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October 2014

Taking Unions 'Out at the Knees'
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Who's in the 'Network'?

To know who's on your side (and who's not), all you need to do is follow the money. D.C.-based ultra-conservative groups are spending millions of dollars this election cycle in anonymous "dark money" to promote their favored candidates. But these funds come with strings attached. Candidates with the backing of these powerful organizations are committed to their full agenda — which includes promoting right-to-work-for-less, weakened workplace protections and an end to Wall Street regulation.

Here are some of 2014's top candidates, and the groups behind them.

The Funders
Americans for Prosperity/Koch Brothers (AFP)
American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS (ACR)
Associated Builders
and Contractors

Funded by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, Americans for Prosperity spends hundreds of millions of dollars in secret cash to support candidates who share their anti-union, anti-middle class agenda.

Founded by former President George W. Bush chief advisor Karl Rove, American Crossroads has raised more than $100 million in anonymous donations to win back the U.S. Senate for candidates committed to weakening worker and consumer protections.

An association of anti-union construction contractors, ABC's legislative priorities include eliminating prevailing wage, project labor agreements and other laws that raise wages and standards in the industry.

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