament, hosted this year by IBEW Local 1, which has always put on a great tournament. At the time of this early spring writing, the tournament was scheduled for June 6-8, 2014, in St. Louis. I am sure some of our stellar athletes will have attended.

If you wish to participate in future tournaments or would like additional information on either of these tournaments, please visit websites or

John E. Morrison Jr., P.S.


A Local 369 team at Indiana State Bowling Tournament. Front row: Ed Devine (left), Steve Peters, Scott Crowe, Tom Weber; back row, Mike Lilly, U. S. Thomas, Tim Redmon, Scott Partin, John Morrison and Ed Morrison. Not pictured: Kevin Kazunas.

New Training Aids

L.U. 375 (catv,ees&i), ALLENTOWN, PA — Our local participated in the Allentown St. Patrick's Day parade on March 23. Thanks to the third-year apprenticeship class, whose innovation and hard work created our float, themed "Going Green with IBEW Local 375." The float featured a large shamrock powered by a solar array. We marched in our own labor division (two city blocks long) with 350+ brothers and sisters from the Lehigh Valley Central Labor Council. We had a great day of solidarity!

Recently, two additional training aids were purchased by our Training/Safety Dir. Rob Franklin to meet new safety standards. A 500-pound crane will now allow us to add rigging and signaling classes. Approximately 35 members have qualified by attending this class in recent months. A large concrete manhole was also obtained, which will enhance our confined-space training program.

Have a safe summer!

Dave Reichard, Pres./A.B.M.


Local 375 participants march in Allentown, PA, St. Patrick's Day parade.

Community Projects

L.U. 441 (as,i&rts), SANTA ANA, CA — In February, Local 441 was honored to have Mark McDermott speak on the topic of labor history. He presented an interesting three-hour history class to approximately 300 journeymen and apprentices. Mark has spoken to several building trades audiences, including the IBEW Ninth District Organizing Meeting in Las Vegas.

In March, the Annual IBEW Southern California Superbowl was held in Fountain Valley, CA. The Flag Football Tournament had another good turnout of teams and fans to enjoy the competition. IBEW Locals 11, 47, 440 and 441 participated. Local 441 defeated Local 11 in the final game. This event is a fun day, and we are looking for more locals to participate to make it a bigger IBEW event next year.

In May Local 441 volunteers, along with the L.A./Orange Counties Building Trades, turned out for Bolsa Chica Wetlands Work Day in Huntington Beach. This event is organized through the Union Sportsmen's Alliance. It is a great opportunity for union members and their families to get out and help the community and improve the environment by doing cleanup and assisting with planting along the Bolsa Chica Trail.

Richard Vasquez,B.R.


Local 441 flag football team.

IBEW Outreach is Key

L.U. 449 (catv,em,i,o,rtb,rts,spa&u), POCATELLO, ID — We are working with our local high schools and career fairs to help show students that if college is not the way they want to go, there is another way to make a great living and raise a family — join the IBEW! We are also working with local nonunion contractors and hope to do some project labor agreements with them to show them how we could make their companies a great success.

With the talk of all the outside work coming through our area, we have been reaching out to nonunion linemen to show them the benefits of being an IBEW lineman. We will be working with our sister locals to make sure that we try and talk with every lineman in our area.

It is a great honor that our deceased Bro. Jeffery Jagger's name was placed on the Workers Memorial Monument in Idaho Falls. This will be where his family and friends will be able to visit any time to pay tribute and remember what a great person Jeff was.

Local 449 congratulates Bro. Terry Schatz on his retirement from the IBEW. We wish Terry all the best of luck and good times on his new journey.

Joe Maloney, Mbr. Dev. Rep.

Organizing for Action

L.U. 477 (i&rts), SAN BERNARDINO, CA — Brothers and sisters of Local 477 have come together to show support at numerous County Board of Supervisors meetings, City Planning Commission meetings and School Board meetings — usually showing support with between 25-50 brothers strong.

In the last four months, as of this writing, we have had a great success rate, having attended eight meetings — which resulted in a total of six photovoltaic solar power plants approved and underway, with a total of 355 megawatts of new photovoltaic solar in our future work picture. These photovoltaic solar sites range in size from 7.5 megawatts to 300 megawatts.

Thank you to all our brothers and sisters for showing support and helping us grow our membership and regain our market share.

Victor F. Rodriguez, Bus. Dev.


IBEW Local 477 members support membership growth and market share gains.

Graduating Class of 2014

L.U. 531 (i), LAPORTE, IN — We congratulate the apprenticeship graduating class of 2014 for their hard work and successful completion of training to become journeyman inside wiremen. The IBEW is proud of these young journeymen, who will carry the torch as future leaders of our union.

Many locals have probably completed their elections and I wish to congratulate members who have stepped up to the challenge. Many years ago at an organizers meeting, then-Int. Vice Pres. Joseph F. Lohman distributed a verse by journalist Murray Kempton titled "The Caretaker." It reads as follows: "The union is not for yourself but for your children. It does not rise to avenge the past but to claim the future. … It is an expression not of dignity of its leaders, but the dignity of all. It was not called into being to celebrate the majesty of one person; it does not live to serve the self-indulgence of another. It is not property but mission. Every decent moment in the history of man is the assertion of an affronted conscience. Anyone can belong to a union; but the union belongs to no one and least of all to anyone who is ashamed of where he or she came from and indifferent to those he or she left behind. The union leader is not the owner of an institution; he or she is merely the caretaker of a tradition."

Dean F. Harmon, P.S.


Local 531 apprenticeship graduates: Alan Grandys (left), Michael Forker, Charles Morlan, Keith Bitter, Jason Walters, Lucas Harris, Erron Ellis, Ken Trusty, Steve Klemm and Robert Freeman.

Summer Work Outlook

L.U. 557 (i,mt,rts&spa), SAGINAW, MI — Finally summer has arrived and we can put one of the worst winters on record in the books. The jobs that have been waiting for the weather to break can get going. The work outlook for the summer should be good for local hands.

This is also a big election year for the state of Michigan. It's time to remove the stranglehold the Republican Party has on our state. I don't think we can take another four years of this state administration's assault on the middle class. To alter the direction we are headed will take a lot of time, support and money to change this downward spiral we are on. To get this accomplished we must all do our part; whether big or small it will all help in the end.

Local 557 congratulates Tony Bell on receiving the 2014 Live United Labor Award from the United Way. Tony's commitment to the community involves volunteering on numerous projects such as Project Independence (building ramps), One Week One Street community projects, and Light Up the City (crime prevention). He also volunteers with the American Red Cross, Friends of Hoyt Park and the local IBEW apprenticeship community projects. Tony proves that one person can make a big difference in the community. Congratulations, Tony, on a well-deserved award.

Jason Rivette, P.S.


Local 557 journeyman wireman Tony Bell.

Quick Action to Aid a Brother

L.U. 589 (rr), JAMAICA, NY — IBEW Local 589 would like to recognize two individuals who truly made a difference recently — Local 589 Bro. Mark Givens and Long Island Rail Road gang foreman Carey Realbuto. Because of their quick actions, Bro. Barry Gibney, a co-worker, has a new lease on life.

On April 28, Bro. Gibney collapsed while at work, suddenly stopped breathing and showed no sign of a pulse. That's when both men leaped into action and immediately started to administer CPR. Mark and Carey worked on Barry tirelessly until help arrived. Paramedics were able to get Barry's heart beating again after several minutes. We owe Mark and Carey our gratitude. Their selfless actions should be heralded and celebrated. Barry's wife, Patricia, was moved to tears when expressing how grateful she was that Mark, Carey and others were there to help her husband. Times like this should make all of us proud to be IBEW brothers. Barry is recovering. He is conscious, alert and breathing on his own. His doctors say he is doing well.

Please keep Barry and Patricia in your thoughts and prayers. We wish Barry a speedy recovery. Again, through good times and bad, Local 589 brothers and sisters continue to act as a strong unit.

Augie Maccarone, R.S.

A Career of IBEW Service

L.U. 595 (c,cs,govt,i, mt,o,se&st), DUBLIN, CA — After 37 years with the IBEW, Bus. Rep. Tony Bertolucci has retired. Bro. Bertolucci was born in Italy and moved with his family to Canada when he was a child. In the 1970s, while many Americans were moving north of the border, Tony's family moved to Stockton, CA. After graduating high school, he volunteered to serve our country and joined the Army. After fulfilling his military obligation, he returned to Stockton and entered into then-Local 591's apprenticeship in 1976. Soon after topping out, Tony had a successful career as a general foreman and served as president of then- Local 591 (which later merged with Local 595). For the past 10 years, Tony has worked endless hours as a business representative and trustee of the JATC, LMCC and H&W, and as president of the Stockton Building Trades. Local 595 members hope retirement brings Bro. Bertolucci, his wife, Adrienne, and daughters Danica and Erica much happiness in the years ahead.

On April 12, the Local 595 Retirees Club, EWMC RENEW 595, Local 595 and NECA partnered with Rebuilding Together Oakland to provide electrical repairs and upgrades for veterans, senior citizens and disabled homeowners. This year we took on 15 homes, many of which were those of veterans and/or retired union members. Forty volunteers gave of their time and talent to assist a deserving and underserved population.

Bob Tieman, B.R.


Recently retired Local 595 Bus. Rep. Tony Bertolucci.

A Tough Winter; Outlook is Positive

L.U. 601 (i&rtb), CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, IL — We had one tough winter that just did not want to give up. As of this writing, this is reflected in the numbers on our books: 54 on Book 1 and 332 on Book 2 as of early spring. We are grateful to say the work outlook is very good for the Local 601 jurisdiction. When the work will start is anybody's guess.

The softball team had their stag night for this year's fundraising. The turnout was great, so they are off to a good start. A sincere "thank you" goes to our members and their spouses for their hard work that made the event possible.

It was also Steak Stag time. The food was amazing as always. Our retired member Bob Woodard and our first year apprentices outdid themselves again this year. The event is a great time for the membership to reconnect and for the younger members to meet our very special retirees.

We cannot say this enough: It is time to get informed about candidates for upcoming elections. Attacks on unions are coming at us full force. The candidates who are anti-union do not even hide that fact anymore. Please be informed and vote for the candidate who most supports your job. Whatever your decision, please just vote.

Daniel Hatter, P.S.


Local 601 softball team members Justin Henderson (left) and Shane Street.

Membership Ratifies Agreement

L.U. 611 (catv,es,govt,I,lctt,o,spa,t&u), ALBUQUERQUE, NM — In April the local union membership ratified the Inside Agreement. The agreement will pretty much stay the same except for a couple of changes. The new agreement will run through May 31, 2016; the members will get a 35 cent increase on our annuity effective immediately; and the members will pick up any increases on our Health and Welfare beginning July 1, 2014.

This is an election year for both the local and governor's race so be sure and vote in both elections.

On behalf of Local 611, I extend condolences to the friends and families of members who recently passed away: David "Too Tall" Baca, Ralph E. Bayes, John P. Hawkins, Rolland E. Hanna Jr., Kee Littleman, Michael J. Lopez, Orlando L. Romero, Percy L. Whitmore, Otto Obenhaus III, Ben M. Baldwin Sr., Irl B. Johnston, Lawrence L. Selva and Paul A. Warein.

Don't forget: Local union meetings are on the third Saturday of each month.

Darrell J. Blair, P.S.

Productive & Event-Filled Year

L.U. 617 (c,i,mo&st), SAN MATEO, CA — It has been a very busy and productive year thus far in San Mateo:

  • New leadership took the local's reins in January with the departure of former business manager Dominic Nolan for a Ninth District International Representative position. New officers include: Bus. Mgr. Mark Leach, Pres. Dan Pasini and Executive Board member Scott Wein. Thank you, Dominic; and congratulations to Mark, Dan and Scotty.
  • Inside construction journeymen and apprentices met at a January Special Call meeting to hear early results from the inside wire negotiations committee and responded with a near unanimous ratification vote.
  • AirTrain workers at San Francisco International Airport ratified a new three-year contract with Bombardier, thanks to the sterling team of Mark Leach, Chuck Vela and the AirTrain Negotiations Committee.
  • The local's Benefits Education Seminar in February provided members with information regarding their entire compensation package from health care to retirement.
  • The Annual Pin Party brought 200 members together to recognize and honor members with 20 to 75 years of IBEW service.
  • The Local 617 Journeymen Motorcycle Club is off and running with its year of events, including so far a day at the gun range, dirt bike riding at Hollister Hills, and a weekend run to the Avenue of the Giants through Humbolt Redwoods State Park.
  • And we celebrated the Apprenticeship Class of 2014 graduation (photo and graduates' names are planned for the September issue)!

Dan Pasini, Pres.


Scott Wein, new Local 617 Executive Board member.

Next Gen Committee

L.U. 625 (ees,em,i,it,mar&mt), HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — Congratulations to Bros. Robert Borden, Bruce Warren, Reece Hirtle and Jeff Belanger, who completed their apprenticeship and are now Red Seal construction electricians.

Bro. Omar Hassin retired May 1. Good health to you, brother; hope to see you at the retirees' dinner-dance.

Sadly, I must report the passing of 45-year member Alex Bresson. Bro. Bresson lost a brave battle with cancer on April 14 at age 65. Also, retired Bro. Dave Lane passed away March 24 at age 79. They will be missed.

The local's Next Gen Committee is ambitious and energized. They will hold barbeques at the hall before the Unit #1 meetings all summer with the goal of boosting attendance at union meetings. Some volunteered to man the phones at the IWK Children's Hospital Telethon. Great ideas are coming from that group. Social media is abuzz with their ideas.

A personal observation: When people are asked to brainstorm, someone often says, "That's a ridiculous idea." There are no ridiculous ideas when brainstorming. Let the conversation flow. When someone offers a truly unique idea, give that idea time to sink in and it may turn out to be "brilliant." Most people tend to resist change.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." – Barack Obama

Tom Griffiths, A.B.M.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 627 (u), FORT PIERCE, FL — Summer is here and things are warming up. Contract negotiations are becoming as warm as the temperatures. The local wants your assistance to keep unwarranted rumors from being the topic of conversation. Please stay current with the latest information concerning our contract talks by attending meetings at the union hall.

Everyone please focus on safety, both at work and on the road during vacations. Best wishes for a quick recovery to Bro. Kevin Mueller with his knee replacement.

Stay safe; see you at the hall.

Ray Vos, P.S.

'Be Involved & Stay Informed'

L.U. 659 (c,catv,em,i,lctt,o,st,t&u), MEDFORD, OR — Outside line construction is still steady. Several small transmission jobs are being bid or have already been awarded. Some distribution pole change-outs are also being bid. The inside work picture is still behind for our average monthly man-hours. Some work is keeping the shop guys busy, but only a few hands are being cleared off the books.

In April, the membership approved a new dues structure for the utility and manufacturing side of our local. The construction side remained unchanged at 1.75 percent on gross wage for the work fee. The utility and manufacturing work fee is on base wage and is tiered by hourly rate: $15 an hour or less pay .5 percent; $15.01 to $30 pay 1 percent; $30.01 to $40 pay 1.25 percent; and $40.01 and greater pay 1.5 percent. These necessary changes received mixed reviews but ultimately passed by a majority vote.

I wish to thank the membership for their support during my 18 years on the Executive Board. Most members, when asked, have always been glad to serve on a committee or volunteer for an event. My decision not to run for a seventh term was not an easy one, but I feel good about the local's direction and leadership. Younger members are also getting involved, which is great for the local. Local 659 is not just an office in Central Point, Oregon — it is all of us as members working together to make our local strong. Be involved and stay informed by attending your unit meetings.

Tom Legg, Pres.

Market Recovery Agreements

L.U. 673 (catv,i,rts,spa,t&u), PAINESVILLE, OH — The Market Recovery Agreements have been difficult for many locals to implement. We are fortunate that for years Local 673 business managers, past and present, have been very actively organizing the nonunion. These new classifications would have been much more difficult to accept had we not been exposed to the need to organize and reclaim our market share.

Education and the harsh realities of a changing marketplace have helped our local to understand the need for this program. Our contractors are also getting more familiar with this contract and how to use it to gain work. It has been difficult for both our members and our contractors to accept change; but change we must.

We are currently working on projects that we haven't been on in 20 years. Businesses such as ice cream stores, putt-putt golf courses, mattress stores, gas stations, and even a soup store franchise (see accompanying photo) now employ our members.

No one can foresee the future, but these agreements have made it much more difficult on our nonunion competition. We hope this new work will add to our market share and give us stronger bargaining power in the future!

Jim Braunlich, P.S.


Local 673 Bro. Mike Diven at work with Harrington Electric at a Zoup franchise project.

2014 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 683 (em&i), COLUMBUS, OH — Congratulations to the class of 2014 apprenticeship graduates. The newly graduated journeyman wiremen are: Jeremy Ayers, Steven Driver, John Hill, Christine Marsey, Michael Martin, Will McCullough, Richard McKenzie, Conrad Moeller, Chad Peck, Victor Strawser, John Waugh, Steven White and Casey Woods. The newly graduated installer technicians are: Ryan Bleakney, Jason Cole, Rachid Lamgharti, Benjamin Lindholm, Frank Marrero, Brandy Seevers and Donna Weilbacher.

Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who volunteered for Rebuilding Together Central Ohio and those who donated blood. Let's continue to show our union pride throughout the community.

We extend our condolences to the family of Bro. John S. Faulk, who passed away March 13. He will be missed.

Eric Evans, V.P./P.S.

Annual Awards Event

L.U. 915 (i&mt), TAMPA, FL — It was a great night of brotherhood at our annual Service Pin and Brother of the Year Awards presentation and cookout. We were honored to have in attendance members with as much as 60 years of service, as well as six new members being sworn into our Local 915 family.

Congratulations to the following brothers on their longtime service: with 60 years of service — Howard Fields; 55 years — Bert Barham; 50 years — Joseph Dempsey, Jesse McCraw, James Melendi; 45 years — Donald Booth, Ronald Keene.; and 40 years — James Carlisle, James Froonjian, David Kincaid and Tim McMurray.

Our James H. Phillips Brother of The Year Award went to a member who coordinated a fundraiser to help a needy brother and his family. The awardee's dedication and time spent, taking time away from his own family and managing the event without asking for anything in return, exemplify what the Brother of The Year Award is all about. We are honored to name Bro. Mark Braxton as this year's award recipient.

Kudos also to Bro. Leon Ward on his sixth annual fishing tournament and his dedication each year to unite our members with this event.

Theresa King, P.S.


Local 915 Bus. Mgr. Randall King (left), 60-year member Howard Fields, Brother of the Year awardee Mark Braxton, and Pres. Jon Dehmel.

Solidarity & Community Events

L.U. 1245 (catv,em,govt,lctt,o,pet,t&u), VACAVILLE, CA — Local 1245 welcomes members from nine manufacturing companies formerly represented by IBEW Local 2131, which recently merged with Local 1245. The companies are: Advanced Carbon Products Inc., AnsaldoBreda Inc., Borden Lighting, Jacobs Technology Inc., Sierra Lobo Inc., Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., Northrop Grumman Corp., Trayer Engineering, Delta Star Inc., and Cooper-Shaper Lighting.

Local 1245 builds solidarity through community events. The 4th Annual Soccer Tournament attracted 200+ members and their families to Merced in April. (A second tournament for Fairfield was rained out and is rescheduled for Oct. 4.) Local 1245 and sister locals hosted two Clay Shoots, raising $27,000 for Boys and Girls Clubs. The local's Annual Charity Bowl in Sacramento raised $2,800 for local charity Loaves and Fishes. The Executive Board helped bag produce at the Sonoma/Contra Costa Food Bank. The annual Howard Stiefer Bike Rally also benefits charity. An upcoming rodeo in Reno seeks to benefit veterans by referrals for employment opportunities and VA services.

Members also launched the IBEW 1245 Veterans Group, which assists veterans in readjusting to civilian life. The Veterans Group sponsored a food drive in northern California and a clothing drive in the Fresno area. Visit

Work is strong in outside construction. Members approved extending the outside line contract, with 93 percent voting in favor — providing a 6.5 percent increase in total compensation over 2015 and 2016. The local bid farewell in May to Senior Asst. Bus. Mgr. Ron Cochran, who presided over our outside construction operations for the past eight years — a period of robust work opportunities and phenomenal growth in signatory contractors.

Bus. Mgr. Tom Dalzell and members, including retirees, from NV Energy are coordinating bargaining strategy with other union locals at utilities owned by Warren Buffett's MidAmerican Energy. MidAmerican acquired NV Energy late last year.

Members overwhelmingly approved a one-year extension of the PG&E Physical, Clerical and Medical agreements, providing a general wage increase of 2.75 percent.

Eric Wolfe, P.S.


Local 1245 Bus. Mgr. Dalzell (in back) congratulates 50-year service award recipients: Bros. Steve Granlees (left); Perry Zimmerman, former business manager; and Ed Lenoir.

'Keeping Members Informed'

L.U. 1249 (catv,lctt,o,t&u), SYRACUSE, NY — In March, Local 1249 decided to take our monthly union meeting on the road throughout New York state. It is important that we keep all of our members informed about what is going on in the local. In addition to holding our usual meeting at the Syracuse union hall, Bus. Mgr. Bill Boire, fellow officers, and business reps traveled to Batavia, Albany, and Newburgh to see the many members working in those and surrounding areas. We couldn't have been happier with the turnout! It was nice to see everyone, and having such large groups brought some great union discussions.

We have many more exciting things going on in the warmer months. Nominations were held in May, and at the time of this writing the Local 1249 election of officers was scheduled to take place in June. We also had our annual ARC Pig Roast and Bobby Shutter Memorial Golf Tournament. And we close out the summer with IBEW Local 1249's Annual Clambake at Hinerwadel's in Syracuse, NY. A little fun and entertainment to balance out the hard work that our members do!

Jennifer Schneider, P.S.

Code Update Class a Success

L.U. 1253 (i), AUGUSTA, ME — This past winter was a long, harsh one. Local 1253 weathered the season as we always do, and now we're looking forward to a good couple of years of working on construction projects at hospitals, hotels, paper mills and anywhere else we can go!

Local 1253's JATC held a 2014 Code Update course on the day of one of the worst ice storms we've had since 1998! The course was well-attended by hearty Mainers and everyone got there and back home safely. We look forward to warmer days and a warmer work climate!

Scott Cuddy, P.S.


Local 1253 members attend Code Update class. Photo by JATC Training Dir. Chris Trider.

Organizers Training Session

L.U. 1357 (t), HONOLULU, HI — Recently, I attended an organizers training session with the dynamic duo of Brock and Boyd. The training session — presented by International Organizers Robert Brock and Gregory L. Boyd, international representative — included discussion about the anti-union tactics that nonunion employers use to stop organizing drives.

This discussion also reminded me of what some organized employers are doing to our members — not just threatening, but actually doing such things as: shutting down call centers and retail stores; failing to hire enough employees; and demanding more productivity out of the existing workforce while augmenting with contractors. Employers are also cutting back on other costs, such as raises, pensions, training, maintenance, medical, etc. And such neglect of all the resources just snowballs into a huge dereliction of responsibility to working people and the greater community.

All the while, the executives continue to collect their huge salaries, not because of their ingenious new game plan, but rather off the backs of labor.

Scot Long, P.S. Pro Tem

Wind Energy in Indiana

L.U. 1393 (catv,lctt,o,t&u), INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The state of Indiana is presently ranked at No. 13 for installed wind generation capacity in the United States, and the capacity continues to increase every year since the first wind farms were constructed by IBEW Local 1393 members in 2008. Indiana presently has 1,544 megawatts of installed wind generation capacity, with the vast majority of it being constructed by IBEW Local 1393 members. The demand for wind energy continues to grow in Indiana. With each 1,000 megawatts of wind generation installed in Indiana, our members assist with facilitating an estimated savings of 1,684 million gallons of water each year, along with an estimated infusion of $188.5 million to local economies during the construction phase.

Our RENEW committee is hard at work with a variety of community involvement projects that the members have been excited to help out with. A point of pride was assisting an injured brother, journeyman lineman Paul Mulvehill. Bro. Chuck Beaver, a 6th step lineman apprentice, and journeyman lineman Bros. Jason Dipert and Kenny Duncan completed a variety of outdoor property maintenance projects for our injured brother during their free time.

Robert C. Fox, B.M./F.S.


Local 1393 RENEW Committee members help out on a community service project.

Belmont & Pimlico Racetracks

L.U. 1501 (ees,em,mo,pet,rts&t), BALTIMORE, MD — Our members employed by Amtote International, headquartered in Maryland, are justifiably proud of the services they provide to two of the three racetracks that hold races known as the famed "Triple Crown."

The first of the three races, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, is not under contract with Amtote, but the other two are. Those two under contract are the Preakness held at Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore, and the Belmont Stakes held at Belmont Racetrack in New York state. All three races are known worldwide and attract the best horses and riders. They are prestigious affairs that have endured and prospered. They still attract large, festive crowds and worldwide attention. They have stood the test of time and have become an American tradition. Our members exert every effort in servicing and operating the pari-mutuel machines that control the wagering. They strive for a perfect meet and happy crowds. Nothing less is acceptable. So far they have achieved their goal.

Bus. Mgr./Pres. Dion F. Guthrie states that Amtote is pleased with the job performance of our members and that he is proud to represent such an outstanding group of skilled workers.

Thomas J. Rostkowski, R.S.


Local 1501 Bus. Mgr. Dion F. Guthrie (left) speaks with several members at Belmont Racetrack in New York.

50-Year Service Awards

L.U. 1547 (c,em,i,o,t&u), ANCHORAGE, AK — IBEW Local 1547 Bus. Mgr. Mike Hodsdon recently presented IBEW 50-year service pins to Daryl Hansen and Jimmy Smith.

We salute Bros. Hansen and Smith for their longtime IBEW service. Congratulations, brothers!

Melinda Taylor, P.S.


Local 1547 Bus. Mgr. Mike Hodsdon (center) presents service awards to Daryl Hansen (left) and Jimmy Smith.

2014 Apprenticeship Graduation

L.U. 1579 (i&o), AUGUSTA, GA — Local 1579's apprenticeship graduation was May 30. Thanks to the apprentice graduates for all their hard work, and thanks to all the contractors and journeymen who helped train them.

At this year's graduation, our guest speaker was Dennis Murphy, former Local 1 financial secretary and current electrical construction manager for Alberci Constructors. Dennis is a great motivational speaker and is able to connect with these new journeymen. We appreciate his taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to our new journeymen.

Congratulations to the new journeymen: Kenneth W. Chambers, Nicholas E. Davis, Terrance E. Dotts, William Fuquay, Jeremy C. Hall, Brandon M. Hebbard, Ryan P. Jackson, Donald M. Kelly IV, Curtis D. Kricke, Daniel W. Legrand, Brian P. O'Neil, Berry H. Smith and Neal E. Turner.

When you see these new journeymen, remind them that they are the future of the IBEW and thank them for all their hard work.

Until next time, God bless.

Will Salters, A.B.M.

New CMP Contract Ratified

L.U. 1837 (rtb&u), MANCHESTER, ME — On May 6, IBEW Local 1837 members in Central Maine Power Company's largest bargaining unit ratified a new three-year, 10-month contract. In total, 92 percent of the membership cast ballots.

The contract includes wage increases of 2.75 percent, 3 percent, 3 percent and 3.25 percent. It maintains the current health care plan for existing and future hires. It increases the funds that an employee contributes to his or her 401(k) account when working overtime, while maintaining the company's match on the first 40 hours worked. The agreement guarantees continuation of the annual employee bonus program. The new contract expires Feb. 28, 2018.

The agreement ratified maintains the current health plan coverage for all employees.

"It was clear that health care was very important to our members," said Local 1837 Bus. Mgr. Dick Rogers. "They didn't want a different health plan for new employees to … divide us. It's great that they're looking out not just for themselves, but for the next generation of CMP workers as well."

In addition to Rogers and Asst. Bus. Mgr. Bill Dunn, the union negotiating team was joined at the final bargaining sessions by IBEW Int. Rep. Ed Collins and Federal Mediator Joe Keliher. Also on the team were Doug Ames, Lisa Bartell, Lisa Bean, Mark Bedard, Greg Fortin, Mark Henderson, Ryan Wilson and Becky Rugan.

"We're grateful for all the hard work our team put into these negotiations," Dunn said. "… Their input has been invaluable."

Matthew Beck, Organizer


Local 1837 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Bill Dunn and the union negotiating team responded to questions at a Central Maine Power membership meeting.