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July 2016

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Solidarity is our Strength

A big thanks to Brother Sam Chilia for his editorial in the May edition of the Electrical Worker, ("Moving Forward Together" about solidarity and our commitment to teamwork, safety and respect for one another). When workplace discord occurs, I will reiterate your message. There is no room on a worksite for undermining your co-worker or creating divisions. I look forward every month to reading both yours and Lonnie's messages. We are in good hands moving forward in the future with leaders like yourselves.

Dan Klassen, Local 258 member
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Celebrating the Verizon Strike's End

One of the best moments in my life was being sworn in to the Brotherhood. My local's fight to increase the quality of life for the community that I live in is real, and is a high spot in an otherwise economic uninspiring area. We fight for workers' rights, in a Republican-dominated, right-to-be-a-wage-slave state. We stand in solidarity with the CWA, and IBEW brothers, in their fight against Verizon!

Local 2113 Business Manager Gerald Stone
Tullahoma, Tenn.

Thank you all for putting your life on hold for a better contract! Waiting to see how retirees are affected, but thank you for helping to keep my earned benefits!!!

Local 2327 retiree Carla Bryson
Augusta, Maine

This is great news, I hope the tentative deal is fair to the striking workers. I feel they have made plenty of concessions in the past and deserve the best offer possible. We all need to stand up against corporate greed and the outsourcing of jobs, as well as having good health care and wages.

Local 1820 Chris Millas member
Neptune, N.J.

Kudos to an IBEW Organizer

Way to go Sixth District Regional Organizing Coordinator Lynn Arwood for your role in helping increase the IBEW membership numbers at the Faurecia plant in Columbus, Indiana. I have seen how hard you work. Great job.

Donna Comp-Penwarden
Rochelle, Ill.

Keep Fighting Right-to-Work

Right-to-work helps corporations while hurting American workers. We can thank unions for the safe working conditions and fair wages we enjoy today. Right-to-work is a huge step in taking that away. You may not like paying union dues, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Roger Reckart, Local 820 member
North Point, Fla.

Every time one of these so-called right-to-work initiatives passes, another chunk of the middle class disappears. Wages stagnate and folks drop down a level. It only helps executives because they can keep raising their ridiculous salaries. This is what is destroying the middle class. Why people vote against their best interests continues to amaze me.

Sheila Taylor
Naples, Fla.