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January 2016

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The IMF's Pro-Labor Message

The International Monetary Fund concluded in a recent study that unions reduce inequality and foster a healthier economy for everyone. As authors Florence Jaumotte and Carolina Osorio Buitron state, "the decline in union density has been strongly associated with the rise of top income inequality" and that "unionization matters for income distribution."

Being a union electrician for over 55 years, I realize sometimes we forget what unions really accomplish. This study spells out in great detail what can really be accomplished when unionism is promoted. The study was done by the IMF, not usually a union booster. It is so important that we educate the public that the unions are not the problem in this country, as some people would believe. I hope we can let people know that we are the good guys.

Mike Mraz, Local 38 member

Higher Ed, the IBEW Way

I read the article "Respect Apprenticeship" by International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore J. Chilia in the September issue of The Electrical Worker. This is a powerful piece that gives specific facts about union apprenticeship. We need to be sending this kind of positive information into the media to counterattack the vilification against unions. We need to educate the public before unions become dinosaurs of the past.

Rosalie Gald, wife of Local 100 retiree Merrill Gald
Fresno, Calif.

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Honoring our Founder

In response to the Henry Miller Museum story in December's Electrical Worker:

Henry Miller was the only union member that never worked on a union job. He died while he was out there organizing. Thank you, Henry, and the nine others that started this great Brotherhood.

Russ McNally, Local 302 member
Martinez, Calif.

A Debt of Gratitude

My father and grandfather were members of New York Local 3. My Dad grew up in the Bronx and the union kept him on the right path after he left the Army. I received a scholarship to help pay for college from Local 3. Through that and the work ethic passed on to me by my father, grandfather and the IBEW, I am now a partner in one of the fastest growing tech companies in the United States.

I owe a lot to Local 3, my father and grandfather.

Marc Eigner
Basking Ridge, N.J.

Time to Throw the GOP Out

The anti-prosperity Republican Party has been attacking workers' rights and how we support our families for too long. Send the Republican clown show down the road before we work for nothing.

James Bradshaw, Local 480 member
Jackson, Miss.