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December 2016

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Targeting Working Families

I will never understand how our rank-and-file brothers and sisters can vote against their best interests. Republicans have never helped unions in my lifetime. The right-to-work is the right to work for less.

This idea was put into place by corporations and the wealthy to break unions.

Timothy Ahearn, Local 58 member

Pension a Pillar of the IBEW

Regarding the article "Busting an Old IBEW Pension Myth" about the number of pension checks typically received by retirees and posted on, I'm only five years into my retirement, but so very glad to be an IBEW member. The pension makes our lives and our union great. Thank you.

Brad Purfeerst, Local 46 retiree

I just started drawing my IBEW pension. My dad drew one for more than an 18 years. The PBF, NEAP and NEBF are all excellent plans. Thank God for the IBEW.

Don Woolridge, Local 702 retiree
West Frankfort, Ill.

This is a must read, to secure your future. Only you can do it.

Ronney Lee Meadows, Local 11 retiree
Los Angeles

Unions have been and will always be the backbone of America. Any corporations that resist organizing aren't worth working for, no matter what they pay you.

Gerry Beagan, American Postal Workers Union retiree
Warwick, R.I.

Nuclear Still is Key Alternative Energy

Regarding the article "The Uncertain Fate of Illinois' Most Reliable Energy Source" posted at, decommissioned nuclear plants account for the largest loss of green energy leaving the grid. There's not enough real estate to compensate for it with solar.

Mike Bennett, Local 490 member
Dover, New Hampshire

The Win in Tennessee

Congratulations to workers at the Electrolux plant in Memphis, Tenn., on voting for IBEW representation. The only way to fight big money is with solidarity. No matter what people think of unions, they remain the best thing on this planet.

Richard Smith, Local 124 retiree
Kansas City, Mo.

Welcome brothers and sisters. Together, we win.

Paul VanOss, Local 58 member

Congrats! This proud 50-plus year IBEW member says, "Why beg when you can organize?"

James W. Kilburn, Local 124 retiree
Kansas City, Mo.

Wisconsin Local Opens its Own Museum

I read the story about Milwaukee Local 494 celebrating its 110-year anniversary with the opening of its museum. Don't ever forget your past. It will serve all who follow us and understand the effort made to get where we are today.

Robert Carman
Sayville, N.Y.