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March 2017

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Making America Great

It's 2017 and we have a new president, maybe not our favorite choice but our president just the same. So what do we do, brothers and sisters? Give up? Or ramp up? Ramp up sounds like the better choice to me. We are the best trade out there because of our hard work. Making a commitment to get more involved in our union activities, support American-made products, help our brothers and sisters in need, and always work like our general foreman is watching us is a good place to start.

Remember, unions are what made America great, and unions are what can make America great again.

Brian Lewis, Local 9 member
Wilmington, Ill.

Tool Bag

I worked a long time Tried to better my way Put in some rough hours Surely earned the pay Struggles went by slow Yet the times were fast Build a solid career Hoping it could last Up at dawn break Running for the dough Leave a family behind With tool bag in tow

Side cut or wire skin Set gear at level best Conduit run goes forever Don't forget a voltage test Lighting the world around Power each destination Better the lives to come Hand down the generation Work for living wages Training through the rules Union brand of labor Keep sharp, cutting tools

Schedules to be met Daily was the grind Labor for paychecks Job market to find Slip on the old gloves Shielding for my eyes Getting home night late Comfort little one's cries Home lives in the heart Children bring the soul Raising a family safe Craftsman's true goal

Sweat and blood spill Yet neither take a pause Being the breadwinner For the greater cause Providing for a family Working off the plan Courage through a path Compassion of a man Surely earned the rest Put away the ladder climb Tried to better some lives I worked a long time.

William Koch Jr., Local 456 retiree
New Brunswick, N.J.